In this timeline, most of the countries in the world are monarchies. There are many PODs, but the main are:

  • 1776: 13 British colonies in North America unite and declare their independence, becoming the United States of America, a constitutional parliamentary executive federal monarchy, under Emperor George I;
  • 1889: the republican coup d'etat in Brazil fails. The republic is never proclaimed, and Brazil is still an Empire;
  • 1946: King Umberto of Italy holds a referendum to decide whether the country will continue to be a monarchy, or if it will become a republic. The monarchy wins. To reduce the King's power, the Parliament restores regional nobility. The new nobles form a State Counsel, that'll aid the King in his attributions. Italy is now a federal State.
  • 1947: Japan's new constitution limits the Emperor's powers. Highly based on the Brazilian Imperial Constitution, it creates the Prime-Minister's office. The executive is now the Prime-Minister's private attribution. The Emperor is given a fourth power: the Reserve Power.
  • 1949: The allies restore the German Empire.
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