The year is 1920. It’s been one year since the Treaty of Versailles was signed, ending the Great War. Despite the war being called "The war to end all wars", it seems like the ending of this war has only brought on more conflict. New countries, both with and without international recognition, have been carved out of the former German, Austrian and Ottoman Empires. The Russian Empire has collapsed, and now two groups fight to replace it; the Whites and the Bolsheviks. Germany and Italy are in total economic shambles, while France and Britain fight to keep their status as the world’s leading powers. The United States sees vast economic growth, while the Japanese Empire sees its economy take a sharp downturn, and now begins looking west for resources as China breaks down into total chaos with warlords taking de facto control of a majority of China, leaving the government to control a small territory down south.

As the world keeps spinning, many wonder what will become of this supposed 'Great Peace'.


This is a list of the rules and laws of “The Great Peace”. If you refuse to follow these set rules and laws then you will be listed as a counter revolutionary and thrown into prison. Watch your step...

  • Absolutely no metagaming! Metagaming is when you incorporate IRL hatred or love for something into the game, and is totally biased and unrealistic. Please refrain from metagaming at all costs!
  • Please be plausible and realistic throughout the entire game, we are trying to make a working map game here, and we would appreciate if you would follow the rules, be realistic and accept the mod events.
  • No inappropriate sexual behaviour. Yes, I know this is odd for a map game of all things, but I guess this rule applies mostly when interacting with another player, be it on discord or here on the wiki. Please keep your sexual wishes to yourself, please.
  • No bullying. Do not, I repeat, do not bully someone on the wiki or on the discord about something they did on this game. If you are caught or accused of this, you will be banned permanently.
  • Wiki Guidelines apply here as always, along with Alternate History Wiki Rules.
  • Have fun! Despite these rules, I trust all of you to follow and keep within the wiki guidelines and the map game rules and to have fun! You guys, I trust and know, won’t do anything you know would get you in trouble both in real life and in virtual life, so I am not concerned about that. Anyway, have fun and live long and prosper!



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Sign Ups

Doesn’t matter if a nation is in bold or not, you may play as them as long as someone isn’t playing as them already, but double check with a game moderator first to see if you can play as that nation as the signups aren’t always up to date.


Western Europe

  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland - User:Marrybore
    • Gold Coast -
    • Nigeria -
    • Sierra Leone -
    • Newfoundland -
    • East African Protectorate (Kenya) -
    • Uganda -
    • Rhodesia -
    • Nyasaland -
    • Tanganyika -
    • British Somaliland -
    • Hong Kong -
    • Guyana -
    • British Malaya -
    • Straits Settlement -
    • British Brunei -
    • British Sudan -
    • British Honduras -
  • French State -
    • Morocco -
    • Tunisian Protectorate -
    • French West Africa -
    • French Equatorial Africa -
    • Madagascar -
    • French Somaliland -
  • Principality of Andorra -
  • Kingdom of Spain -
    • Spanish Sahara -
    • Spanish Guinea -
  • Kingdom of Portugal -
    • Moçambique - 
    • Macau - 

Central Europe

  • Kingdom of the Netherlands -
  • Kingdom of Belgium - 
    • Belgian Congo -
  • Grand Duchy of Luxembourg -
  • Third Reich -
    • Reichskommissariat Ukraine -
    • Reichskommissariat Byelorussia -
    • Reichskommissariat Poland -
    • Reichskommissariat Denmark -
    • Reichskommissariat Slovakia -
  • Swiss Confederation -
  • Principality of Liechtenstein -

Eastern Europe

  • Russian Federation -
  • Republic of Lithuania -
  • Republic of Latvia -
  • Republic of Estonia -

Italy and the Balkans


  • Kingdom of Norway -
  • Kingdom of Sweden - TheKatido


North Africa

  • United Arab Republic -
  • Algeria -

West Africa

  • Republic of Liberia -
  • Portuguese Republic -
  • Guinea -
  • Angola -

Southern Africa

  • Union of South Africa -
    • South West Africa -

Horn of Africa

  • Empire of Ethiopia -
  • Republic of Somalia -


East Asia

  • Empire of Japan - TheLegend


  • Republic of China -
  • Dzungar Khanate -

South East Asia

  • Republic of the Philippines -
  • Kingdom of Siam -
  • Empire of Indochina - 
  • West Papua -

South Asia

  • The Federation of India -
  • Burma -
  • Ceylon -
  • Kingdom of Nepal - Dev
  • Kingdom of Bhutan -
  • Kingdom of Sikkim -
  • Kingdom of Afghanistan - BjornJohanAndresen (talk) 01:15, June 12, 2019 (UTC)

West Asia

  • Imperial State of Persia - --DRAFIGO13 (talk) 21:10, June 10, 2019 (UTC)
  • Republic of Arabia -  
  • Dominion of Islamic Arab States - 
  • Sultanate of Muscat and Oman -


  • Turkish Empire:


  • Commonwealth of Oceania  -  
    • Territory of New Guinea - 

The Americas

North America

  • Dominion of Canada - 
  • United States of America - Colombus (Colombus#2871 in Discord)
    • Panama Canal Zone -
  • United Mexican States - 


  • State of Cuba -
  • Republic of Haiti -
  • Dominican Republic -

Central America

  • Republic of Guatemala -
  • Republic of Honduras -
  • Republic of El Salvador -
  • Republic of Costa Rica -
  • Republic of Panama - 

South America

  • People’s Republic of Brazil - Ycasto
  • People’s Republic of Venezuela -
  • Republic of Colombia -
  • Andean Republic -
  • Republic of Bolivia -
  • Republic of Chile -
  • Republic of Argentina - CaliforniaNationalist
  • Republic of Paraguay -
  • Republic of Uruguay -


The Game


Germany, although greatful that America has allowed aid and supplies to be given to the Germans in the blockade and allow them safe passage, the Kriegsmarine continues to stalk the waters around the blockade. Germany calls for the UN to hold a meeting on the Cuban Crisis.

Algeria knocks out the last remaining French forces in Algeria. This leads to a domino effect in the rest of French Africa where Independence Organizations pop up demanding independence and vowing to fight for it.

liberia begins to build up its military.

Brazil will host the 1962 FIFA World Cup and the 1964 Olympics in Rio.

The Interim Military Government in Andea ends with elections being held. José, the leader of the revolution, wins elections and becomes president.

Belgium breaks out into civil war, with the Flemish-led Volksleger (People’s Army) wanting the overthrow of the rexist regime, more autonomy for Flanders, and to make Dutch an official language, along with the democratization of Belgium. The Volkleger takes control of a good chunk of Flanders, and manages to take Antwerp as well. Meanwhile the Rexist Government, lead by Seigneur (Lord) Léon Degrelle, dictator of Belgium has all of Wallonia and the remainder of Flanders. Another smaller but significant faction is the Volksdeutsche Armee von Eupen (People’s German Army of Eupen) which wishes to defend the German community from the Rexist bandits and wishes Germany to annex them.

  • Republic of China: The Chinese team returns from the 1960 Asian Games in second place after India, getting 55 medals. The Chinese government considers the first Asian Games in Nanjing to have been a success. The Chinese national football team will still go to the 1962 FIFA World Cup, not planning on any boycotts despite the Chinese government being opposed to communism. Other athletes also prepare for the future 1964 Summer Olympics. Railways, roads and canals allow the Chinese economy to continue to grow as the country becomes more interconnected. China National Railways is a state-owned corporation established to manage rail transport, which is becoming increasingly popular. Improved transportation has also caused further growth of cities as more people move from rural China. The government continues to subsidize agriculture to make sure food production remains high to feed China's growing population. The economy of China continues to expand and more factories are opened up, creating new jobs. A new middle-class of skilled laborers emerges in the cities, above the majority traditional peasant class. The legislative election of 1960 sees the Nationalists retain their majority in the National Assembly, rising to 491 seats, while the Progressives gain several seats as well, bringing their total to 335. The People First Party gained one seat, for 42 seats total, while the New Power Party took a massive hit as several of its politicians left, only two seats remaining. China's economic boom has allowed the Nationalists to restore their wavering popularity. Sun Fo, after a decade in power and whose reign is characterized by China's economic success and democratic reform, decides to retire. His legacy is widely considered by many Chinese observers as being equal to his father Sun Yat-sen's. President Weng Wenhao also steps down. A struggle inside the Nationalist Party results in former diplomat Ye Gongchao being voted in as the new Premier. Hollington Tong is nominated and confirmed by the National Assembly to be the new Chairman of the National Government (President). Upon nominating his first cabinet, Ye states that he will continue the course that Sun had put the country on and that his government will try to further improve the standard of living of the average Chinese. Marshal Li Zongren stepped down as Minister of National Defense and Gao Zongwu also stepped down as Minister of Foreign Affairs. General Song Zheyuan and Wei Tao-ming are their replacements, respectively. The Chinese army continues to create more Type 63 light amphibious tanks for its armored divisions, while the Shenyang J-8 fighter jet is undergoing last preparations before the beginning of its mass production for the Chinese Air Force.
  • Panama:. The Panamanian national football team will go to the 1962 FIFA World Cup and our athletes prepare for the future 1964 Summer Olympics. The president makes a speech on national radio, stating that the literacy campaigns and new joint venture factories have been a success. He says at one point: "The industrialization and modernization of the country will continue. The fall in unemployment and the rise in literacy will help the economy a lot. Other challenges facing the country in its attempts to improve the economy by increasing foreign investment include a poor infrastructure and a need to improve public sector efficiency. Soon, our country will become a modern and wealthy one in the region." Citrus fruit farms expand slightly. A new high school, powerstation, soccer stadium and sewage works open in Panama City. A formal 50-man counter-espionage unit is made up of promoted police detectives. Roberto Francisco Chiari Remón is elected in a reasonably free and fair election and promises to more healthcare and a measles vaccination program. Also, here is who got what of the US tanks imported amongst the Panamanian armed forces. "Honneur Brigade"- one M24 Chaffee tank. Presidential guard - one M24 Chaffee tank. Army - one M24 Chaffee tank and two M4 Sherman tanks.
    • Panama Dip: President Roberto Francisco Chiari takes note that both Panama and Costa Rica are progressive, democratic, non-aligned and have tichy armed forces\national guards. He asks President Remón Mario Echandi Jiménez of Costa Rica whether he would like to sign a mutual defence agreement with Panama in case Nicaragua and Cuba get any worse, thus leading to a regional war, which Panama does not want to be dragged into. (Mod decide if Costa Rica says yes.)
    • Bolivia Diplomacy to Panama: Can we open diplomatic relations?
      • Panama Dip: OK.
  • Persia: Her Royal Highess Shabanu Farah Pahlavi has officially been coronated during a grand coronation in Tehran. The people cheer and love her as she is very hard working and funds schools and museums. Shabanu Farah has given birth to Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi. Meanwhile, project ANC is begun for the air force it is scheduled to be completed in 1981. Gasmasks are being delivered to all troops and training on how to use them is started. The Shah orders the construction of a new railroad and modernizing all of Persia's' roads. In a surprising turn of events the Shah allows an interview by a BBC journalist to be held. Persia begins construction of its first MBT - The Farah Tank. Seeing the newly formed alliance by Arabia Persia sees this as a direct threat to Persia and will no longer abide by the military restrictions.
  • The United Arab Republics: Infrastructure and economy continue being expanded. We begin to see a rise in tourism as westerners begin to study the "old word of the Egyptian people" AKA the Pyramids of Giza (and things of that sort). This is expanded as more and more people come from across the world to study the past Egyptian and now Libyan/Yemeni previous civilization. This year it is covered by Italian students that we allow to enter. The National Arms company continues its production of rifles and begins to ramp up production of radios, equipment and motorized vehicles. We begin to work on copying Soviet tank design from the late World War II forming an Egyptian copy of the T-34 and T-50 tank. Nasser begins to organize the navy by dividing it into the Mediterranean Sea Fleet (two destroyers and 17 frigates) and the Red Sea fleet (18 frigates). The army is also worked on as Nasser creates a standing army of 20,000 men under the control of RCC generals. The air force is once again worked on as old planes are commissioned leading to only 120 planes being usable but the purchase of 20 Russian bombers helps a lot.  Following the advent of jet engines we begin to test out jet engines in the Libyan Desert, this leads to prototype jet fighters begin tested. We secretly start a nuclear program setting up bases in the Egyptian Desert with little to no progress. We begin to work supplying African nationalists within the West African region mostly by training them in the Libyan desert and holding discussions in Cairo. We begin to export Pan-Arabism to Tunisia and Algeria, we send an envoy to Algeria to help improve their infrastructure and military (MOD). Following the RCC allowance of private sectors, tiny Egyptian companies begin to compete against each other with the best goods or arms they can get or produce, leading to the creation of the ASM semi-Automatic Rifle. Egyptian TV begins to host a wide range of TV shows from drama to action movies (which come out rarely, that shit costs too much), and documentaries about conflicts across the world. Nasser comes back as a hero, and the army begins to turn back to peacetime efforts. Elections are held and Nasser wins control of the RCC Chairman place thingy. 
  • Union of South Africa: We hold a referendum on whether or not South Africa should secede fully from Britain and become a republic. The results come in at 52% For becoming a republic and 47% Against, and with that, we declare ourselves a republic and declare ourselves a fully sovereign state (BRITISH RESPONSE NEEDED). We reorganize our government to have a president as head of state and government and dismiss the governor-general from his job and draft a new constition that removes the Queen and basically solidifies the new republican government. We keep our name as the “Union of South Africa”. Nelson Mandela continues to defy authority and organizes protests, sit ins, and enters areas designated as “white only” in order to promote equality and the hopes for an abolition of apartheid. We continue to drag natives away to our “prisons” that defy authority and white power. Hendrik Verwoerd is now the President of South Africa and continues to promote the leading role of Afrikaners in South Africa and continues apartheid. Hendrik incorporates some policies that fail and in consequence the economy begins to suffer, which worries some Afrikaners.
    • Southwest Africa: We continue to incorporate apartheid policies, with the jailing of native dissidents and throwing them in “prisons”. The White Namibians have complete power and are backed and funded by the White South African government. We continue to attempt to incorporate ourselves into South Africa as already we are considered the 5th “Union State”. In Germany, German Namibians promote southwest Africa as “Germany’s African Offspring” and encourage travel there.
  • Bolivia: We start to develop a few more tin mines, mining support services, production units and metal working (Operation María Teresa Cortés). The economy is very dislocated and needs more fixing. A small crochet, huipil and mechanical ratchet factory are assembled and inaugurated in the capital. With 'fat in boxes', we boot up crochets and encourage production. We build a small shop head to park the car sales lobby. In that part of the Gran Chaco region we took from Paraguay long ago a referendum is held on limited regional autonomy (mod choose who wins). The Banco Minero de Bolivia is made more efficient and invigorated, so it's less socially abrupt to its clientelle. Urban roads are inspected for fuls and ruts. Vice President Juan Lechín Oquendois is sacked and is replaced by General René Barrientos. Largely successful attempts are made by police, Genderamie and troops at disarming most of the militias. The reconstitution of the smallish traditional military then occurs.
    • Bolivia diplomacy to Panama: Can we open diplomatic relations?
    • Bolivia diplomacy to Costa Rica: Can we open diplomatic relations?
    • Bolivia diplomacy to the USA: Can we open diplomatic relations?
    • Bolivia diplomacy to Paraguay: Can we open diplomatic relations?
    • Bolivia diplomacy to Chile: Can we open diplomatic relations?
    • Bolivia diplomacy to Brazil: Can we open diplomatic relations?
    • Brazil Dip: We agree and offer to send economic advisors
      • Bolivia agrees to it, our roads and mines are in need of a good planning agency or two.
  • Federation of India: Sorry I was AFK last two years, I had school and all that jazz. India returns from the 1960 Asian Games in first, with athletes coming home with 30 golds with a total of 77 medals. We offer to host the 1964 Asian Games. The Indian team boycotts the 1962 FIFA World Cup, as India was never fully into soccer, although the Olympics in 1964 will be attended. Athletes train for the 1964 Summer Olympics. India announces its bid to the 1968 Summer Olympics. The Connect India movement continues, connecting rural regions with water, infrastructure and electricity. The economy expands, and many new companies appear on Ayask Tower. We ask Sikkim if they want to join India, along with Ceylon (who said they would have a referendum but that did not happen) (Mod Response Needed). India supports the US on the Cuban Crisis. With a possible WW III on the horizon, nuclear fission tests happen and India begins Operation Tiger, a closely guarded secret (a nuclear bomb) (Mod Response Needed). The reserves are prepped to be ready within 30 minutes of an attack. The army of around 130,000 (with an additional 40,000 in the next four years) is prepped. India's DEFCON level is set to 4. We welcome Afghanistan into the pact, and start trading multiple goods with them. Indian companies pull out of Persia and start trading with Arabia's rich oil fields. We request Indochina to adopt a more democratic system of government (Indochina response needed). We ask the Andean Government if they want to open diplomatic ties with India and open an embassy in each others capitals (Andean Response Needed). 
    • The Muslims, Sikhs and Buddhists of India request the government go back to the original name again, seeing as Federation acknowledges the numerous ethnic groups and religions. - mod
      • Okay ... Sure! -India
    • Ceylon holds a referendum to join India: 62% in favor, 37% against. Ceylon joins India. Meanwhile, Sikkim declines the Indian offer but proposes to expand relations and requests to join the Kathmandu Pact.
    • India Dip: We request Indochina to adopt a more democratic system of government. We ask the Andean Government if they want to open diplomatic ties with India and open an embassy in each others capitals.
  • Indochina: The Asian Games are broadcast across the country. The Indochinese Media praised China for providing good facilities for the games. With seven golds, eight silvers and 11 bronzes, the Indochinese sports teams are greeted with joy after coming home from the Asian Games. The Emperor said that the Asian Games had been a success for Indochina. The Vientiane International Airport is finished and became operational. Irrigation networks are being built across the country. Minerals are continuing being exploited. We are trying to modernize the planting system to make more quality agriculture products. New laws have been made by the government that illegal poaching will get you heavily fined and/or thrown in prison depending on the seriousness of the crime. We are continuing colonizing and occupying the Paracel and Spratly Islands.
    • Indochinese Dip: We support Arabia to enter the Kathmandu Pact.
      • India Dip: We/I will add your vote.
    • We request Indochina adopts a more democratic system of government. -India
  • United States: War Plan Tan continues to be prepared. Secretly elements of the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions are brought forth to Florida. Harold Stassen announces his campaign as a Republican while Hubert Humphrey announces his campaign for President as a Democrat. The Weather Satellite TIROS I is launched. The Marshall Space Center is constructed in Huntsville, Alabama. Harold Stassen wins the Presidency against Humphrey.
    • Bolivia diplomacy to the USA: Can we open diplomatic relations?
  • Republic of Arabia: Modernization and industrialization continue to improve the nation. Television is widespread in the nation and has as much of an outreach as radio. The air force is completely reconstituted from the Arab-Persian War, and is now fitted with the newly experimental jet engines. The older, more antiquated morality laws are removed from the nation, in favor of a national civic code of law. These laws are still based on Sharia, however, and more specific sharia laws are permitted within each state government. Alternate political parties are allowed in elections for the first time since the revolution. However, there are restrictions on the kind of political parties permitted, with the Wahhabis and Communist groups completed banned. The second largest party, after the Ba'athists, is the National Democratic party. The navy continues to be trained in the Mediterranean. Biological weapons continue to be secretly worked on. We welcome our acceptance in the Kathmandu Pact, and will strive to utilize our office for the mutual benefit of South Asia. In order to ensure long-lasting peace and stability in the Middle East, as well as to prevent any outside ideological influence to cause sectarianism in the region, Arabia proposes the creation of the Middle Eastern Treaty Organization (METO). The states of Turkey, UAR, DIAS, Caucasian Confederation, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan are invited (MOD and Player Responses).
    • We request observer status in METO. -India
  • People's Republic of Brazil: With the honor of hosting both the football World Cup and the Olympic Games many new challenges come to the Brazilian government and the government of the hosting cities. Even if team sports are more popular and promoted by the government in Brazil, Brazilian athletes train hard to shine in the competition. The infrastructure is increased massively and a special police segment is founded to prevent terrorist attacks or riots and will secure the city while the games are hosted. A new flag is also adapted, after a contest among high school students was called to redesign the national flag of Brazil. A design won with the Machete and Rifle design in the upper hoist side of the flag on a green backround. On top of the symbol there is the night sky with the motto "Ordem e Progresso" that was also featured on the previous flag. The Machete and rifle design was revealed at the meeting of the third Internationale to represent the ideology of Southern Socialism, but it was never adapted officially. Because of the Bolivian request for economic aid, we offer them to join the Southern Strategic Front, an alliance for economic and military cooperation (BOLIVIA RESPONSE, PLEASE). (SECRET) The first heavy state prison is built in a secret place somewhere in the state of Roraima, yet only high ranked members of the government and the military know exactly what happens there. We continue to fund Red trade unions and far-left parties throughout South America.
    • Bolivia Diplomacy: We agreed in June 1961.
  • Turkey: Turkey's development continues, as does the development of all of its subordinate states. Georgia is granted total independence at the beginning of the year. Economic investment continues to flow into Azerbaijan and Kurdistan. Azerbaijan accepts the proposed METO alliance while the Turkish government opts to wait a year and see. In the meantime, Turkey creates the Turkic Council, an economic and cultural organization designed to form closer ties with Turkic nations, Azerbaijan and Crimea both join while invites are sent out to Derbent, Turkmenistan and Uyghurstan (Mod and player response please). 


The UN holds a general assembly meeting on whether or not to condemn the US blockade of Cuba. Please post in your turns your vote. (All NPCs That are either in the German sphere, or just non-aligned vote for a condemnation of the US, while many Latin America votes against it, along with the African countries.)

Turkey manages to complete their organization.

Germany pledges to defend Cuba, despite US threats.

Edgar Pauad refuses to give independence to any and all colonies of France, and so the revolutions across French Africa break out. Germany sends some divisions to help the French out.

Germany invades and annexes the German part of Belgium. Germany also declares support for the Rexist Government and sends 100,000 men into Belgium to help stomp out the opposition.

the UK recognizes the South African referendum and the Declaration of Independence (this event is on the behalf of Person).

The civil rights movement begins to enter its major stage as various anti-segregation groups pop up, containing both blacks and whites. A small faction in Congress is formed of Congressmen that support the dissolution of segregation.

  • Ugyhur Provisional Government: The state turns into a khanate with Navaanneren as the khan. The new country is called the Dzungar Khanate.
  • Republic of China: Cheng Tien-fong, Permanent Representative of the Republic of China to the United Nations, votes in favor of condemning the U.S. blockade of Cuba, in support of Germany. He also calls for a peaceful solution to the crisis. Premier Ye Gongchao sees the Fascist countries of Europe as China's allies. His government continues the economic plan, encouraging foreign investment in China and industrializing the country. More factories are built and production output grows as China transitions to an industrialized society. Major cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Wuhan have become bustling metropolises with an increasingly modernized look, while smaller provincial cities like Taiyuan, Jinan, Kaifeng, and Guilin have also begun to experience industrialization. Agriculture output has also increased from government subsidies and farmers being granted land ownership. The Chinese national football continues to train for the 1962 FIFA World Cup, while the whole of China's athletes are training for the 1964 Olympics and Asian Games. China agrees that India should host the next Asian Games. The Chinese Air Force has received its first Shenyang J-8 fighter jets, and they have begun mass production to fulfill the Defense Ministry's order. The first Anshan-class destroyer is launched and becomes the Republic of China Navy's first indigenous warship, with several more due for completion next year. Chinese cinema and culture continue to flourish as more Chinese have access to television.
    • In Cuba, due to the US blockade, the Cuban Foreign Minister is forced to use a German sailor whose ship is bound for China to deliever a message to China requesting the establishment of relations.
    • many pro-China groups in Taiwan contact the Chinese government requesting support.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: China is willing to establish relations with Cuba. Right now China does not want to upset Japan by supporting secessionist groups, but Chinese agents secretly contact the Taiwanese group to see what exactly they propose. China also invites Afghanistan to participate in the Asian Games. [Mod Response]
    • The Taiwanese groups propose that if the Taiwanese groups succeed China will regain control of Taiwan.
    • Afghanistan agrees to join the Asian Games.
  • Italian Federal Kingdom: Our beloved King Ferdinand III unfortunately passes away as his brother Prince Ranieri, Duke of Castro becomes the new King as Ranieri I of Italy. Italy also places its bid for the 1966 FIFA World Cup as Rome places its bid for the 1968 Olympics. With the revolution in Algeria being successful the Prime Minister orders 10,000 men to move into Algeria in order to help the other groups within French Africa fighting for their independence. The Italian Government suggests that Messali Hadj should become the first President of Algeria as we offer the Algerians our protection along with military equipment in order to improve their military ( Mod Response ) In Macedonia the Italian forces continue to help the Macedonian Revolutionaries as more P-43 heavy tanks are sent along with the first P-45 heavy tank. The Italian Government continues to produce Fiat G.80 Jet fighters as plans for a new jet fighter begins to be developed, the Fiat G.91 as the Italian Government continues to improve its military. The Littorio-class Battleship Bergamini is completed as the Italian Government begins to develop plans for an aircraft carrier prototype. We also vote to not condemn the American Blockade of Cuba .
  • Panama: We vote "Abstain" in the UN. We open a college, gasmask and hand grenade factory in Panama City. The circa 500 new gasmasks are made, then delivered to the presidential guard and "Honneur Brigade" and training on how to use them is started. Coastal roads are expanded and some coastal canals are dug. The OTL General Hospital of the Social Security is built and inaugurated. An extensive urban vaccination program is developed and several new urban schools are built. The state run Humanitarian Institute for Agrarian Reform (HIAR) is set up. We invite America's United Fruit Company to open several jointly run coastal banana plantations.
    • Panama Dip: In order to maintain the current peace, progress and stability in the Central America; as well as to prevent any domestic terrorist actions and any hostile outside military influence to avoid any further wars in the Central American region; Panama proposes the creation of the Peaceful Central American Unity Organization (PCAUO). The states of Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras are invited to join it (MOD and Player Responses needed). 

Persia: With the military restrictions no longer in effect, the Persian peacetime army is expanded to 790,000 with a wartime army of 900,000. Persia buys 40 missiles and 20 strategic bombers from the UK. The UK joins Project X and AANC which will shorten its completion date to 1968 and 1976. The Persian MBT Farah is nearing its competion with many tank units getting them.

  • Russia: You children need some Nobel Peace Prize adults in the room. To Germany, we remind them what the carnage looked like in Moscow and Leningrad when they nuked the communists there. We remind them that the world could devolve into that kind of carnage. Not to mention the fact that we still resent them for the nukes and strongly dislike their invasion of Belgium. To the United States, we say that if they stand for freedom, that freedom should include the freedom to choose dictators to lead the country if that is what the populace prefers. For that reason, we vote to condemn both the United States and Germany for putting the world to the brink of disaster. We also offer to host talks between the two countries about the current crisis in Cuba and to discuss limitations on nuclear weapons. As the world awaits the outcome of the Cuba crisis, investors focus on the ever-neutral Russia due to our neutrality and economic output. Our markets continue their long streak of strong economic growth, and our companies are still doing well. Rodzaevsky implements a new set of small-scale regulations on businesses, focusing on advertising, insurance, and employee benefits. We continue constructing passenger airports in any Russian city greater than one million people. Rodzaevsky announces the first income tax decrease since the reparations were paid off, decreasing taxes on the lowest tax bracket to 1% and on the second lowest bracket to 6.5%.
  • Union of South Africa: Hendrik Verwoerd resigns this year to do a vote of no confidence in parliament and his growing unpopularity. His replacement is Alfred Klerk, who promises a new way to fix this economic recession: Take away the jobs of blacks and give them to the whites. This policy is supported by the extreme radical, almost Nazi, right of the national party, but is generally not very liked in the party and by the populace, who don’t see the problem being jobs but the economic policies enacted by the previous guy. The massive firing of natives from their jobs in the major cities, and the additional seizure of any land that could have economic value causes massive protests across the country, protests which the police can’t easily suppress. The media is totally against the extremely racist and Nazi-like anti-black policies enacted by Klerk, calling them “ a threat to peace and what our forefathers were trying to do with Africa”. Klerk starts to see a downfall in any support base he had, with only extreme right-wing organizations and factions within the party supporting him publicly; due to this, he begins to try to redirect his audience, and tries and pleases the far right, which succeeds as he publicly denounces the “niggers of the south” as leaches that need to killed, parliament may yet again have to do er another vote of no confidence. Nelson Mandela is arrested, mostly due to Klerk’s extremist policies against natives, and is thrown in former military boot camp turned concentration camp where he is subject to daily beatings by his captors and his guards. The arrest of Mandela causes a national awaking as the cities begin to fill with natives protesting against the government, which the police fail to break apart and at this point don’t even try, just try to contain it. The native protests are used by the media and Klerk’s enemies as a tool against him saying that he has “destroyed the peace”.
  • The United Arab Republics: Infrastructure and economy continue being expanded. We begin to see a rise in tourism as westerners begin to study the "old word of the Egyptian people" AKA the Pyramids of Giza (and things of that sort). This is expanded as more and more people come from across the world to study the past Egyptian and now Libyan/Yemeni previous civilization. This year it is covered by Italian students that we allow to enter. The National Arms company continues its production of rifles and begins to ramp up production of radios, equipment and motorized vehicles. We begin to work on copying Soviet tank design from the late World War II forming an Egyptian copy of the T-34 and T-50 tank. Nasser begins to organize the navy by dividing it into the Mediterranean Sea Fleet (two destroyers and 17 frigates) and the Red Sea fleet (18 frigates). The army is also worked on as Nasser creates a standing army of 20,000 men under the control of RCC generals. The air force is once again worked on as old planes are commissioned leading to only 120 planes being usable but the purchase of 20 Russian bombers helps a lot.  Following the advent of jet engines we begin to test out jet engines in the Libyan Desert, this leads to prototype jet fighters begin tested. We secretly start a nuclear program setting up bases in the Egyptian Desert with little to no progress. We begin to work supplying African nationalists within the West African region mostly by training them in the Libyan desert and holding discussions in Cairo. We begin to export Pan-Arabism to Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, we send an envoy to Algeria to help improve their infrastructure and military (MOD). We begin to work on exporting to The Maghreb region, the idea of a "Maghreb Union" among these states and the UAR. We try to form a united Arab Rebel group in the Maghreb region under the name of the "Maghreb National Front" (MNF) (MOD RESPONSE for how successful we are at forming this group). Following the RCC allowance of private sectors, tiny Egyptian companies begin to compete against each other with the best goods or arms they can get or produce, leading to the creation of the ASM semi-Automatic Rifle. Egyptian TV begins to host a wide range of TV shows from drama to action movies (which come out rarely, that shit costs too much), and documentaries about conflicts across the world. Nasser comes back as a hero, and the army begins to turn back to peacetime efforts. We join the METO and would like to join the Kathmandu Pact.
  • The Second Hellenic Republic: With the Macedonians losing ground Greece offers them a deal. Macedonia will rename itself to the "Vardar Republic" and Greece will sell them 30,000 Pyrkal EATs, 1,000 towed Anti-Tank pieces with ammunition, and 250 fighter aircraft at cost. The economy, spurred on by the large scale investment of the post-war years, grows rapidly. The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens has grown in renown thanks to heavy investment, and is considered a strong university internationally. Containerized shipping becomes the lifeblood of the Greek Economy as the major commercial families switch to the new system. With the massive growth of the global shipping trade, Greece keeps in stride, becoming a moderately large shipbuilder, and a disproportionate owner of shipping. The revenue from this provides the government a significant surplus. Government spending is directed toward improving the economic competitiveness of Greece through infrastructure and education. Greek agricultural products also increase thanks to commercialization of the EGE. Greek naval officers begin exploring the potential for ship to ship missiles and rockets which could take the place of torpedoes. The KA-59 and the AEE-59 are mass produced with goals of 250 KA-59s and 200 AEE-59s in service by 1965. The military, wishing to explore VTOL technology, offers to purchase several helicopter designs and models, as well as any McDonnell XV-1s or Bell XV-3s in existence and their plans. (Orwell, Please) The Hellenic Army continues its order for the Ajax series of armored cars. Development of an anti-ship missile continues.
  • Dominion of Islamic Arab States: Many new developments take place in cities to combat Malaria and diarrhea outbreaks that have troubled the nation since 1948. TV companies set up branches in DIAS so that many more people can see the Second Asian Games take place in Mumbai, and one hit wonders the Beatles perform in Dubai during the winter months.We would like to open an embassy in Alexandria and Medina (UAR AND ARABIAN RESPONSE).
    • UAR Dip: We would like for the DIAS to open up an embassy in Alexandria.
  • Indochina: To reduce illiteracy a new law has been passed: Education is now free. New schools are encouraged to be built in rural areas to provide children there with proper education. The national sports teams of Indochina are trained in preparation for the next Asian Games, with the football team expected to do well. As the Indochinese people become more into football, ITV (Indochina Television) will buy the broadcasting rights of the 1962 FIFA World Cup from FIFA, making this the first time the World Cup will be broadcast there. Minerals are continuing being exploited. We are continuing colonizing and occupying the Paracel and Spratly Islands.
    • Indochinese Dip: We support UAR to enter the Kathmandu Pact.
  • Republic of Arabia: Modernization aind industrialization continues. The ministry of the interior has outlined a plan for constructing smaller, suburban dwellings between metroplitans in Palesine and south Syria. The military continues to be improved, creating additional planes for the air force and more training to the navy. Assault rifles are purchased from Germany to replace the older firearms. Biological weapons continue to be secretly worked on. We construct an embassy in Merida for DIAS, and welcome all the new states into METO, with India as observer. We decide to exit the Munich Pact, and henceforth join with the Global Treaty Organization (AMERICA Response).
  • Bolivia: We vote agaist the USA in the UN. We will boycott the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics since the Americans are bullies, Germany is reckless, South Africa is racist\apartheid and the UN is a wimp who let them do it. La Paz and Sucre roads are upgraded slightly and mechanical ratchets are made for export in these towns. An urban food-shop safety campaign is held. Some mines are upgraded and churches opened. Pavlov's dependent hook Croak lost without crochet hook. (SECRET: We join Brazil's Southern Strategic Front, as requested earlier. END SECRET).
    • Bolivia diplomacy to Brazil: We will offer you several good tin mining concessions in the north and west for only 10% of market value if your nation agrees to give us some 500 rifles, experts in mining, bulldozers, tractors, some cars, experts in road building and stuff for road building. (SECRET: We join Brazil's Southern Strategic Front, as requested earlier. END SECRET).
    • Brazil to Bolivia: We agree to supply the army of the nation and send enough tools, engineers and vehicles for the next years.
    • Bolivia diplomacy to China: We will offer you some good tin mining concessions in the north and west for only 10% of market value if your nation agrees to give us some bulldozers, 500 rifles, tractors and some cars.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: We agree to the deal.
  • People's Republic of Brazil: On the cuban issue Brazil is against condemning the US for the blockade for several reasons. First of all Brazil will do everything to keep fascist hands off the new world and opposes bourgeois imperialism strongly, second we want to relax the relations with the US and their partners. We welcome Bolivia in the SSF and pledge them support in economic and militaristc cases. The continues to expand with many Submarines being build and three new helicopter-carriers are constructed. Guided missile cruisers and destroyers enter mass production. In regards for the FIFA World Cup next year the same players are kept like in the last cup, but tactics are refreshed and modernized. The athletes for the Olympics in Rio are busy, too, with training. The new national flag will be flown together with the previous one since both are legal and everybody can decide which he wants to use. The Machete and Rifle flag is more popular amongst soldiers, farmers and the younger generation and the old flag is used mostly by more conservative leaning people as well as elders. The new stadium of Rio and São Paulo are reconstructed to be used for different sports that will be shown in the Olympics.
  • Turkey: Turkey's military development continues as prototype domestic rockets are produced based on international designs. In addition, small samples of chemical weapons such as tear gas and chlorine gas are produced secretly and held at a facility in Trabzon. Tank development advances, with the T60 Deli II entering service and newer models are designed for the Sipahi line, to be introduced in the next few years. New jets are also designed in an effort to reach the third jet fighter generation that is being rolled out by other advanced nations. Following Persia's blatant statement that it will abandon the agreed terms of the Treaty of Stolitsa, the Turkish government opts to join the METO and places its military on standby should any aggression occur in the Middle East. In addition, Turkey cuts off all trade with Persia and forbids it from any of Turkey's associate nations. Following its various performances at international games, the government increases spending in order to help its athletes perform better and have more opportunities to train. 
    • Armenia: The new Armenian military and its Turkish counterpart now actively try to stamp out the ALR. The admission of new Armenian lands into the territory of the state and the declaration of the Republic of Armenia have both helped to bolster the government's sagging popularity, and as a result the ALR has been less able to act this year as more of the populace turns against them. 
    • Crimea: Government initiatives for tourism and economic growth continue. The military continues to place fortifications along land routes and coastal bays. Thanks to a police crackdown and better rights amongst its minorities, ethnic violence has decreased. The government is also glad that the Turkic Council has come into being, and takes a leading role in sponsoring Turkic cultural groups around the world. 
    • Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan's international engagements continue as it begins to join numerous sporting competitions and geopolitical organizations. The growth of the military continues with more tanks and jets from the Turkish army and a small coast guard established for the purpose of protecting trade and swimmers from storms. 


Cuba joins the Munich Pact.

A North Italian plane is shot down after it accidentally entered South Italian airspace.

Riots in South Africa continue.

Rebels in French Africa begin terrorist attacks on French military installations and colonial administration buildings.

The Arabian Wahhabis launch a rebellion against the Ba’athist regime.

France begins funding Quebec independence organizations.

The UN votes to condemn the US blockade of Cuba.

The Algerian president welcomes help from Egypt to develop its economy.

Honduras and Costa Rica join the PCAUO.

  • Panama: We open a college, a small pharmaceutical lab (making vaccines), fruit cannery, radio factory and hand grenade factory in Panama City. The first indigenous patrol boat, the " PNNV Immaculate Conception", is built (it is a copy of a CD-class naval drifter. Radio services expand to all urban localities. A literacy campaign is held in the schools and churches of Colón City. We are upset by South African racism. Our ex-patriots and overseas nationals living in the US say they like Bob Dylan's debut album. 
    • Panama Sport/Dip: We are willing to host a reconciliation inspiring soccer match between the American, German, Cuban and Hispaniolan teams in Panama City next year, if they want it.
    • Panama Dip to China: We would like to buy a military transport helicopter and naval patrol boat. As payment we will give you both 250 tonnes of free coconuts and the option of setting up a small joint venture factory on the outskirts of Panama City and Colón making cheap (for your markets) fertilizers and agro-chemicals mostly for export to you for five years as payment for the purchases, too.
    • China Diplomacy: China accepts the deal.
  • Persia: Project X's first prototype is ready but needs much more testing until it can be safely produced. Persia issues partial mobilization in response to the revolts in Arabia. The missiles bought from the UK have finished the construction of their ramps and are ready to fire. The Farah MBT tanks are sent to the tank companies but 150 are sent to the Turkish/Azerbaijan borders. In response to the Turkish military preparing for a possible war against Persia the Shah orders all units on high alert. The Shah gives a speech: not one single inch of Persian land will be ceded or occupied.
  • United States: President Stassen tells the UN they can piss off. "The United States feels threatened as Cuba is the perfect place for the Nazi's to put some of their nice A-bombs. We will not lift the blockade until that threat is no more." Meanwhile, an embargo is announced on Cuba and the ban of all Cuban-US relations. The rocket Yankee-1 lifts off from Cape Canaveral with Major John Glenn who becomes the first man and American to orbit the earth. President Stassen considers but does not go through an operation involving US trained Cuban exiles to invade Cuba and overthrow the government. Mariner-2 does a flyby near Venus transmitting data from the planet. Marilyn Monroe and Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts are discovered to be having an affair. Bob Dylan releases his debut album. Telestar is launched as the first commercial satellite. The M28 Davy Crockett round is adopted by the army as a low yield nuclear shell. The navy also starts to develop its own version to be used on various battleships. The idea of tactical nukes grows within the Department of Defense. The AIR-2 Genie sees testing as an Air-to-Air and possible Air-to-Ground nuclear device. With War breaking out in Italy, 300,000 men of the American Occupation Forces are rushed to the frontline to prevent any ISR actions from pushing southward. President Stassen relaxes US relations with Brazil, however, mocks Panama. Stassen sends 10,000 US Marines to guard the Panama Canal. Operation: Northwoods is planned with war breaking out, if the Italian war escalates, the war department will launch a full invasion of Cuba. Stassen also threatens to send US troops to South Africa if the situation doesn't calm down.
    • Panama Sport/Dip: We are willing to host a reconciliation inspiring soccer match between the American, German, Cuban and Hispaniolan teams in Panama City next year, if they want it.
    • Panama UN/Dip: We ask for a peaceful resolution to the Cuban Crisis and raise this at the UN. Send in a UN peacekeeping force?
    • UN Agrees.
    • Panama Dip: We denounce the use of nuclear weapons by any nation in Central America or the Caribbean (German and US actions in Cuba included).
    • Brazil Dip: We would like to relax our relations with the US, as we have a common enemy with the Fascists now at our back door.
    • Achieved by Germany already - mod
  • Republic of Arabia: Economy and infrastructure continue to prosper. The military continues to be improved in every category, purchasing new firearms for standard equipment. Biological weapons continue to be secretly worked on. New tanks are worked on for the military as well. Spies are sent from the Ministry of Intelligence to infiltrate Persia's civilian workers for the military, in order to ascertain what Project X is. In response to the Wahhabi insurgency, the government declares the Wahhabis to be direct enemies of the state, and should be dissolved and arrested. Regular military is not used for this operation, as it is not needed on Arabia's own citizens. Rather, local civilian police are organized to crack down on the Wahhabi groups across the nation, not exhaustively, but enough to drive them from all major cities. A more thorough, anti-terrorist organization is established by President Karim, known as the General Intelligence Directorate (GID). We ask the United States for volunteers to help remove all Wahhabi influence in our nation (AMERICA Response). Military is stationed near the border. Civic laws continue to gradually replace antiquated morality laws. Some basic television companies emerge, but regulations compel these companies to adhere to standards of decency compatible with the West. 
  • Social Italian Republic: Duce Italo Balbo has made in Mantua "the most important speech in fascist Italy's history": "Italian women, Italian men, these are rough times, this is an era where our effort and justice aren't recognised. Where our will of strength is weakened by corrupted people, where our country is occupied by an old-style monarchy. As the Italian miracle passes away we risk to die, in front of violent actions committed by the kingdom against us - killing our people, tearing down our planes and arresting us. They've been beating their brothers for a long time. Not moving means death! We have to react! Italiani! The Italian Social Republic declares war on the Federal Italian Kingdom to acquire Emilia-Romagna region and the rest of Lombardia! We won't fear to ask more" (WAR IS DECLARED ON: ITALIAN FEDERAL KINGDOM). A full mobilization starts, the country asks Germany for civil goods, resources and strategic aid - plus, the government has agreed with Germany that it will defend the integrity of the Italian Social Republic by not letting anyone invade our territory. "Facing an invasion will make the kingdom fight with the Germans". (GERMANY RESPONSE NEEDED).  Full mobilization has started, in 1959 there were 250,000 soldiers. In the past three years the army has secretly mobilized to 600,000 within the operation "Gladio". One out of every 12 people is a soldier, women are accepted and integrated within the army. The SS and XII MAS were re-called from Yugoslavia: Rodolfo Graziani, general, stated: "We are ready" 
  • People's Republic of Brazil: With the World Cup being hosted inside of Brazil, security guards are placed everywhere to lower crime and guarantee the safety of both visitors and athletes. Due to the success of the project, the same thing will be done when the Olympic Games will be hosted in 1964. We congratulate the Argentinian team to their title. Meanwhile, the other athletes are busy training for the Olympic Games. In the military the naval focus continues with many conscripts going to the navy. Another five guided missile destroyers and cruisers are built. Smaller battleships are built, too. (SECRET) With many riots and protests going on in Africa, Brazil sees its chance to bring communism back to the spotlight and sends guerrilleros to the Congo, to reclaim the region for the government-in-exile led by Joseph Kasavubu that fled to Brazil in the 50s. Military advisors and old weapons are sent to militarize the protestors against the bourgeois and racist government in South Africa (Secret End). American music gains popularity in the younger generations and this music will not be banned, but many songs in Portuguese are slightly influenced by Brazilian music. Spanish is now taught in school from Grade Four and English from Grade Seven.  
  • Union of South Africa: President Klerk is given a vote of no confidence by parliament, and is told to resign, but he refuses which causes him to be forcibly taken out of the building by police and for parliament to declare a new man president. The new President is named Vorick Glowood and he declares that all natives will get back their “privileges”, but doesn’t really give them their jobs back. Meanwhile, riots from Far Right Nazis causes the military to step in. Glowood doesn’t release Mandela causing more protests being brutally put down. The economy begins to fall more, causing the white population to get angry at the nation party. The Communist Party continues being banned. 
  • Turkey: Internal development continues, as does the flood of economic investment into nations within the so-called "Turkish Bloc" and Kurdistan. The military continues its production of weapons and vehicles as well as its various projects. The Turkish protectorates continue their development, and Azerbaijan prepares to gain formal independence at the conclusion of next year. 
  • Federation of India: With Wahhabis in Arabia, India sends some volunteers from the army to help out the Arab Republic's police, with orders to follow the Arabian governments command. We announce our support for the Americans in any upcoming conflict with the Fascists, and urge the rest of the Kathmandu Pact to follow suit. Prime Minister Kanj Patel is reelected as the Prime Minister, as he has high approval ratings overall. Operation Tiger is tested (Secret: It's a nuke. We try to mask it like in real life, mod tells how successful it was. For at least four to five turns India was testing Nuclear Fission and was working on Operation Tiger for two or three years. Since we focused on being self sufficient, we are prepared for sanctions.) The escalation of the Italian conflict makes us increase our military to 150,000 members, counting all in the reserves. Tanks are produced rapidly in central India. We prepare for the 1964 Asian Games and hope to use most equipment built for the Games to help our bid in the 1968 Olympic Games. We are set to DEFCON 3. 
  • Republic of China: China states it gives full support to Fascist Italy in its righteous crusade to reunite the Italian Peninsula from the American imperialist aggressors. The National Army is placed on alert just in case, although China does not plan to join any war. The economic boom continues, industrializing the country and attracting more foreign investment. Transportation and communications have greatly improved. Cinema and other media become more popular as Chinese have more access to them. Athletes prepare for the Asian and Olympic Games in 1964. China will respond by annexing Taiwan as Japan can no longer control the island, and cites the self-determination for all peoples article in the UN Charter. A force of 30,000 men of some of the NRA's elite divisions is transported across the Strait into Taiwan.


Feel free to post in the previous turn, we will let this post go a little longer so people can catch up.

The Volkleger in Belgium requests US support.

China continues to boom economically.

The Wahhabis in Arabia grow in numbers.

Brazil’s economy begins to stagnate.

A US submarine accidentally sinks a German supply vessel.

Taiwan is taken over by rebels and requests to be annexed by China.

Elvis Presley grows in popularity.

  • Panama: We are pleased by and happy to see Cape Canaveral triumph with Major John Glenn as he becomes the first man and American to orbit the earth! We like Elvis Presley's music. Panama opens a college, gasmask, radio and hand grenade factory in Panama City. The around 200 new gasmasks are made, then delivered to the police detectives, and training on how to use them is started. Coastal roads, pineapple plantations and urban bus roots are expanded. A modest rural vaccination program is developed. A fruit cannery and several new schools are built in the big cities. Radio services expand to several rural localities. The sewage outflow pipes are checked along both coastlines.
    • Panama Secret Dip to USA, Argentina and Brazil: (Secret: If war occurs in Cuba, Panama will have to take sides and thus will help both the USA, Argentina and Brazil diplomatically and with supplies against Germany. End secret).
    • Panama Dip: We denounce the use of nuclear weapons by any nation in Central America or the Caribbean (German and US actions in Cuba included).
    • Panama Dip to Brazil: We would like to buy a military transport helicopter, some civilian cars, (Secret: a diesel-electric coastal patrol submarine, End secret) and naval patrol boat. As payment we will give you both 250 tonnes of free coconuts and the option of setting up a small joint venture factory on the outskirts of Panama City and Colón making cheap (for your markets) fertilizers and agro-chemicals - mostly for export - to you for six years as payment for the purchases, too.
    • Panama UN/Dip: We call for a peaceful solution in South Africa, so we want the UN to debate it and send in some UN peacekeepers.
    • Brazil Dip: We agree, and ask the Panamanians if they are interested in a treaty for economic and military cooperation.
      • Panama response: Yes!
  • Dzungar Khanate: Dzungaria officially joins the Turkic Council. The khan's health slowly declines.
    • Panama Diplomacy to Dzungar Khanate: Can we open an embassy in your country and start friendly diplomatic relations?
    • Dzungar Dip: Yes.
  • Persia: Project X's second prototype shows great success against soldiers and tanks so 50 are commissioned into the Redacted Battalion stationed in the Shah's palace in Tehran. The Shah sends the two captured Arabian spies back to Arabia. The air force completes the first Persian jet bomber. The Shah and his diplomats arrive in Rome to discuss a proposal. (KINGDOM OF ITALY RESPONSE). In response to Arabia's railgun project Persia starts working on Project X-2 and X-3.
    • Italian Federal Kingdom Dip: The King, Ranieri I, along with PM Achille Lauro welcome the Shah of Persia along with his diplomats to Rome as they are invited to the Quirinal Palace as the King would like to hear the Shah's proposal.
      • Persian Diplomacy: The Shah sends a shipment of minerals and ores to South Italy to help them.
    • Panama Dip to Persia: Can we open an embassy in your country and start friendly diplomatic relations?

Persian Diplomacy: Sure.

  • Italian Federal Kingdom: With the North Italian attack in Rimini 900,000 troops are moved in to counter the North Italians and as a result the North Italian Army is annihilated as they lose 500,000 with the Italian Federal Army only losing 150,000 men. Despite this victory the Italian Federal Army is unable to push forward in Northern Italy as German troops guard the border. In other news the 1963 Elections arrive as the People's Monarchist Party wins the elections with 43% of the vote as the Italian Democratic Socialist Party finishes in second with 34% along with the Italian Liberal Party with 23%. In the result of the elections, Achille Lauro, the successor to Giovanni Messe in the People's Monarchist Party becomes the new Prime Minister as he invites Giovanni Messe to retake command of the military. The people support this new militaristic government as they believe that it will protect them from the Fascist threat. With the defeat of the North Italian Army, the Italian Royal Navy is deployed as our three Littorio-class battleships along with the rest of the Italian Royal Navy (two heavy cruisers, five light cruisers, 12 destroyers, 15 torpedo boats and eight submarines) are moved into the Adriatic Sea in order to destroy the North Italian Navy to prepare a naval invasion of Venice.
  • Republic of Arabia: Modernization and industrialization continues. The military continues to be modernized and upgraded with the latest personal arms. New tanks are produced as are the new jet planes. Border guards are on high alert. Biological weapons are secretly developed. Research in Baghdad is conducted on railguns in order to create cannons that can match the power of Persia's Gauss Gun. Abd Al-Karim retires as president, and Hafiz Al-Assad is elected to succeed him. The paramilitary police force continues to crack down on Wahhabis. Meanwhile, Assad's administration publicly supports the Hashemite government in Hejaz over television and radio, and offers to make religion more represented in the nation. New laws are passed in the Syrian Parliament, granting more direct control over the Holy Sites and sharia law to the Caliph in Istanbul. 
  • United States: President Stassen declares his support for black civil rights following the March on Washington. Meanwhile, the Pentagon is put on DEFCON 2. While going to announce his reelection campaign, President Stassen narrowly avoids assassination in Florida to a man linked to the American Nazi Party under George Lincoln Rockwell. (More to come)
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    • OK.
  • Turkey: The economic development of the nation's economy continues. Roads are kept up to date and railroads and pipelines throughout the country are modernized. The military continues its various weapons programs, with Sipahi II medium tanks entering service, local Turkish-produced short-ranged missiles established in bases around the country, and small but noticable stocks of chemical weapons. The government now begins to work on creating warheads with large amounts of chemical weapons. However, this secret program is intended for defense and an internal government memo recommends that they not be used in first use. Osman IV is pleased that Arabia gives him more control over the Holy Places, and drafts more laws for the protection of pilgrims and shrines. During Ramadan, Osman IV travels to Mecca and helps to ritually clean the interior of the Kaaba. Internationally, with the war in Italy, Turkey pledges support for its fellow GTO member and offers whatever aid it can provide. 
    • Armenia: Efforts to defeat the ALR are undertaken by Turkish military forces and Armenian troops. Thanks to numerous years of fighting and numerous gains by the Armenian government, the ALR's claim that Armenia is being colonized rapidly ringing hollow. 
    • Crimea: Crimean military forces stage drills along the southern coast. The Crimean air force is modernized with numerous Turkish and other jets. 
    • Azerbaijan: At the end of the year Azerbaijan becomes formally independent. However, Turkish troops remain at the request of the Azeri government and local fortification efforts continue. Azeri efforts to strengthen ties with Turkmenistan and Kurdistan continue, with greater levels of investment and official meetings between prominent officials. 
  • Peoples Republic of Brazil: The Brazilian Minister for Finance and Economics - along with some other economists - spoke to the National Peoples Congress of Brazil, warning that a continuation of the current Marxist-Leninist leaning economic model could lead to further stagnation and eventually to the fall of Brazil as a major or even regional power. To combat these developments the model of the workers-led market that was theorized in the 1940s will replace most of the state-ownership of the means and resources of production. Key elements of the society will stay in state ownership like electricity, infrastructure and export but the collectives are allowed to compete among themselves. The economists argue that the council-communist system will be the closest to what Marx himself actually intended. Every new market collective will be led by an elected council of the employees. To prevent capitalist-like hierarchies inside the collectives, the council can only be re-elected twice every five terms. One term lasts for 18 months. To keep workers rights upheld the councils are organized in newly formed trade unions who are focused on the branch of economy they represent. The unions also provide economic support and will show the councils how to manage the collective effectively. We welcome our new friends in Panama and hope for great relationships in the future! With the free 250 tons of coconuts we got in exchange for vehicles and boats, grocery producers are encouraged to use coconut milk instead of cream and coconut water is handed out in elementary schools as a refreshment. The first Elvis vinyl LPs are sold and are very demanded by younger people mostly.


With the Italian Civil War officially underway, the United Nations attempts to open negotiations for peace in the region. However, this depends on the cooperation of the security council, of which some nations are more likely to support a different side. NPC states from both the Munich Pact and the GTO are on high alert.

Macedonia finally achieves independence from Yugoslavia. The result of being exhausted from constant warfare and chaos causes Yugoslavia's dictatorship to collapse.

In order to maintain friendlier relations with their colonial empire, France begins peacefully transitioning to a full democracy.

With the many years of insurgency, Indonesia officially collapses, and splits into ten nations: Aceh, Sumatra, Balembagan, Java, Kalamenten, Bali, Sulawasi, Gorantaro, Jailolo, and Ternate.

  • Panama: Panama opens a college and a fruit cannery. Several new schools are built in the big cities. Coastal roads and pineapple plantations are dug. A modest rural vaccination program is developed. A radio and TV factory opens in Colon City. There are interim TV services in Panama City and Colon City. 200 troops are enlisted and a second 150-person "Honneur Brigade" is recruited. The sewage outflow pipes are checked along both coastlines.
Panama quits, the game is dead.
  • Dzungar Khanate: This will replace the old turn. Hospitals are built in major cities in the country. The khan goes to one of them. The doctor there says that he has until 1969 to live. The khan is very upset because he knows that the khanate will not last after his death. His brothers were killed during the Soviet era for supporting monarchist rule in the-then communist regime. He prepares to write his will. Fighter and bomber jets are halfway built.
    • Bolivia Diplomacy: We would like to open an embassy and get good relations with you. 
    • Dzungar Diplomacy: We accept. 
      • Bolivia Diplomacy: We would like to trade some of our tin with you in exchange for your some of your Hami melons and Turpan raisins for the next few years.
      • Dzungar Dip: We happily accept the deal and look forward to having good relations.
  • Republic of Arabia: President Assad continues to upgrade the economy and infrastructure of the nation. Automobiles are more ubiquitous. A mass education program is enacted to increase literacy in the nation. The project for basic biological weapons is nearly complete, and a new secret program begins for the creation of chemical weapons. The military is on high alert on the border with Persia. Arabia reaches out to Egypt to discuss the possibility of uniting our two nations together in a single United Arab Republic (EGYPT RESPONSE). In order to fully aid the unity of Arab people, Arabia also reaches out to DIAS, and offers to include them as a more independent confederated state within the union of Arab nations. This primarily will allow a more equal footing between the three nations of Egypt, Arabia, and DIAS that can make decisions for the nation that benefits all three partners (DIAS RESPONSE)
    • Bolivia Diplomacy: We would like to open an embassy and get good relations with you. 
  • Persia: Persia places the army on full alert and mobilizes the entire army. Project X-2 is completed with the Tower of Pahlavi beginning operations. In a display of power the royal navy is dispatched to the Mediterranean. The shah denounces the Arabian government's idea of uniting with Arabia. The first Gauss Rifle division is prepared and is sent to the Arabian front. The anti-venom for many types of chemical weapons is finished with every division receiving them.
    • Bolivia Diplomacy: We would like to open an embassy and get good relations with you.
  • The United Arab Republics: Infrastructure and economy continue being expanded. We begin to see a rise in tourism as westerners begin to study the "old word of the Egyptian people" AKA the Pyramids of Giza (and things of that sort). This is expanded as more and more people come from across the world to study the past Egyptian and now Libyan/Yemeni previous civilization. This year it is covered by Italian students that we allow to enter. The National Arms company continues its production of rifles and begins to ramp up production of radios, equipment and motorized vehicles. We begin to work on copying Soviet tank design from the late World War II forming an Egyptian copy of the T-34 and T-50 tank. Nasser begins to organize the navy by dividing it into the Mediterranean Sea Fleet (two destroyers and 17 frigates) and the Red Sea fleet (18 frigates). The army is also worked on as Nasser creates a standing army of 20,000 men under the control of RCC generals. The air force is once again worked on as planes are ramped up to 140 planes being f (20 Russian bombers).  Following the advent of jet engines we begin to test out jet engines in the Libyan Desert, this leads to prototype jet fighters begin tested. We secretly start a nuclear program setting up bases in the Egyptian Desert with little to no progress. We begin to work supplying African nationalists within the West African region mostly by training them in the Libyan desert and holding discussions in Cairo. We begin to export Pan-Arabism to Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, we send an envoy to Algeria to help improve their infrastructure and military (MOD). We begin to work on exporting to The Maghreb region, the idea of a "Maghreb Union" among these states and the UAR. We try to form a united Arab Rebel group in the Maghreb region under the name of the "Maghreb National Front" (MNF) (MOD RESPONSE for how successful we are at forming this group). Following the RCC allowance of private sectors, tiny Egyptian companies begin to compete against each other with the best goods or arms they can get or produce, leading to the creation of the ASM semi-Automatic Rifle. Egyptian TV begins to host a wide range of TV shows from drama to action movies (which come out rarely, that shit costs too much), and documentaries about conflicts across the world. Nasser comes back as a hero, and the army begins to turn back to peacetime efforts. We join the METO and would like to join the Kathmandu Pact. Nasser goes the Arabia to discuss the possibility of forming a Pan-Arab State if a realistic deal can be hacked out.
    • Bolivia Diplomacy: We would like to open an embassy and get good relations with you.
  • Bolivia: We build several new roads, bridges, churches, urban schools, tin and copper mines, hospitals and rural radio stations. 100 troops are recruited and given training in mountain warfare.
  • Großdeutschland: the German Kriegsmarine moves into the North Sea off the coast of britain doing several test. Eva’s hammer is outside Havana. Hoss plans out his farewell to the nation with Ribbentrop now in control of the foreign military division management. A referendum is held in Poland to change the name to a German version with the now high German population within the region. The Italian SS and the Italian Luftwaffe is activated with strategic bombings made in supply routes and defenses in a form of causing chaos. The Hanover Agreement is called upon by all Nuclear Powers to sign a treaty in which if a nation was to use nuclear weapons on another unprovokingly, all nuclear powers are obliged to retaliate on said nation. The Fascist movement is spread further within the French State. The Hyper Rail project is put into action to have high speed trains capable of travelling from Amsterdam to Kiev. We seeing France struggle with maintenance of their African Colonies ask if we can conduct military operations and indoctrination of the region to ensure that the pro french populace remains solid. Funding of far right movements are spread into Mesoamerica and Sub-Saharan Africa. The nuclear submarine count is expanded with Baltic Operations spreading. Swedish Fascist and Finnish Fascist movements are expanded while Germania sees road networks spread. With the moon landing by a team of astronauts, we claim the moon as the symbol of the National Socialist and Fascist movement. A second landing is plotted with Braun’s space station project put into its next phase of development. Nuclear missiles are put in place within Cuba in secret. The moon is officially claimed as property of the Reich. Secret plans for a base on the moon begin to be developed. The Venus Project begins with the first parts of the space station begin to be developed and built in the Black Forest. Computer technological development leads us to develop the E.W.M.S or Early Warning Missile System. Danemark is annexed into the Reich with the overwhelming German populace and an already German indoctrinated society established. With the fall of the Yugoslavian dictatorship, Germany seizes control of the region in order to reorganize the state. Rebel suppression is high and the state remains in order. We distract the public with investments within the regions economy causing an economic boom and indoctrination of the populace is put in motion with the assistance of an altered education curriculum.
  • Republic of Colombia: The Nation weeps after Antonio Vasquez is hanged by the Andean Revolutionary front and the fact Hispania was forced to capitulate at the hands of socialist and American forces. The fall of Hispania causes the rise of suspicion in Colombia of America as its increasing influence worries citizens that Colombia could be the next Peru. The National Bolivarist Faction explodes in popularity after the fall of hispania as calls for more trustworthy leadership is made. The leader of the National Bolivarist Faction of Parliament is named Fernando Oswaldo who uses Antonio Vasquez as a martyr for his movement as he begins Preaching Vasquez’s ideals. Refugees from the Hispanian Civil War come in vast numbers, including many from Ecuador as many flee the new American-backed Regime there as they were taught for so many years that America was a monster. Fernando Oswaldo declares the current leadership to be Sellouts and to be sucking America’s thumb which he says will no longer happen under his leadership. Oswaldo gains hundreds of millions of listeners at his rallies and has gained much support from half the country. In the elections which is one year from now, Fernando Oswaldo is expected to become the next leader of Colombia.
  • Dominion of Islamic Arab States: The Emir makes a speech to his people in which he talks of the Syrian War that happened not too long ago and how the Arabian Idea of a Semi-United Arab State is one of brilliance as Arabia, Egypt and DIAS could thrive. New Indian and Chinese goods have found their way into the Dominion where they can be transported up into Arabia and Turkey. A plan for full independence from the British is starting to be drawn up.
  • United States: President Stassen, with the help of the Republican Majority, is able to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The British pop group The Beetles comes to America. The X-Rockwell talks occur in Virginia between the Nation of Islam and the Nazi Party of America. With the Nazi moon landing NASA receives a large budget from the Federal Government as President Stassen declares in Congress, that the US will have a man on the moon by 1970.
  • Italian Social Republic: "Since the war started, our army has seen a more positive result than that we've honestly expected" said Pietro Mannelli (Minister of Mediator with Germany) at a meeting with Ribbentropp in Germania. The architecture community has admired the works of Albert Speer in "The city of Dreams" as Germania is called in the Italian Social Republic. Three offensives were launched at morning against the South Italian lines, the first one, led to Rimini, was blocked by the outrageous superior firepower of the enemy. Out of 200,000 troops, 34,000 died during the offensive and another 66,000 were captured in the encirclement. The army speaks of 35,000 dead South Italians. Ariete managed to escape, SS were suddenly called by Germany and are now on their control as well as Luftwaffe operations with heavy losses, all the remaining units were merged to reform the X MAS. The Battle of Bologna was successful, but the army didn't manage to assert their position and had to pull back inside the captured city. All fascists within the prisons were freed: "some of them suffered heavy injuries due to the fact that the South Italians tortured them" referred the Fascist Red Cross. The army was not in a superior position, but having 50,000 men didn't stop them, mostly due to the German equipment and Regia Marina support. Out of 150,000 troops, 20,000 were lost. 130,000 are sent to guard the new front. We ask Germany to move their defensive line to the newly conquered territories to prevent any South Italian counterattack (GERMAN RESPONSE). In the small battle of Montefeltro the front didn't change. As the mountain siege operation started, the enemy suffered medium casualties but the Fascist Army had to abandon the operation when the casualty numbers reached 20,000. The Italian Social Republic Army can count now on 250,000 out of 400,000 of the start. Other manpower is mobilized, 100,000 soldiers are in training but still aren't operational. "We thank Großdeutschland for their work, without them it would be impossible to advance. If we win this, our influence will extend to the Italian peninsula. We both have common interests and hope that the situation will keep going well" kept saying Pietro Mannelli. SS Italienische and Luftwaffe keep storming the enemy supply lines under German orders. No further updates available.
  • Turkey: The military conducts military drills in response to Middle East regional tensions and the war in Italy. In addition to revitalizing the country's numerous fortifications, bomb shelters are constructed in most major cities. The navy continues its expansion and also stages drills in the Mediterranean Sea. Crimea and Armenia continue their development and internal advancements, with greater economic growth and new progress against the remaining ALR groups. 
  • Peoples Republic of Brazil: The modernization of the navy continues, the only aircraft carrier and a couple of heavy destroyers are now started to build in cooperation with the autonomous unions. The government decides to produce most of its arms in "unionist cooperation" and the Federação de trabalheros militar is founded for the workers in the arms industry. Socialist education is also spread but less insistent, with propaganda saysing that syndicalism is the only way to grant the freedom of the proletariat. A new anthem for the Southern Strategic Front is also written. The song is called Amigos Para Sempre (Friends For Ever) and has the same text and melody like the East German song "Freunde für Immer" OTL. The song is about friendship among the members of the SSF, calling them the "peace's armies of the people". The song is published in Spanish and Portuguese officially but the text is also translated into German, Italian and several native languages like Guaraní, Quechua and Wayuu. The industry rises slightly, while the economy gets slowly out of stagnation. The model of unionist cooperation and the workers market are the backbone of the newly published theory of "modernist socialism of the southern hemisphere", which was theorized by the progressivist (technocratic, less militaristic) faction of the Brazilian Workers Party. While hardcore followers of the original theory of southern socialism call it revisionist, Chairman Luis Prestes himself sees the new theories as slightly off the original goal but welcomes the fact that it was designed to revive the spirit of socialism in a world reigned over by fascism and exploiting imperialism.  


Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia form an economic group of corporations known as the Maghreb Union, with the UAR's assistance.

A radical Muslim group appears in Southern Pakistan and begins pushing for Pakistan liberation, with violent acts killing thousands of Hindus.

The newly-elected Pope John XXIII calls for a new Ecumenical world council, held for the second time in the Vatican, called Vatican II for short.

Winston Churchill dies.

Trofin Lysenko, director of genetics in Russia, begins pushing his unorthodox theory of plant genetics.

Princess Margaret of the Netherlands is engaged to be married to Pieter von Vollenhoven, one of the only times Dutch royalty has married a commoner.

Muhammad Ali is a world famous boxing champion.

  •  Italian Federal Kingdom: With our forces having succesfully stalled the North Italian Advance, the Italian Royal Navy is deployed in the Adriatic Sea as Operation Marco Polo is put into place. The Italian Royal Navy, composed of three Littorio-class heavy battleships, four heavy cruisers, five light cruisers, ten destroyers, 15 torpedo boats and ten submarines are ordered to engage the North Italian Navy based on Venice as they will be supported by the Italian Royal Air Force which will deploy more than 200 fighters and bombers against the North Italian Navy at Venice. The operation will be executed into three waves,  the first two being aerial bombardments against the Anti-Air defenses of Venice along with the North Italian Navy followed by the Italian Royal Navy's engagemen with the North Italian Navy. For this Operation former Admiral Giuseppe Fioravanzo will take command  of the Italian Royal Navy as former chief-of-staff of the Italian Air force Francesco Pricolo will command the Italian Aerial forces. As a response to Germany's takeover of the Yugoslavian Government. The Italian Volunteer Army, which was positioned in Macedonia will remain there in order to protect the Macedonian Government. We also ask for the United States to send support in order to counter the German efforts in the Italian Civil War. With the Italian Civil War ongoing, Prime Minister Achille Lauro re-opens former re-education camps in order to establish maximum security prison complex in order to detain Fascist sympathizers as he declares that anyone supporting the Fascist ideology is to become an enemy of the state as King Raneri I gives Achille Lauro emergency Powers giving Lauro full control over the Italian Government and Military. As Lauro cancels the upcoming 1970 General Election as the General Elections will be put on hold until the end of the Civil War in Italy. The Italian Military also begins pulling out of Algeria as they are to be positioned in Rome along with 100,000 other troops as part of a secret military operation which will be executed between 1966 and 1968.
  •  Dzungar Khanate: We start to use cars instead of camels. Turpan and Hami's streets begin getting paved. All statues of Lenin and Bukharin are destroyed by this year.
  • Republic of Arabia: The military maintains being modernized and organized. The air force is upgraded with more jet engines, and the upgraded tanks replaced the old German tanks. The military remains on high alert in Mesopotamia. Arabia begins its own automobile industry We ask the UAR and the DIAS to sign our Articles of Union and create a single nation. Research is conducted with electronic calculator technology to create automated tracking of incoming air attacks with anti-aircraft guns and rockets. UPDATE: The Arab Republic goes to war against Persia as a pre-emptive strike to prevent further threat. Knowing the Persians' main goal for the war, much of the arsenal of our military is stationed in Kuzestan and Kurdistan, to prepare for the attack in Iran. Large numbers of anti-tank artillary and anti-aircraft is stationed in Kuzestan for the defense. Large contingents of tanks and planes are stationed through Kurdistan. A special deal is made with the autonomous Kurdistan government to allow their full alliance in this campaign, for the purpose of keeping their independence from Persia. Knowing all the easy passes have been blocked by the defensive lines of Persia, Arabia attacks through the direciton that is least suspect. The Kurdish military along with the tanks and planes stationed in the region invades Iran through the north, directly over the mountains to seize the city of Shivan. More tanks and infantry directly challenge the Persian line through the center across against Ilam, hoping to cut them off from Tehran. The Arab navy, including several battleships, three light cruisers and an aircraft carrier, blockades the Persian ports without actively engaging. Stationed near the border are missiles of biological weapons pointed toward Tehran. There is no intention to utilzie these WMDs, but in the event that Persia uses their sonic weapons against Damascus, this will ensure mutual destruction. 
  • Persia: Seeing the imminent unification of Syria and Egypt the Shah sends a demand to Syria: either give Persia back its land you occupy or face a total embargo and other grave consequences including but not limited to expulsion of every Arabian in Persia. ARABIAN RESPONSE NEEDED. The Persian air force reaches 2,200 airplanes and is patrolling Persian air space. The Pahlavi Line at the Syrian border is activated and is patrolled 24/7. The sonic grenade is revealed and is sent to a limited number of divisions. Seeing the declaration of war against Persia, the Shah, himself, travels to the front and reinforces the Pahlavi Line with 1,000 artillery. The Reza Tower begins operations pushing any Arabian fighter plane or bomber out of the sky, effectively giving the Persian Air Force aerial superiority. Persia points its sonic tipped missiles toward Arabia's capital and activates order XX-2, which makes it compulsory to be ready to use antivenoms from their equipment upon noticing any biological weapons.
    • Arabia: Does not wish to relinquish the Kuzestan region, but it does offer a compromise for peace: mutual demilitarization of the border, and an exchange of minorities in which Arabs remaining in Persia are sent back to Arabia, and vice versa. In addition, we will forgive Persia of all its remaining debt from the previous conflict. 
    • Persia: The Shah reminds Syria that their former king pressured the Shah to attack so they should be the one with the debts - not Persia. He also says that if not a better compromise is laid out the Persian biological weapon program will be reported to the UN.
    • Arabia: In addition to the above deal, we will allow Persian corporations to freely drill oil within specific areas of Kuzestan as foreign workers. This oil is not as needed for our nation due to oil supply elsewhere.
  • Ethiopia - Eritrea Federation: A group of officers enter the Imperial Palace, and quietly "pressure" Haile Selassie to abdicate, citing that times have changed. He states, should this be best for the nation, he would be willing. Thus the "abdication" occurs. In his place, Amha Haile Selassie is crowned Emperor. Brigadier General Mengistu Neway is crowned interim Prime Minister. Plans are drawn up to create a parliament. Notably, the short lived Federation with Eritrea is revived, and Eritreans are once again given their rights. Neway replaces Habesh centrism with territorial nationalism, claiming all Ethiopians are Ethiopian, and none are different. Small Scale Land Reform is announced to calm the peasantry. However, in opposition to this, many Tigrayan and Amhara landlords launch a revolt, calling for Haile Selassie to return to the throne, and calling his ouster illegal. This is militarily defeated, and Haile Selassie condemns it himself in his luxurious exile in a guarded Eritrean compound, losing any sort of support it might get. While land reform occurs, only some aristocratic properties are targeted, and all Urban ones remain intact. Meanwhile, a plan is devised to raise the shockingly poor literacy rates. Development continues otherwise, and investors are invited in Ethiopia. Meanwhile, Haile Selassie Gugsa is put on re-trial for treason. He is sentenced to death for Italian collaboration.
  • Portugal: The regime is still sending soldiers for the war in Africa against the independentist forces. We also start to liberalize the regime to open it up to foreign trade. The first step in this ideal is to abolish the torture methods used by the Politic Police (PIDE) and to free some political prisoners. We want to give a freer image to the rest of the world by hiding the colonial war, so we start to hold international events of art and entertainment.
  • Kingdom of the Netherlands: The Dutch government begins its "Full Force" policy by introducing conscription for all men 17-25. (All must serve a minimum of 3 years; those with 'superior skills' are eligible for release after 3 years and those of university age may join age 21). The government reforms the Imperial Armed Forces of the Kingdom of The Netherlands -(establishing The Imperial Army, The Imperial Navy, The Imperial Air Force, The Imperial Military Police, The Imperial Border Patrol, The Imperial Corp of Marines and The Imperial Corp of Engineers). The newly formed Imperial Corp of Engineers recruits 255,000 men aged 17-45. The Imperial Border Patrol replaces the Border Patrol section of the National Police, but this time as an armed and mobilised non-civilian force. It begins recruiting fit and able men over 35. Defence spending increases by 75% as the country prepares for conflict. It must be noted - The Kingdom of the Netherlands has not currently joined any alliance or side. Instead the Imperial Corp of Engineers have began construction of a series of defensive structures along the Belgian and German border. 11 Garrisons/Fortresses and 350 smaller patrol bases will house 110,000 men along the line, now referred to as 'The Last Line'. In total 8% of the entire Dutch workforce is deployed in some way on 'The Last Line'. The remaining resources of The Imperial Corp of Engineers, along with the IBPW (Imperial Bureau of Public Works, are focused on the extension of the Port of Rotterdam. The Port, already the busiest in the world, is looking to expand its capacity by 35% in the next 5 years. The Imperial Navy commissions a new North Sea Patrol Fleet; consisting of 5 Frigates, 5 Destroyers, 10 Offshore Patrol Boats and 45 Coastal Patrol Boats. 2 new Fortresses are constructed at the mouth of the Rhine - manned by the Imperial Corp of Marines. Several more are planned at the mouths of major ports. As the government begins its push to focus on transportation; the construction of a motorway system is proposed by the Imperial Bureau of Public Works. Infrastructure spending increases 65%. The police system is also reformed. Based on the French Gendarmarie system - control of the National Police is transferred to the Imperial Office of War. This effectively increases the size of the Armed Forces by 40,000 police officers. The Imperial Office of Trade would like to begin free trade negotiations with the German Government.


After the successful Algerian Revolution, many of the youth in colonial Africa begin to express their discontent with their European colonial masters and demand for independence. Numerous independence organizations are formed and begin organizing peaceful demonstrations against colonial rule.

South Africa breaks out into civil war between anti and pro-apartheid forces

The German invasion of Yugoslavia goes somewhat smoothly with the military meeting almost no organized military resistance. This however does not last long as German troops fail to reach most places of the country in time before rebel groups are formed aiming to take control of the entirety of Yugoslavia or just one of the many nations of Yugoslavia and immediately fall into conflict with the advancing German forces. Most of these groups are well armed but poorly trained. Despite the large resistance and insurgency there are a fair share of German collaborators mainly the Croatian Ustashe which was forced underground under the dictatorship and Yugoslavist Serbian Zbor which was also forced underground by the dictatorship.

The Armenian Liberation Army is finally squashed by the efforts of the Turkish military and the efforts of the local Armenian police and military.

The Italian War continues to rage.

Also China does not own Taiwan any longer, that has been retconned, the uprising still happens but is brutally put down by local authorities and the Japanese military.

In Russia a terrorist organization is formed called the “Army of Lenin” and claims its goals are the “complete restoration of the Soviet Union and it’s vanguardist government and the abolishment of the current bourgeoisie capitalist order that has plagued Russia since the establishment of the foreign-controlled puppet regime.” It calls for armed insurrection against the Russian government.

  • Action Francaise: The fascist party led by Gaspard Dupont loses seats in parliamentary elections to the United Democratic Front, led by Edmond Lapierre.
  • Persia: Seeing that the mighty defenses of persia are holding,The shahBegins to plan for a large scale offensive which will or will not take place depending on the war situation..Meanwhile new work on tanks and sonic weapons are begun to make way for an modernization of the army following the war.
  • Republic of Argentina: The Argentine Republic, utilizing the power of the government, has passed legislation to nationalize the Banco Central de la Republican Argentina (BCRA), otherwise known as the Argentine Central Bank from privately owned hands and putting it in the hands of the government, with the President being able to appoint the Governor General of the Bank to handle the nation's monetary policy. The first goal of said policy was to ensure Argentina's monetary stability and economic growth. New legisl$ Insert formula here $ation was passed allowing the use of government funds to subsidize farmers and their yields to ensure far larger profits and more output than has been seen from Argentina's massive agricultural sector. However, by far one of the biggest increases has been in defense spending, with the Argentine budget increasing by 15% over 1965 expenditures, allowing the nation to procure a new, vast sum of armaments, as well as begin development of its own, native arms industry including designs for fighters, bombers, interceptors, tanks, aircraft carriers, destroyers, and frigates. The nation aims to be independent of foreign military hardware within the space of 20 years, allowing the military industrial complex that takes ahold of the economy to continue to employ people throughout the nation, but also to wield Argentine power abroad.The government has also put an emphasis on infrastructure spending, with the cities of Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Rosario receiving matching federal funds to upgrade their airports to allow for 30% more capacity. Argentina has also launched a program to begin to design its own airliners to begin to compete with the likes of the USA, UK, France, Germany, and the USSRin terms of quality and quantity. Funds for other things such as roads, rail, telecommunications, and other crucial infrastructure needs are being met with new legislation passed in what is to be a decade long omnibus package legislation which would aid provinces in upgrading and interconnecting their infrastructure with federal funds to better connect the nation and allow for greater productivity. The nation has also begun to upgrade the ports of Buenos Aires, Rosario, Bahia Blanca, and Ushuaia to deep water status, to accommodate the ever increasing size of commercial ships that continue to arrive at Argentine ports. The nation is expected to be one of the most prosperous and most rich in Latin America.
  • USSR doesn’t exist.
  • Peoples Republic of Brazil: As the economic strength of the nations isnt as growing as fast out of the stagnation as expected, some new reforms are drafted. They include the focus on economy and foreign affairs. Therefore, the rural regions will have massive support from the government to set up industry there, especially mines in newly found uranium deposits will be exploited. There is also a larger interest in the Venezuelan oil fields, most of whom are already de facto under Brazilian control, as the Republic of Venezuela is a puppet state in everything but name. The program for the rural settlements is concluded at the XV. Convention of the Brazilian Workers Party in June 1966, especially under heavy support of the chairman of the Central Committee, Joao Goulart. Goulart advocates for the funding of settlements in rural Brazil, for one to bring skilled laborers from the urban areas into the predominantly rural west with a focus on trustworthy and loyal engineers, artisans and administrators to set up a larger industrial complex there. Another reason for his plan is the increasing problem of overpopulation in the extremely densely populated capital Rio de Janeiro and the city of Sao Paolo. In total, around a million people are planned to be resettled. To execute this plan, an entire city is planned in the southwest of the nation, which will be called "Cidade do Povo", the City of the People. Another big topic at the convention are the news of an anti-colonial movement in Africa, the civil war in South Africa and the occurance of the "Army of Lenin" in Russia. SECRET The Secret service of Brazil declares support for the Army of Lenin, having around 2 million US-Dollars in resources to fund the organization. Weapons, explosives and material for agitation is given to the AL. Spies are sent into the South African forces to spread anti-Apartheid and pro-leftist ideology. SECRET END The high staff of the Brazilian People's Defense Forces offer the Anti-Apartheid militias in Namibia and south Africa to support them with officers, weapons and logistics (MOD RESPONSE PLEASE). Meanwhile, the peaceful anti-colonial protests in the Portuguese colonies, especially Angola, are given moral support and help in agitation.
  • United States of America: The government has also promoted the creation of a law by which the State gives 250$ to every single family that has a second kid, and an extra of 400$ for every extra child after the second. The bureau of the President Jonhson also had a meeting with some American leaders, reassuring the Monroe Doctrine and hoping for future cooperation within the continent's countries willing to accept. After all that has happened in the world recently, the Government of Lindon B. Johnson now seeks American cooperation, proposing the creation of a unified American Bank to the countries of Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina. This entity would work as an international bank, as the very first action towards Pan-American Cooperation, regulating currency values under the supervision of every state within it. Furthermore, the president, under guidance of the Minister of Defense, suggested the remilitarization of all present countries, as a crisis seems near in the Americas. He also proposed the creation of a defense pact between Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina, as the rest of the countries are feared to lose more than they gain by joining this alliance. Lastly, the president Jonhson proposed Argentina a deal by which both countries would join the air race together, hoping for the economic and cultural development of both of them, by the creation of a company called PAAA (Pan-American Air Association) with hubs in both Houston and Santa Fe. Brazil and Bolivia are also invited to the program. [FURTHER ANSWER NEEDED FROM SAID COUNTRIES]
    • Orwell (the OG US player here to new US player: Fucking read everything I have done or come to me on discord because the post is literally a trainwreck with everything that happened in the game the last time it was running.
    • Johnson is not the President, Harold Stassen is. - mod
    • Argentine Response: Argentina will accept cooperation between the United States of America and the Republic of Argentina in regards to commercial aircraft, this, however, is expected to be US-Argentine cooperation alone, as Argentina is not interested in sharing its technology with Brazil or Bolivia. Furthermore, the Argentine government rejects the notion of a united Pan-American Bank as that would take the power of the Argentine government to issue its own currency and deal with issues of monetary stability in Argentina. We are also opposed to a military alliance between the nations of the Americas as Argentina sees no imminent threat from other nations and would instead seek economic rather than military ties with other.
    • Argentina and the US are already in a defensive alliance, Cuba is allied to the German Reich - Mod
  • Afghanistan: Mohammed Zahir Shah is the King of Afghanistan. Although Islamic law is still enforced, he aims to create a more modern government for the country. Mohammed Hashim Maiwandwal of the Progressive Democratic Party is appointed prime minister, who undertakes multiple reforms. Education, infrastructure, and mining are prioritised. Funding is allocated to open more schools, particularly in rural areas. Talented students are to be sent to study abroad in foreign universities with government funds. Plans are made to build a railroad and highway in a ring connecting the largest cities of Afghanistan. Other roads and railways to more rural areas will branch out from the central system once it is built. A Ministry of Industry is added to the cabinet to oversee construction projects. Within the new ministry the National Mining Corporation is also established by the Maiwandwal government, seeking foreign investment and planning to begin developing mines throughout the country. The NMC remains a state-owned company and will monopolise the profits from mining operations for the government. The king also formally issued a decree establishing an Afghan National Army, and a national service law is passed by royal decree. Afghan men have to serve in the army for two years upon reaching the age of 20. The first conscripts will be called up in 1967. The military service will also include education programs to help increase education levels and instil a sense of Afghan nationalism. The army is divided into the Kabul Area Command, the Southern Area Command, and the Western Area Command too coordinate military forces in their regions. Police are organised on the provincial and local level at this stage, with a rural gendarmerie being organised to respond to more dangerous criminals and banditry. The government allocates funding to purchase foreign equipment and vehicles for the new army.
  • Mexico: In March the foreign minister was discovered having sexually harassed his secretaries. With growing discontent with the government people grow more right and left. The many generals promote a militaristic government and a mysterious fire starts in the houses of many socialist journalists and politician.

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