Alternative History

Point of Divergence

In November 1861 , only 7 Months into the American Civil War, the USS San Jacinto commanded by Union Captain Charles Wilkes, intercepted the British mail packet RMS Trent and removed, as contraband of war, two Confederate diplomats: James Murray Mason and John Slidell. The envoys were bound for Britain and France to press the Confederacy's case for diplomatic recognition and to lobby for possible financial and military support. The Action sparked outrage in Great Britain who then demanded an apology from the United States and the release of the prisoners. In OTL Lincoln conceded to these demands but in the ATL , he refused.

In December 1861 , with the United States refusing to apologize and release over the prisoners , the British retaliated by invading New England and the American West Coast resulting in an Early British Withdrawal from Mexico with France and Spain continuing the Invasion of Mexico without the British as the Spanish are convinced by the French to secure their colonial holdings in the Caribbean for safeguarding against future Confederate Aggression. In Retaliation to the British Invasion of America , Russia deploys it's Far Eastern Fleet to San Francisco to support the Union in the West Coast. As British Forces advance along the West Coast they would find a Considerable amount of isolated Secessionists unable to join the Confederacy against the Union leading to a rapid occupation of Cascadia and the formation of a British Puppet in the area.

However with Britain distracted in America fighting the Russian Far Eastern Fleet and American Forces in the West Coast and New England , the Russian then shifted back to Europe and signed an Alliance with Prussia directed against the Ottomans and Austrians resulting in both France and Britain shifting back to Europe providing the Union with the distraction needed to beat back the British in Canada leaving the Confederate in an advantageous position in the South. Russia and Germany would bring Italy and Greece against their former allies of France and Britain who at this point would have their hands full to deal with either the European or North American theatre of the Conflict , with both nations [Italy and Greece] being promised with territorial gains.

The Confederates soon capture Washington D.C during a successful Maryland Campaign in Late 1862 though the Union is still able to Defeat the British in Canada by Early 1863 forcing the British to negotiate an armistice in North America with Ontario , Quebec and most of the Great Plains under US Occupation while the British held the Entire American West Coast. This eventually leads to the signature of the Treaty of Porto in April 1863 resulting in the US Gaining the Areas of Ontario , Quebec , New Brunswick and Nova Scotia , the recognition of the Confederacy and the newly formed Pacific Republic as Independent States while Russian Alaska , under British Occupation would be annexed to what remained of Canada now renamed British Colombia.

Back in Europe the Austrians and Ottomans would have been decisively defeated by Late 1863 resulting in Austria losing lands to it's Neighbours while all of Ottoman Europe would be divided between Russia's Allies in the Balkans [Serbia , Romania and Greece] with Ottoman Territories in Middle East remaining intact. While at this point the British were able to move their Royal Navy against it's European enemies at this point , the War in Europe had turned against them and at that point little could be done to reverse Russian gains in the Balkans. France would have it's Navy still largely deployed in the Caribbean with it's Land Forces still engaging the Prussians forcing them into a stalemate in Aslace-Lorraine.

In the Post-War Treaty of Berlin signed in March 1864, Prussia would consolidate it's newly gained territories under a new German Empire , Austria would have been divided into an Austrian Rump State in Cisleithania while Hungary gained Independence while the Ottomans would lose additional land to Greece and Russia while also having their North African Territories annexed by France and Britain with Russia being granted access to the Bosphorus Strait now under Greek Control and permission to rebuild it's Black Sea Fleet.

The Great War as it came to be known , would drastically shift the balance of power in Europe