This game revolves around the idea that instead of all the powerful and developed nations appearing in Europe and Asia, with the Americas being discovered with less developed peoples, then being conquered and colonized - the opposite happens. The developed nations appear in the Americas, and then the rest of the world is discovered, conquered and colonized. The PoD is not clear, though it might have been to do with the way species moved as the supercontinent Pangea broke up. The game starts at the point of discovery of Europe and Africa. The calendar evolved differently so we start in the year 812, which is equivalent to 1700s OTL. The colonization race has begun.


  1. Be plausible. We don't dominate the world in a week or allow alien space invaders helping your nation.
  2. One nation per user, except puppet states and colonies.
  3. Game starts in 812.
  4. One turn per day.
  5. Each turn is a year until 1000. Then each turn is six months.
  6. Don't overcolonize. Countries can't have colonies everywhere.
  7. Don't expand too fast. We don't want nations to be doubling in size every day.
  8. The game starts on January 6th (2012).
  9. There is now an Algorithm to decide player vs. player wars on the talk page.


There will be archives every 20 years up until 1000 G.A (Greater Americas year), from when it will be ten years. The first archive will be of eight years, however.

The Map

The Greater Americas855.png


Wait, South Africa (Amazon) owns the Vulkturn colony. We don't own all the land in the middle like on the last map, but we do own the Vulkturn colony. Also, it has expanded to cover the two regions under the Aztecs colony.



  • Before choosing your nation, we advise you look at the country profiles page here, to see what nation you would like.
  • Once you have chosen your nation, you can change the profile to show how you are developing.
  • Feel free add any missing nations!
  • Flags are optional but advisable as they help give a national identity.
  • Colonies or puppet states can become independent from your nation if they are not happy with your nation. These then become a new nation and are added to the list, free for new players.

North America

  • 30px Northern Territories - GunsnadGlory
  • The Aurorian Tribes - CountingSheep 17:04, February 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • Nemaska - Tim
  • Tarresund - Charlietheunicorn1205
  • Vulktarn - Galleth Grimsnak 21:03, February 3, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of the Union of Greater States.png Union of The Greater States:
    • Flag of Turresund.png Tarresund Kingdom - incorporated
    • Flag of the Mojave States.png Mojave States: Enclavehunter 18:07, January 3, 2012 (UTC)
    • Flag of the UGS.PNG Union of the Great States: - Imperium Guy 15:25, January 15, 2012 (UTC)
      • Flag of the Great Plains.png The Great Plains - incorporated
      • Greater Iroquois flag.png Greater Inquoris - incorporated
    • Unionist Terra Australis.png Union Australis - incorporated
  • Azteca - RandomWriterGuy 22:51, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

South America

  • Antiliaflaggreateramericas.jpg Antilia - Patrioticaction
  • United Amazon - TacoCopper 23:40, January 12, 2012 (UTC)
  • Inca Flag.jpg.pngThe Incan Empire of the Andes - Monster Pumpkin 15:47, January 15, 2012 (UTC)
    • Flag of Cusco.svg Kingdom of Cuzco - Incorporated, Founding Country
    • Flag of Chimu.pngKingdom of Chimor - Incorporated
    • Flag of the North American Union.svg.pngSouth Andean Union - Incorporated
    • Muisca Confederation - Incorporated
  • Republic of Brazil - DeanSims 21:02, February 12, 2012 (UTC)
  • Patagon flag.png Patagon -IhaveSonar 19:54, January 18, 2012 (UTC)


  • Mongols - Mod Controlled
  • 30px Holy Kingdom of Europe - Bobalugee1940 21:15, January 22, 2012 (UTC)
      • Kingdom of Angland united into Europe
      • Kingdom of Norway united into Europe
      • Kingdom of France conquered/annexed
      • Kingdom of Flanders conquered
      • Kingdom of Denmark conquered
      • Northern German Tribes conquered
      • Polish Tribes conquered
      • United Kingdom of Great Britain Changed into the Kingdom of Angland
      • Dominion of Finland annexed/conquered
      • Germany-Switzerland: DeanSims 19:32, February 5, 2012 (UTC) united into Europe
      • Lithuanian Tribes conquered
      • Lativian Tribes conquered
      • Scandinavian Tribes/Kingdoms conquered/annexed
      • Kingdom of Bangladesh conquered
      • Czech Kingdom conquered
      • Bengali States conquered
      • Czechopolak Confederation annexed


  • ForsakenPear (Creator) - Has now left game.
  • Imperium Guy (Co-Creator) - I am in charge of inactive nations if needed (e.g. if they are offered an alliance) and the guy who will keep Mr FP in check, LOL.
  • Monster Pumpkin (Approved) - I am in charge of consistency and making sure people don't repeat things.
  • IhaveSonar (Approved) - I am in charge of random number generators when they are needed and in charge of native events.

If you think any of us are being unfair, tell us: ForsakenPear, Imperium Guy, Monster Pumpkin, and IhaveSonar.

Map Makers

Map makers do not have the same rights as mods, the only one being the ability to edit the map.

  1. DeanSims
  2. TacoCopper

The Game


  • Patagon: The government hires several Patagonian companies to begin construction of the massive railway system. Tracks linking big eastern cities like Buenos Aires and Montevideo to each other and west-coast ports like Puerto Mont are begun, and many smaller, more local projects are initiated as well. The engineering corps designs passenger cars and transportation cars for the trains, and factories are contracted to manufacture them. The main Australis and South Calland lines are begun as well. This massive railway network should be completed by 846. Factories and farms continue to appear, but the factories are much more expansive, so much that they now are 35% of the economy.
  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: The army concludes several successful expansions into Serbia and Russia, extending their goal of total Eu'ropan domination. An advanced port city and naval base begins construction on the Caribbean coast. Another small railroad is built, linking Cuzco to one of its larger suburbs. Several unique naval improvements are made, and are to be completed next year. The war with Europe is over through some negotiations, however armies are still on high alert.
    • European Diplomacy: May we have reparations for the destruction of property in France.
  • United Amazon: Industrialization continues. The first railroad has been finished, and goods are traveling from Brazilia and Sao Felix. Factories continue to sprout up, and manufacturing makes up one eight of the economy. People are now flocking to the city at faster rates than ever. However, because of the large influx of people, wages tend to be low, not helping with the poverty problem. Proposals are being put out though factory owners are paying most representatives that visit the king to not speak of the poverty. Meanwhile, the expedition in South Africa has come back, and more of the area north is explored. The South African colony now borders the West Mountains colony. Kenya continues to expand south, though at a slower rate.
    • Rio de Janeiro is in the East American confederation.
    • My mistake. I will fix it.
    • I suppose you mean the Vulktarn colony? FP
  • The Aztecs ask the Patagonese if it can provide it with industrial technologies in exchange for corn. 95% of the population is now Christian. Aztec colonies in East Africa (Somalia and Zanzibar) continue to expand inland. They ask the Indians, Union of American States, and Antilleans to unite together.
    • Patagonian diplomacy: The offer is declined, as some technology has already spread to the Aztecs and we have no need of corn.
    • Antilian Diplomacy: Antilia is wondering what the Aztecs mead as "unite together". In what way?
    • Aztec Diplomacy: Something like a dynastic union.
    • Union Diplomacy: The Aztecs are asked whether they are willing to sell their Indochinese colony.
  • Holy Kingdom of Europe: The European Army attacks the tribes surrounding the Gulf of Finland using land and sea attacks. The Europeans are able to gain enough land to unite Finland to the rest of Europe. The Europeans begin to send fur traders into Russia. They establish trade routes from Moscow to Berlin. The Europeans also continue to build-up infrastructure. Settlers are sent to North Madagascar and Liberia. The Liberia Colony is renamed the Colonie de Afrique de l'Ouest.
  • Antilia: The gold rush of southern Africa continues and the colony expand further up the coast, and all of the coast of Africa is explored, from the Antilian colony to the Amazonia Kenyan colony.
  • Union of Greater States: Begin a huge industrialization program in all their territories and expansion is considerably slowed down. Only one tribal kingdom is taken over this year in Indochina as the government diverts funds to Industrialization programs and huge railroad construction programs to make for faster travelling. Funds are also put into building the main steam engine and carriages for transportation. Railroads will also be built in Union Australis and Calland while Indochina will come at a later stage.
  • East American Confederacy: The EAC is renamed the Republic of Brazil, and it asks that Europe give Germany's old colonies to the new Brazil.


  • The Aztecs: begin industrialization in response to the Patagonians' successes. 99% of the population is now Christian. Aztec colonies in East Africa (Somalia and Zanzibar) continue to expand inland. They make a historic visit to China.
  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: The Empire continues small amounts of expansion into Russia. They also move further into New America, taking Tangiers to close off the Mediterranean. Fleets travel down the Nile River establish bases and trading posts in the area. A new railroad is built to the southern part of the country. The emperor proclaims that all is going well in the Eu'ropan colonization, however he appears not as young as he used to be.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The empire proposes a trade for Vulktarn: Japan for Taiwan.
  • United Amazon: South Africa continues to expand, and moves into the unclaimed areas of OTL Namibia. The Kenya colony keeps moving south, though progress is slow due to many people wanting to go to South Africa. South African Amazonians begin to move northward, believing a destiny that God wants United Amazon to spread the king's rule across the world, starting in New South America (Africa). Industrialization continues, and more railroads have been completed. Factories now make up one sixth of the economy, behind shipping and trade, wealth from colonies, and agriculture.
  • Union of Greater States: In a recent visit to an Indian kingdom, the main cabinet of the government were moved by the ideas of Hinduism and the similarity of Hinduism and their native beliefs. It is announced that Hinduism will become the state religion with the few "modifications" to its ideas. Industrialization continues and the first drawings for the carriages are presented while the steam engine begins construction. Railroad construction continues in all territories and so does the number of workers emigrating to get a job on the building of the railway lines. The first Union election happens in Australis and Calland, with the United Labour Party getting the most votes and winning a close election.
    • Really Imp? Just saying, switching from one religion to another so soon might cause problems.
    • Probably, but I'll make things more interesting. Plus, the ideas of both religions are quite similar in some aspects!!
  • Patagon: The railroads are greatly expanded, with a line being completed between Buenos Aires and Montevideo, several western port cities, and other smaller towns along the Rio Parana. The main lines linking the two halves of the country are still unfinished, however. The Australis project has begun, but the Calland line has not been started yet. Some roads around the nation are refurbished as well, and the last of the Warmongers are manufactured and installed onto the navy's ships. The high ruler declares that "Patagon shall rule the seas across the earth!" However, he looks even more ragged than the previous year and rumors about his health abound. Industry now comprises 45% of the economy.
  • The Republic Of Brazil: Brazil begins to build up its military and establishes several colonies around the world, on in China near Taiwan, another in Africa near OTL Angola, and a third in Scandinavia and the final two in North and South Korea.
  • Holy Kingdom of Europe: The Europeans give north Madagascar to Brazil (note: this was because he switched nations). They ask that the Colonie de Afrique de l'Ouest remain theirs. The Europeans send the settlers from North Madagascar to Colonie de Afrique de l'Ouest. The European Army attacks the Scandinavian countries through land and sea. Several lords and ladies in Finland, Sweden, and Norway marry other Scandinavian rulers and thus incorporate them into the HKE. The Europeans by the end of the year totally take over Scandinavia. Colonie de Afrique de l'Ouest expands due to the large amount of new settlers. The King of Europe asks that the Brazilians and Europeans establish a trade agreement.
    • Brazilian Diplomacy: Brazil asks for the following former German colonies: Korea, OTL Yemen, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, northern Madagascar, the Suez Canal area, and in OTL Liberia, although the requested colony may be kept by Europe as long as it is not the Suez Canal area colony.
    • Germany did NOT have colonies in Korea, Yemen, Ceylon, or Taiwan.
    • Yeah it did, read the archives.
    • A European nation would not have the ability to control all of that land at once, not to mention that Taiwan was under Muisca control at the time, so that colony didn't happen.
    • OK - no Taiwan, but they were small colonies and I did found them, or at least I did as Germany and I haven't edited those turns for at least a week.
    • As Germany was absorbed by Europe, the colonies would have no one to turn to for help and would have most likely have either been abandoned or be destroyed by the natives.
    • The Europeans giving Brazil the colonies is totally ASB. A nation would not randomly give another nation several colonies, when there has been no previous relations between the countries. If you used to control Germany and then switched nations, tough. The only way you can get those colonies back is by doing some sort of trade or by force. Using the excuse, "Hey, those were my colonies when I was Germany so I should get them!" is a no no. FP
    • European Diplomacy: The Europeans want the Judea/Suez region and OTL West Africa/Liberia. You can have the rest of the former German colonies
    • Brazil wants the Suez area. I will give you Liberia, but come on, I gave you all of continental Germany that should be worth something. I will let you have a naval base on the Red Sea and Mediterranean at Port Said. In return for these colonies, Brazil will cede some land in South America to Europe, and it is offered that the Suez is jointly ruled by Europe and Brazil. An alliance and trade deal is offered to Europe.
    • I gave you Yemen, Sri Lanka, Korea, and North Madagascar. I just want West Africa and Judea/Suez.
    • No trading colonies. as you can see above, this is totally ASB. FP
    • Look guys, the German colonies don't exist anymore. Even if Europe did take custody of them, they probably wouldn't give them to another nation just because. Those colonies no longer exist because no one took care of them. Monster Pumpkin


The number of undiscovered countries goes down dramatically when three large empires in OTL China are discovered. They are the Qin Empire, the Tibetan Empire and the Urguyur Empire. The Mongols formally contact the other countries in North America, inviting them to their capital.

  • United Amazon: The South African colony continues to expand into OTL Namibia. Industrialization continues and more railroads are being built to connect factories and resources. Factories make up one fourth of the economy, showing a major jump following major flooding forcing many villagers to move into the cities. Poverty is becoming more rampant in the cities, with many children having to skip school to work. A new movement has come out, trying to combat corruption, poverty, and discrimination. It has some gains when a new plan to reduce child labor had been presented to the king. The plan creates a certain age that you have to be to work, and that number will be raised over the next seven years until it reaches 17.
  • Aztecs: Continue to explore East Africa and continue expanding their settlements in Somalia and Zanzibar. Industrialization continues.
    • Muisca has already been taken over by the Incas and Antillians. Please read other people's posts next time. Monster Pumpkin
  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: The Empire continues expansion along the Adriatic coast, along with more of Russia and north New America. The navy introduces the carronade, vastly increasing the attack of its large navy. An Incan alchemist discovers the element of oxygen.
  • Patagon: The railroad project continues, with the main line between the west and east coasts of Patagon being completed and more north-south lines being initiated. The main Australis line is also nearly completed, and the Calland line proceeds apace. Money is allocated for more upgrades to the navy. On May 16th, the high ruler of Patagon collapses in his office. He is rushed to a local medical center, but he is pronounced dead at 10:11 PM due to a massive seizure. Thus, Shkart Quall, the first high ruler of Patagon from 816-843, passes away. Memorial services are planned throughout June in Buenos Aires. A meeting between officials from the four Patagonian territories meet at a swanky Calland reserve to choose the next leader. Factories now make up 55% of the economy.
  • Union of Greater States: Industrialization continues and the carriages begin construction while the steam engine continues construction. Railroad construction continues in all territories and so does the number of workers emigrating to get a job on the building of the railway lines. The railway line in Union Calland is quickly and swiftly completed, while construction continues in Union Australis and in the Union mainland. Factories are popping up everywhere, and a baby boom begins in many territories of the Union. Some extremists start an uproar on why they now suddenly have a new state religion. They are replied by a speech from the president, saying "This was and is our religion. We have only made it official and this will remain so. Hinduism is, if you must, a more "detailed" religion and depicts our gods in a greater light and more detail than that we ever knew of. Remember, Hinduism is our religion". Most of the populace is convinced by this speech, but extremists remain. The extremists see the colony of Indochina as the best way forward, where they can practice their religion in peace and a huge exodus takes place to Indochina.
  • The Republic Of Brazil: Brazil establishes colonies in OTL's Suez Canal Area, Liberia, northern Madagascar, and starts to colonize Guam.
    • Hawaii has been taken, you already own northern Madagascar. and the other two are owned by Europe. Monster Pumpkin
    • That was German and you said those colonies collapsed, so I am recolonizing them.
    • Yes, but Europe actually took control of Liberia and the Suez canal. The ones in Korea and Ceylon were abandoned. Monster Pumpkin
    • Fine. I am starting to colonize OTL Yemen, Iraq, and Ceylon. Brazil establishes a colony in Scandinavia.
    • Scandinavia is owned by Europe. Monster Pumpkin
    • Not all of it, the eastern coast of Finland is not Euroepan, and that's where my colony is.


  • United Amazon: continues to expand its South African colony. It starts to expand more northwestward in an attempt to finally connect to the Indian Ocean and have more access to its resources. Manufacturing now makes up one third of the Amazonian economy, in the colonies manufacturing makes up a small portion of the economy. The economy is growing at a faster rate than ever, with most of the growth that is taking place mostly coming from manufacturing. The new plan proposed earlier about child labor has slowly reduced some poverty, as there is less labor and less labor being made available. Also, more children are attending school.
  • Aztecs: They continue to explore the interior of East Africa and continue expanding their settlements in Somalia and Zanzibar. Industrialization continues.
  • European Diplomacy: Do you still follow the Pope or the Jamesian Church?
  • Holy Kingdom of Europe: The Holy Kingdom of Europe attacks the Czech lands to the south of it and quickly takes control of the area. The army then begins to attack other Slavic lands to the south of the HKE. King James III announces that the Pope is a pagan and traitor. He creates the Jamesian Church as a result. The Jamesian Church teaches that God is actually three gods, Jehovah (the Father), Jesus Christ (the Son), and the Holy Spirit. The King of the Holy Kingdom of Europe is the head of the Jamesian Church.
  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: The Empire expands deeper into Russia and southeastern Europe. The Navy decides to try to cover the bottom of one of their ships in order to prevent wood decay. It is a success, and soon many of their ships have the same hull. Recently the Emperor seems to be of bad health.
  • Patagon: A new high leader, hailing from Cordoba, is selected. He pledges to live up to the great example set by Shkart Quall before him by "advancing and uniting the Patagonian territories and bringing us more power across the globe." However, several citizens begin to feel that the selection process was too removed from mainstream life and that they should have more say in the procedures. The majority of the railways are complete, and the engineering corps expects to finish them in 845, a year ahead of schedule. Industry makes up about 60% of the economy. Hearing of the Incans' idea of covering the hull of their ships, Patagon's navy opts to do the same. A highly classified project to advance the navy is also under way.
  • Union of Greater States: Industrialization projects continue. The first steam engine prototypes to travel all across the Great States finally starts trial runs while the newly completed carriages are attached behind them. Railroad construction continues in Union Australis and in the Union mainland territories and so does the number of workers emigrating to get a job on the building of the railway lines. Factories are popping up everywhere, and a baby boom continues in many territories of the Union. The naval ideas of Patagon and the Incas are copied to similar success. The extremist migration to Indochina continues and the colony expands further northward.


  • Holy Kingdom of Europe: The European Navy begins to copperplate their ships as well after seeing the results from the Patagonian Navy. The Europeans land more settlers in the Colonie de Afrique de l'Ouest and the Jerusalem Colony, both expand. The Europeans begin to work on a canal across the Sinai Peninsula and work is started on June 3. The Jamesian Church is accepted by many of the Christians in the Jerusalem Colony and the Colonie de Afrique de l'Ouest after some resistance. The King calls for all Christians to "Desert the heathen Pope, who plays to every note that the vile Incans give him. Follow the true religion, the one that has not strayed from Jehovah, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit. Follow the Jamesian Church."
  • Aztecs: They continue to explore the interior of East Africa and continue expanding their settlements in Somalia and Zanzibar. Industrialization continues. They establish settlements at the shore of Lake Victoria, recently discovered a while ago (last few days in real time).
  • European Diplomacy: Do you follow the Pope or the Jamesian Church?
  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: The Empire expands further in Russia, Egypt, and southeastern Europe. A young inventor tries to create a device to imitate the flight of birds, but when he tests it he falls and breaks his arm when he jumps from a tree. The army increases fortifications in Europa along the border with Europe. The Emperor catches pneumonia and is transported to his estate of Machu Picchu.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Pope excommunicates the European King, stating that he has not displayed the signs of God's messenger on Earth. Morale among European Catholics decrease as a result.
    • European Diplomacy: We excommunicate the Pope, the Incan Emperor, and all Catholics who refuse to join the Jamesian Church
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Pope angrily states that the European King is trying to pervert the original teachings of Christianity by creating three gods. The general Incan populace is outraged at the supposed excommunication of the Emperor. Correct me if I'm wrong, but since the Emperor isn't christian, doesn't that mean he cant be excommunicated?
    • CHALLENGE ACCEPTED...challenge failed
    • LOL. Just saying, you know we practically have a cold war in Europe right now, because of the actions of both nations.
  • Patagon: On August 6th, the first steamboat is revealed in the harbor of Buenos Aires to a roaring crowd. She's a magnificent vessel, going nearly twice as fast as a conventional sailboat and bristling with Warmongers. The high leader declares this ship, dubbed the Rising Sun, the most advanced military ship of the age. The design for this ship, however, is kept secret. The national railroad system is completed, and plans are made for more steamboats to be manufactured.
  • United Amazon: Expansion in South Africa continues, and it now has finally reached the Indian Ocean. Back on the homeland, Industrialization continues. a large amount of railroads have been completed. Most of the Southern half of the nation has been completed. Manufacturing now makes up half of the economy, and people everywhere are working in factories. In South Africa, the first railroad has been finished, connecting three major cities. However, the railroad cannot serve many people and mainly is used for transporting goods.
  • Union of Greater States: Industrialization projects continue. The first steam engine prototypes to travel all across the Great States finally finishes trial runs and begins its maiden journey while the carriages transport people. Railroad construction continues in Union Australis and in the Union mainland territories and so does the number of workers emigrating to get a job on the building of the railway lines. The extremist migration to Indochina continues and the colony expands further northward, overrunning one of the kingdom to the north. The army discipline exercises are initialed and the navy commences production of its own "steamships", not steamboats. They will be ready by next near due to huge funding going into their production for the rivalling of the high seas. They will have cannons as their main weapon and warmongers are not good for use in a naval battle according to the navy.


Just to clear some things up, the warmonger is NOT an actual cannon, the closest equivalent would be a machine musket. Look up the Puckle Gun to find out what it is. A ship armed with warmongers will still lose to a ship armed with cannons.

  • Holy Kingdom of Europe: More ship hulls' are converted to the copper-plated version. Many ships from the navy are converted and many commercial shippers do that as well. The Muslims in the Jerusalem Colony attack the European settlers, most of the raids are failures as the Europeans have advanced weaponry. The Europeans send settler to Bangladesh and form the Colony of Bengal. The natives are mainly converted from Hinduism to Christianity, specifically the Jamesian Church. The Crown Prince is titled the Prince of France (akin to the Prince of Wales) after French nobles protest the less representation they get than the Germans. French representation along with all other ethnicities are given equal representation to the King's Court. Over seven thousand Catholics convert to the Jamesian Church after they are convinced by a travelling monk, named Louis-Pierre Richard, convinces them that the Pope is a demon in men's clothing. Many of these converts form the Anti-Catholic League which looks for the destruction of the Catholic Church.
  • The Auorian Tribes: After a few years of the continuing of current advances and laws, The Auorian Government as well as its military has made a decision; to make a full on invasion of the Western Territories. The military sends out scouting forces followed by heavier, more advanced deployments to the North-East of the Area. So far the Western Territories have barely reacted, and are continuing to remain silent, even as the Auorian armies march across its lands, slowly claiming more of the Territory. Also on the colonization front, the colonies push westward, colonizing and claiming more land.
  • Aztecs: They continue to explore the interior of East Africa and continue expanding their settlements in Somalia and Zanzibar. Industrialization continues. The colony in Lake Victoria continues expanding.
  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: The army is desperate to advance farther into Europe to please their ailing emperor, who is now in even worse condition. They succeed in expanding in Eastern Europe and part of North New America. Alchemists and Chemists create two compounds, Lime and Incan Fire (OTL Greek Fire), during an experiment in Cuzco. The military is now trying to weaponize both, but it should take some time. Both are a classified secret. An Incan attempt to copy the Patagonian steamship is partially a success, sailing out of the Galapagos harbor but catching fire shortly after.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Empire offers to sell the island of Taiwan to the UGS if Vulktarn does not agree to the trade agreement in one year.
    • European Diplomacy: We will give respect all of you claims to Russia up to the Urals if you kill the Pope, ban the Catholic church, and force all Christians in your lands to become members of the Jamesian Church
    • Incan Diplomacy: The heir to the throne answers for his father, stating that the Empire does not kill religious figures who are legally practising his beliefs, nor force legal practicioners to be forced to believing something else. He does mention that any attempt to claim Russia will be met with force.
  • Patagon: After hearing a report from the engineering corps explaining how Warmongers are terribly suited for ship-to-ship combat, the high ruler reportedly goes into a rage at all of the wasted resources and nearly punches one of his servants. This incident does not help his popularity among the people. He orders new cannons to be manufactured and installed on all current and future ships. Warmongers, however, are still immensely useful in land-based and sea-to-land combat, so they are kept around. Plans are also made for more steamships. Several coal mines open for business, sensing a new niche in the economy. A national census is planned for the first time.
    • Actually, they could still be used in close ship-to-ship fighting to kill off enemy sailors and destroy the sails.
    • Hence they are kept around, but will no longer be the main focus of new Patagonian ships.
  • Union of Greater States: Industrialization projects continue. The first steam engine prototypes to travel all across the Great States, carrying people. Railroad construction finishes in Union Australis and in the Union mainland territories. The extremist migration to Indochina continues and the colony expands further northward, overrunning another kingdom to the north. The army discipline exercises are initialed and the navy finishes production of its own "steamships", not steamboats. They are armed with cannon and a few warmongers due to the sailors still wanting to have them on the ships. The first one is revealing to an overjoyed crowd in New Iroquois (OTL New York). It is named" Enterprise", while the second one is named "Endeavour". The rest are named in a private ceremony. Ten steamships are completed in total but this has taken huge funding and funds are lowered for this year.
  • United Amazon: The King is excited to see that his goal has finally been completed, that the South African colony reach the Indian Ocean. For an odd reason, interest in Kenya picks up and more people move here than South Africa or Madagascar. It expands southward and now has a border with the Aztecs. We ask them for an alliance. Back on the homeland, manufacturing now makes up most of the economy. Factories are common in everyday life. Railroads are used often when traveling far distances. Most people live in the cities, and farms are no longer considered home by many. A new invention comes out, called the Cotton Gin. Just when slavery was about to die out, cotton picking becomes profitable again and those still in agriculture start buying slaves from overseas. The natives in South Africa, Kenya, and Madagascar are being captured and sent to the homeland. Interest in Kenya and Madagascar raises and any plans being considered to sell them or leave them have been scrapped.
    • Patagonian diplomacy: We strongly encourage United Amazon and the other members of the South American Union to ban slavery.
    • Slavery has already been banned by the Incan Empire, but they will not interfere with another nation's commercial business unless it affects the Empire.
    • Europe has never institutionalized slavery, although Serfs are commonly used. They are treated well and can not be sold, they are attached to the land that they live on.


Starting in April, small groups of protesters appeared in the streets in Cuzco, demanding more religious freedom. Soon the protests spread to the United Amazon and Antillia. It spreads further north, and in the Aztec Empire and the Union of Greater States the protestors also want greater status for the native religion of the areas. By September the protests have reached Europe, demanding an end to the Jamesian-Catholic split. The only country not really affected is Patagon, as freedom of religions is already allowed.

  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: The emperor dies in his sleep, ending his rule. His son ascends to the throne, and many officials say that he is more conservative then his father. He does surprise many when he accepts freedom of religion. The army expands into Europe and Africa, covering more of the New North American coast.
  • Holy Kingdom of Europe: King James III orders that the protesters have three days to disperse and they will be given amnesty, if they don't they will be deemed "Enemies of the State" and all sentenced immediately to death, most of the protestors leave. Only 1000 remain and are sentenced to death and hanged. The Jamesian Church continues to grow as thousands of Catholics convert to the "true and right" representation of Christianity. Europeans expand the Bengal Colony to include the Kingdom of Bangladesh to the immediate east. The Europeans also begin to send fur traders into Russia.
    • Patagon cannot idly stand by while a government murders its citizens for standing up for what they believe in. We demand that King James steps down and more freedoms be granted to the people.
    • They were given three days to disperse, those who didn't obey defied a direct order of the King, which is in itself is a capital offense.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Empire ends relations with Europe, and European natives are no longer allowed to enter the Empire.
    • Patagon: We cut off all economic and diplomatic ties to Europe.
  • Aztecs: They continue to explore the interior of East Africa and continue expanding their settlements in Somalia and Zanzibar westward. Industrialization continues. The colony in Lake Victoria continues expanding. They begin to settle Eastern India.
  • United Amazon: The King has two proposals passed. The first one will slowly ban slavery over the next twenty years by having a limit on the number of slaves allowed that will go down. The Second one is to form a region in the north for non-Spitizs followers. Christians, Hindus, and people of other religions work together to form prosperous communities in the north. The Kenyan, after getting the news that slavery is safe for now, expands even more, heading out west seeing that they now border the Aztecs to the south.
  • Patagon: Cannons continue to be manufactured for the ships of the navy, and some are designated for the army as well. The first national census is conducted: There are 7.5 million people in Patagon, four million in Australis, 0.5 million in South Calland, and 50,000 in the Falklands. This brings the total population of all the Patagonian territories to 12,050,000. We encourage other nations to have similar censuses.
  • Brazil: After several years of isolation and expanding its colonies, navy, infrastructure, and military, Brazil now has a large colony in eastern Scandinavia, and proposes a non-aggression pact with Europe and in return Brazil will accept European expansion eastward if Europe accepts Brazil's colonial expansion in Euro'pa.
  • Agreed
  • Union of Greater States: Industrialization projects continue. The extremist migration to Indochina continues and the colony expands farther northward, overrunning another kingdom to the north. The army discipline exercises finish and the army is now a more unified fighting unit while one more steamship is completed, a stark difference from ten last year. Although previous censuses show that around 89% of the population is Hindu, the President still reluctantly agrees to the protestors' wants as he does not want a nation starting to grow to stagnate.


  • United Amazon: Child Labor has officially been banned today, and poverty went up in a sudden surge, though is slowly going down as there is less workers to compete with. South Africa expands more toward the Indian Ocean, and the colony makes up a long strip of land that now borders with the Aztecs, though it is thin. Manufacturing continues to grow, and more people get jobs in the factories. The King, in his new war on poverty, has met with several important factory owners, and they try to negotiate some sort of way that the pay of the workers can rise without causing losses. A new deal is made, and more infrastructure will be built by the government, in exchange average wages will among the workers will rise. A census is done following Patagon's new idea, and it is as the following: ten million people on the homeland, 4.5 million in South Africa, 0.5 million in Madagascar, and 30,000 in Kenya.
  • Brazil: Brazil continues to expand its Scandinavian colony eastward into OTL Russia as well as its other colonies. Brazil offers Europe a deal offering Brazil's recognition of Europe's expansion eastward into Eur'opa and Asia in return for Europe recognizing Brazil's Scandinavian colony. A trade alliance is also offered to Europe. The military and navy are amped up while fortifications are built on the Incan-Brazilian border in case the Inca try anything. Work on reducing poverty and internal problems begins.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Empire offers to trade Brazil's Scandinavia colony in exchange for Taiwan.
    • Brazilian Diplomacy: Brazil asks for time to think about the offer, as it seems appealing. Will reply soon, this is not a yes or no, but I will decide soon. And here's a map with my colonies:
    • Incan Diplomacy: We advise you to make your decision soon, as the Empire wants all of Russia to the Urals and are not afraid to use force to get what they want.
    • Brazilian Diplomacy: The Republic of Brazil has every right to a colony in Europe, and does not seek war, if the Incas attack, they will be attacking a strongly dug in nation on several fronts, and Brazil also tells that Europe might join the war against the Inca. Brazil only wants to be left alone. And the answer is still undecided.
    • Incan Diplomacy: We were not saying that we would attack you, just that we want to make a swift decision. Also, your country is very unstable right now, so you might want to solve that first.
    • European Diplomacy: The alliance is agreed.
    • Incan Empire: The Emperor announces that an agreement with Brazil has been reached, and Taiwan is given to Brazil in exchange for Scandinavia. The Emperor also states that other secret agreements have been made as well.
    • I wouldn't have the colony in Iraq right now, as establishing colonies in unexplored areas is dangerous. Monster PumpkinTGA 848g.png
  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: The Empire expands into Russia, reaching the Arctic ocean, and the few remaining Eu'ropan peoples are soon subjugated. The military now has created shell that contain Incan Fire and Lime, improving both land and sea combat. The empire also begins the construction of fortifications along the border to protect the country.
  • Aztecs: They continue to explore the interior of East Africa and continue expanding their settlements in Somalia and Zanzibar westward. Industrialization continues. The colony in Lake Victoria continues expanding. They continue to colonize Eastern India.
  • Holy Kingdom of Europe: King James III signs the Charter of Protection which creates the Czechopolak Confederation in the small states between Europe and the Incans. The Czechopolak Confederation is absorbed into Europe as the Czechopolak State in Europe much like the German State and the French State. The Czechopolaks are given representation in the King's Courts. The Europeans expand the Bengal Colony and captures the area immediately to its north. Europe begins conscription once more and begins training troops. Over 10,000 troops are sent to France while 5000 are sent to Eastern Europe to bolster the garrisons already there. This results in 25,000 troops in France and 11,000 troops in Europe, all very well trained and disciplined.
  • Patagon: New steamships continue to be produced, cannons are manufactured and installed on many of said ships, and the economy slumps a little. Looking for new markets to offset the losses brought about by ostracizing Europe, the government asks the Mongols if they would like to open trade routes.
    • The Mongols, sensing an opportunity to become great again, tentatively agree.
  • The Auorian Tribes: After having no reaction from the Western Territories, The Government sends colonies to populate the Northern Area, And the military sends more scouts for a final check for inhabitants. The Government continues on its colonization of Asia, And Scientists are making small multiple breakthroughs in a few areas of science. Also on the colonization front, The Government sends colonies to the Northwest coast of Africa, in hope of colonization in the cramped areas.


  • United Amazon: We ask the West Mountains if we can buy their South African colony. The expedition in Kenya that went out has finally returned, and more of the wilderness is explored. The Kenyan colony expands more to cover more of the border with the Aztecs. The nation is very industrialized now. The economy is doing well and the resources from South Africa are helping make up for what resources United Amazon does not have. The Slavery limit has been brought down a little this year, as part of the plan to ban slavery completely. The members of the South American Union are asked if free trade can happen between the alliance's members.
    • Patagon: We accept free trade.
  • Patagon: The economy picks up again, as many raw materials have been coming into Patagon from the new trades routes with the Mongols. In exchange, we send them consumer items such as tools and textiles. Two cargo ships heading to Saldaz get blown off course and head south, and they discover a massive, seemingly endless land of ice. Shocked by the discovery of a new land after most of the world has been explored, the crews explore the continent a bit and head back to Buenos Aires, where the high ruler claims all of OTL Ellsworth land and the peninsula close to South America. A larger expedition is planned to explore the rest of the continent, which is named Trodovya. Back on the mainland, breakthroughs in irrigation technology allow more plants to be watered faster and with less water. This means that fewer jobs as farmhands are necesarry, and many of these people move to cities to look for jobs. As a result, 65% of the economy is now based off of industry. Hearing of the ban on child labor in United Amazon, several unions organize to fight for the same thing in Patagonian factories.
  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: The army finishes its conquest of North Africa, and soldiers from Cyprus also establish a foothold in OTL Antioch. The Emperor proudly proclaims that the Sun never sets on the Empire. He also proposes trade agreements to the Mongols. He also asks the Patagonian Leader to have a joint expedition to Trodovya.
  • Brazil: The Brazilian Dictator passes some new reforms that reduce corruption within the government. The army establishes a small beachhead in China, and also increase the fortification of Korea.
  • Aztecs: They continue to explore the interior of East Africa and continue expanding their settlements in Somalia and Zanzibar westward. Industrialization continues. The colony in Lake Victoria continues expanding. They continue to expand its colony in OTL Calcutta west.
  • The Auorian Tribes: After finally fully searching the land, The Auorian Government claims the Western Territories as its own. As the government does this, it also expands its Asian colonies. Scientific advances are being continued as well as its industry.


  • Patagon: The economy expands slightly, and the high ruler, in response to the child-worker's movement, agrees to engage in talks with many prominent factory owners. More schools, roads and trains are built in and around cities to accommodate their growth. A massive expedition is planned to Trodovya, and the high ruler offers the Inca's this deal: If they agree to share the secrets of lime and Incan Fire with Patagonia, then they can have half of all land found on the new continent.
    • Incan Diplomacy: The Incan Emperor tentatively agrees.
  • Aztecs: They continue to explore the interior of East Africa and continue expanding their settlements in Somalia and Zanzibar westward. Industrialization continues. The colony in Lake Victoria continues expanding. They continue to expand its colony in OTL Calcutta west by conquering numerous Indian kingdoms.
  • The Incan Empire of the Andes: Fur trappers travel deeper into Russia. The Army expands farther into the Levant and a landing is made in OTL Turkey where remnants of the Byzantine Empire reside. Industry continues to expand, and railroads begin to be built in Europa. The same inventor who broke his arm trying to fly creates a glider. Despite Military interest in the object, it is declared useless and is now used mainly as an extreme sport.
  • Brazil: Brazil conquers part of southern China and they also expand deeper into Madagascar. Poverty in the nation decreases, but only slightly. Industry finally begins to creep into the nation, but still has a far way to go.
  • United Amazon: Factories in the nation get a boost after a free trade deal with Patagon was accepted. We are still waiting for a response from the rest of the South American Union. We ask the nation of West Mountain if we can buy their colony in South Africa (I don't think the person playing is here. Can a mod do an RPG? If I am correct, otherwise I just made myself look like a fool, LOL). The South African colony continues to expand, and a railroad has been built connecting the Atlantic ocean and the Indian ocean. Factories are built along this railroad, but not much in other places. The Kenyan colony expands northward, only to see that the Aztecs are here as well. They soon learn that the only place for them to expand now is West.
    • Incan Diplomacy: You are part of the South American Union now, what is it you need? About the colony, I had the same problem with Japan. Do you mean a random number generator?
    • United Amazon: We are part of the South American Union, we asked last year if free trade could exist between all member nations to increase our economic strength. Dang it, made myself look like a fool, LOL. Anyway, that is what I needed.
    • Incan Empire: I'm sure the other members wouldn't mind, and even if we voted on it would be passed. Free trade is now happening. Number Generator - Amazon: 9,7 Vulktarn: 9,5 Result: The colony is sold to Amazon. By the way, you didn't look like a fool, LOL. Also, can another mod do the same for me and Japan?
    • Thank you. Anyway, I could do it for you, since no other mods have offered to do so.
    • Sure, that would be nice.
    • Okay, Incans 7, other nation 4. What was the other nation by the way, the talks about Japan earlier are in the archives and I don't feel like looking through them.
    • Vulktarn, or as you call them West Mountains. Japan is now completely Incan. Thanks.
    • So that's what they are called. I wonder where I got the name West Mountains from, LOL.
    • The nation that the Aurorians just took over was the West Mountains, and the one you guys are discussing is Vulktarn.
    • Then I have been asking the wrong nation for their colony for the last year.
    • Maybe. :P
  • Union of Greater Sates: Industrialization projects continue. Indochina has expanded as far as it could, and now the government focuses on industrializing the area. In the last three years, 12 steamships have been produced while Mysore is taken over while Sri Lanka in incorporated into Mysore. Population migration to Union Australis and Calland continues.


Patagonian and Incan explorers travel south and explore OTL Antarctica on a joint mission. Due to the cold, they are unable to establish permanant bases and they leave. They will return to try to establish temporary ones next summer.

  • Union of Greater States: Factory construction slows down in the Great States as money is diverted to UAC and Union Indochina. Colonizers arrive in the new territories of Union Mysore, where they help change people's ideologies toward government functionality. Three more steamships are built, and for the first time, a development of a rifle begins.
  • Incan Empire: The Empire gains more land in southern Russia and Nicea, and fortifications are built in Japan to solidify control of it. Factories continue to sprout up in the Empire.
  • Aztecs: They continue to explore the interior of East Africa and continue expanding their settlements in Somalia and Zanzibar westward. Industrialization continues. They continue to expand its colony in OTL Calcutta west by conquering numerous Indian kingdoms.
  • United Amazon: Colonists celebrate at the new terrorties bought from Vulturn. They begin to move into these lands and start farming. The Kenyan colony expands northward and is surprised when they see Aztec colonists. At first, they think they went in the wrong direction and headed south, but it turns out there is an Aztec colony both under and above us. The Kenyan colonists soon learn that the only area for them to expand now is Westward.
  • Patagon: The expedition to Trodovya (OTL Antarctica) is planned. Many new steamships are built, and they are outfitted with standard cannons, Warmongers, and prototype Incan fire weapons. A massive plan to expand the train network in Australis to accommodate the territory's expanding economy is initiated.


  • Aztecs: They continue to explore the interior of East Africa and continue expanding their settlements in Somalia and Zanzibar westward. Industrialization continues. They continue to expand its colony in OTL Calcutta west by conquering numerous Indian kingdoms.
  • United Amazon: The South African colony expands northward, and borders more with the Aztecs above. A few more factories are built in South Africa. However, progress is slow. The economy is booming with everyone in the nation having safe, secure jobs. Poverty is slowly going down, however the nation still has a long way to go.
  • Patagon: The navy and army develop long-range Incan fire shells that can be shot out of ordinary cannons and a close range flamethrower, greatly enhancing the prowess of each military faction. Factory owners expand into Australis more, thanks to the extensive railroad expansion. The school system is also expanded. The expedition to Trodovya explores all of the western coast of the continent. Huge rallies, numbering in the thousands, take place in large cities across the territories, demanding an end to abusive child labor.
  • Brazil: Brazil continues to expand into China and Siberia, and now has a large foothold in the area, as the map below shows: A colony is established in the Caucassas and Anatolia, and floods of settlers begin to arrive in these new colonies.
  • Slow down, you still have major problems and your military is not able to conquer all of that territory. Not to mention, Sims, what happened to our agreement? Monster Pumpkin 20:02, March 10, 2012 (UTC)
  • Anatolia and the Caucassas are part of Asia, not Europe, and you're technically already crossing the Ural mountains and colonating Siberia.
  • I have not even reached the Urals yet, so that is irrelevant. I have not broken the treaty, and it is impossible that you would take all that land in one year. Monster Pumpkin 20:08, March 10, 2012 (UTC)
  • I THOUGHT I hadn't posted for four or five turns. My colonies in China are not that big. My apologies on that, but the Caucassas and Anatolia are safe to colonize. Although I will not expand northward any more, which would be into Europe, as that would violate the treaty.
  • Yes, I have a new map in creation. I would ask that you retreat from Anatolia or the Caucassas (that is definitly not spelled right, LOL), as that is what the Incan Empire considers its rightful land. Why don't you worry about expanding the colonies you have instead of rapidly colonizing everywhere? Monster Pumpkin 20:18, March 10, 2012 (UTC)
  • Anatolia will not be left, although the Caucassas can be negotiated. DeanSims 20:21, March 10, 2012 (UTC)
  • That's a problem. We suggest that you reconsider. Please think about what I said about your colonies. Monster Pumpkin 20:25, March 10, 2012 (UTC)
  • Anatolia will not be left. Period. The Caucassas can be negotiated, but you don't have settlers there, so tuff luck, what you haven't colonized is up for grabs except for in Europe on the treaty we recently signed.
  • You are missing half the point that I am trying to get across. Your nation is still weak and corrupt, not to mention that it is not able to finance or protect all of these colonies, maybe not even conquer them in the first place at all.. You now have a choice: Either abandon several of your colonies and stick to one area or have them come under attack be natives. Monster Pumpkin 20:31, March 10, 2012 (UTC)
  • I cede the Caucasas to the Holy Kingdom of Europe. And I started working on poverty and corruption long ago, it has been reduced by now to less than 13% its original rate. DeanSims 16:28, March 11, 2012 (UTC)
  • Only about two or three turns isn't enough to drop it to on 13%. Also please don't post maps down in the turn section, it kinda takes up space. Monster Pumpkin 18:48, March 11, 2012 (UTC)
  • Incan Empire: The Empire expands deeper into the region that the natives call the Holy Land. The Emperor passes a few conservative laws, including giving the nobility less taxes. The military is on full alert because of Brazilian colonies in the Holy Land region. The Emperor requests that Brazil withdraws from their colonies in Anatolia and the Caucasas (still not spelled right, LOL).


Patagonian Explorers establish a few small fishing posts in Trodovya, and explorers also colonize several Pacific islands.

Incan Empire: The empire solidifies its control over its colonies. Special upgrades for the warmonger is being researched, but nothing has been done yet. Patagon is requested to send data about Trodovya to Incan explorers.

Brazil: Brazil cedes the Caucassas to Europe and conintues to expand Anatolia eastward, and the Inca are promised that the Holy Land will not be touched, and all Holy Land artifacts will be given to the Inca. All other colonies are expanded.

Aztecs: They continue to explore the interior of East Africa and continue expanding their settlements in Somalia and Zanzibar westward. Industrialization is now complete. They continue to expand its colony in OTL Calcutta west by conquering numerous Indian kingdoms.

United Amazon: The South African colony expands more Westward to make sure that the Aztecs don't try to close off the colony from the rest of Africa. Poverty has gone done in a new plan that will give land grants for free to poor families to start over in the Colonies. The military expands, and more factories open up to help make new military goods.

Patagon: The Samoan Islands are welcomed to the nation of Patagon, and schools, roads, and train tracks are built on them. Factory owners spread their businesses to the new territories. A complete chart of the Trodovyan coastline is sent to Cuzco. One of the island's system of government is a democratic republic, and it is noted throughout the rest of the Patagonian territories.


Brazilian Settlers, fearing attacks from the government, flee inland from the Anatolian colony, unintentionally expanding the colony. They now begin to demand independence. Arab nations and tribesmen band together and attack Incan and Antillian colonies. The Mongols expand west.

United Amazon: The Kenyan colony thought it would be funny to go invade the Aztec colony and burn everything to the ground. They did, but the po po caught them, and sent them to international jail, which is Antarctica. In United Amazon, all of the Amazon river and rainforest disappeared. Confused, the name of the country commited sucide. Needless to say, the new name is The Ground. The Offical Anthem is here.

Aztecs: The Aztecs establish a high-tech war machine that can do anything. It crushed all the East India Kingdoms and gives to the the Aztec East Indian Colony. It also causes all of East Africa to become Aztec.

Patagon: The high ruler of Patagon, in a drunken frenzy, suddenly becomes enraged at the Incans for demanding territory in Trodovya. He kayaks to the frozen continent, picks it up, kayaks back to South America, and proceeds to throw it on Cuzco, crushing all of the inhabitants. He later learns that the Incan emperor was on vacation at the time outside of Santiago, so he draws this picture and sends it to him. The entirety of the Kenyan colony, which had been imprisoned in Trodovya, breaks free and pillages the Incan countryside. Also, an alien space bat appears in Buenos Aires, does absolutely nothing, and leaves.

The Real 854

United Amazon: After learning that everything that happened last year was just a dream, the King keeps expanding the colonies in South Africa. The South African colony expands northward and tries to out expand the Aztec colony. More railroads are built, and factories are poping up more in South Africa.

The Aztecs continue expandin their East Indian and east African colonies. They begin industrializing and modernizing their colonies and begin to compete with the Amazonians over Africa.

Patagon: A new naval base is constructed on one of the Somoan islands, and factory owners continue to expand their businesses. New schools are built as well, and there is talk of a revamp of the nation's hospitals. More steamships are produced and armed with Incan Fire flamethrowers and cannons, as well as standard cannons and Warmongers. Another census is planned.


'I came too far to let this Map Game die!' Let's revive it. Also, I propose that we create a new system to decide how much we can expand our colonies (if your colony is this bug, it can expand so and so pixels). TacoCopper

To revive it, we will have to roll it right back to 820, up for it? 1.png Imperium Guy 17:36, April 5, 2012 (UTC)

Why would we have to roll it back to the beginning? I know I have sonar personally, and when I let him know the game has restarted he will join back. And I'm sure that others may join back as well. Monster Pumpkin 17:41, April 5, 2012 (UTC)

So that our new algorithms for expansion work. On the other hand we could just make up a revised version. All discussion on the talkpage now please. :P 1.png Imperium Guy 17:44, April 5, 2012 (UTC)

  • United Amazon: Expansion in the South African colony continues, and it expands north. Also, industrialization of South Africa is slowly happening, and more factories on the more populated West Coast has begun.
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