Alternative History

The Green Menace[]

It's 1984 and the IRA now has nuclear capability, the leadership are originally reluctant to use them, but some more radical members aren't afraid to flex their muscles.


January 20th[]

The IRA receive a payload of three 200kt nuclear weapons.

February 3rd[]

Now that they were in possession of nuclear weapons, the IRA receive a moral boost although they have no intention of using them, Michael Heseltine, Secretary of State for Defence in Margaret Thatcher's government, receives word that the IRA are planning a series of attacks on British military installations in Belfast, telling Margaret Thatcher herself that "The paddies are up to something" Thatcher, a proud woman, states that "This government will not buckle under the pressure of internal threats."

February 10th[]

Thatcher gives Heseltine complete control on the situation, within the next few weeks British military presence doubles in Northern Island, especially Belfast.

March 15th[]

The IRA issue several warnings for the British to pull out, but naturally they fall on deaf ears