Green Greenland.

A few hundred years after the last Ice Age, scientists concluded that when the ice sheets were retracting to the poles, the northern ice caps melted into the Arctic Ocean. Almost all regions in the Arctic Circle (the Arctic Archipelago, northern Russia, Greenland, Iceland, etc.) are ice cap-free, along with making a new Northern Sea Route.

This is the Green North.


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December 26, 2013: Tsarevich to Take the Throne "Reluctantly" Romanova.png TURNOVO, Romanova - Tsarevich Aleksandr Vladimirovich was in his own hunting retreat in Turnovo when he was informed of the grave condition of his father, Tsar Vladimir IV. The Tsarevich was reportedly "very devastated" when his personal butler and confidant informed his of this development, and he hurriedly arranged a trip back to Peter City for the privilege of saying farewell to his father for the last time. "He had been dreading the moment when he would ascend to the throne," Ruslan Vadovsky, the confidant, said. "That would mean that his father, the Tsar, one of the most important figures of his life, was now gone. But he accepted that such things can and will happen eventually, and he was prepared to take the responsibility accorded upon the Tsar of Romanova. He will of course be taking the throne reluctantly, but he will take it."

December 26, 2013: The Tsar is Dead Romanova.png PETER CITY, Romanova - "It is with a heavy heart that I tell the world that Tsar Vladimir IV, Tsar of Romanova, and Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias, has died in his sleep." So said a tearful Andrey Vaiushenko when he appeared in front of the Palace of the Subjects to inform the country, and the world, of the sad news. Vladimir, who was a relatively young 65 years of age, had taken the throne in 1998 after his father, Alexi II, had ruled for over 52 years. The position had become mostly ceremonial by the time he took the throne, but he served as a good and wise figurehead during the 2002 election crisis, which eventually saw Nikolay Kovnovsky as the first Communist president of Romanova since its establishment, and the latter stages of the Donskoyan Civil War, when Romanova decided to openly intervene in support of the Transitional Government of Donskoya. The late tsar suffered from a bout of respiratory problems between 2010 and 2012, but sources from within the royal family household staff reported that he had been "in top form" in the last few months of his life. He had even attended the Christmas Special, a special football friendly played by the two top teams from the Romanovan Premier League, which in the 2013-14 season were FC Pyotrgrad and Kosmonavt Gagarino. His remains will lie in state at Saints Peter and Paul Basilica in Peter City.



More to come.


More to come.


December 20, 2009: Let the Greenlandic Winter Games begin! BOUGAINVILLE, Louisville — The 10th semiannual Greenlandic Winter Games begin today. This is the first Greenlandic Games that will be held in Louisville, and spectators, coaches and athletes predict that it will be the best Winter Games yet, despite month-long protests.

June 26, 2009: Project GREENland: The Global Warming Story is one of the year's best films: ROSS CITY, Rossland - Prize-winning director Craig Davidson's new documentary, Project GREENland, has been ranked #1 in Rossland, New Dorset and Grinella for two weeks. Critics predict it will be one of the top-grossing films of all time.

May 15, 2009: Happy 50th Birthday, Rossland! - ROSS CITY, Rossland - Rossland celebrates its 50 years of being a nation on Greenland after a struggle for independence. Streets were flooded this evening as parades and celebrations were held, despite the harsh sunlight flooding the area.

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