The Jungle Books is a timeline written by Adolf Coffee adventuring through the ideas and results of the development of Central and Tropical America due to outstanding leadership and cunning intelligence within the general populace. This will explore the ideas of European American Colonialism and what could result as well through a long story of the collapse of Empire's, War and Peace, and savagery. 

Point of Divergence

Much is not known about Tainos before Columbus had arrived so many things could have occurred beforehand.Our point of divergence begins in 500 AD when the Prophet Pelee led the escape of 1,850 Taino slaves from OTL Dominica to Boriken (Puerto Rico). WIP  

A portrait drawing of Guadalaja of Jaragua in 1450

After The Divergence

Following the divergence, society begins to evolve in this part of the world much faster then before, In 200 years following Guadalaja becoming Cacique, the bronze age kicks in across Jaragua and the rest of the Caribbean, by the time you know it, society of the Taino's and nearby Mayans are altered completely. WIP

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