Alternative History

The Living Death

Plague that occured in late 1940 in Sacrifice of angels timeline. Believed to have killed up to 1000 million people worldwide.

The plague began as a series of blisters on the skin resulting in it's formal name "Blistering plague". Over the next few days the victim suffered horrific pain and began to bleed from all orfices. This pain drove the victims mad and they were known to wander attacking people at will. Death came after about ten days.

The plague was spread by body fluid contact and the disease could also survive in the water supply. About 40% of the population was vulnerable to the disease and all who got it would die.

The plague first appeared in the ruins of Hamburg, Germany where it quickly spread. By early August it was everywhere in Germany and quickly spread to nearby countries. From Eastern Europe it passed into Russia where it speeded the depopulation of that country. It probably reached America on a British aid ship, and by mid-September it was a global pandemic. Finally the onset of the Great winter in late October 1940 froze the plague to death.

The plague probably killed about 700million outright with another 300 million dead from infected attacks or as a consequence. The plague ensured that the harvest of 1940 rotted in the fields and with only a few exceptions the Breakdown of law and order worldwide. This meant that when the Great Winter began people starved and froze. The plague is one of the major factors in the deaths of 3/4 of the global population over the year May 1940 to May 41.

The plague never recured since and it is assumed that it burned out after killing all those it could. No one knows what caused it but due to the start location many believe it was a Nazi bioweapon that was broken loose by the bombs and mutated further by radiation.