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Hitler holds WW2 off until he has developed stealth technology, superior radar, the A-bomb, and thinks out his battle plans- resulting in a protracted war. However, impatient as he is, He is on the verge of invading Poland in 1939 when he is assassinated by Heinrich Himmler and the SS. The tensions of the 1930's melt away, while Poland becomes a modern industrialized nation. Himmler, as Führer, puts top priority on projects such as the Me 262, Missiles, and the atom bomb. German Naval rearmanment continues, increasing the Kreigsmarine by ten Battleships, 100 destroyers, 800 U-boats by 1950. The Atom Bomb is developed by 1947, V-3 stage rockets by 1944, and the first German aircraft carrier is launched in 1941. The West Wall is completed and is second to only the Maginot line in strength.


The United States begins a war with Japan after Pearl Harbor which becomes known as the Pacific War


Japan capitulates after heavy firebombing.


1951-1961:The Ten years war begins, and Himmler annihilates Poland, France and Cental Europe. Millions of people flee to the USA and Canada. The CIA indicate that the Reich does have capability of invading the CONUS. John F. Kennedy wins the 1956 election.

1958: Operation Seacat begins. Dover and Liverpool sink into German rule, followed by the rest of Wales and all of Ireland, and Switzerland surrenders without any battles fought to Germany. All of North and South America are annexed to the United States. President Kennedy begins development of the Americas, and by the beginning of his second term, Bogota and Rio as well as Santiago become industrial centres.

1959: Nazi Germany invades Soviet Russia. However, a grim stalemate begins to develop on the border between Russia proper and the rest of its territories as the Soviets fall back to their defensive lines.


1960: President Kennedy wins the election again. America develops the Bradley tank and the Mongoose helicopter as well as the A-13 jet and the ML79 Artillery piece.

1961: Nazi Germany breaks the stalemate and forces the Soviets to cede everything West of Irkutsk. Large amounts of Russian refugees head for America and enlist in the military. Even former Soviet military leaders are given their equivalent rank in the US military. The Nazis continue to face resistance in the Middle East and Africa. China and India as well as Japan, Korea and Indochina unite to form the Asian Alliance. This leads to a covert struggle between the two blocs of the Union of Freedom (Asian Alliance, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Pacific Federation) and the Brotherhood of Fascism (Nazi Germany, Britain, Turan, Romania, Hungary, Persia, Arab Federation, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Turkey, Croatia, Switzerland and Nordland). The Soviet Remnant joins the Asian Alliance as well as Indonesia, Siam, Borneo, New Guinea and the Philippines.

1964: Ronald Reagan is elected on a hawkish platform.

1968: President Regan is re-elected in a landslide. Führer Himmler dies of a stroke, leading to a brief struggle for succession in Germany with Klaus Barbie winning out.


1972: The USA gets the first man to the moon just in time for Martin Luther King to be elected President. Germany begins to stagnate technologically.

1973: America begins to invest in space travel and take it seriously after the lunar landing.

1979: America completes their ASAT system



1992: The Last War breaks out, with the Nazis invading through Xinjiang.

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