The Master Mind
Directed by Albert Black
Written by Edward Osbourne
Starring Henry Menville
Lauren Wight
Studio Ryhope Studios
Release date(s) 10 February, 2014
Running time 74 mins
Country Anglia
Language Anglian intertitles

The Master Mind is a 2014 film thriller by Ryhope Studios. It stars Henry Menville and Lauren Wight.

The plot concerns the trial of Clara Keller, played by Lauren Wight, who is accused of the murder of her fiancé. Her young defense lawyer, played by Henry Menville, is convinced of her innocence after hearing the witnesses make a pact of silence covering up their own guilt, but can not find any evidence to clear his client. He therefore begins a campaign to discredit the witnesses and destroy their lives.

He eventually gains the confession he needs but it is too late to save Clara, already sentenced to death by the jury and judge.

Audiences have given the film a mixed reaction, with some praising the high-stakes action but others unhappy to see Menville play such a morally ambiguous role.


  • Niels Masterson - Henry Menville
  • Clara Keller - Lauren Wight
  • Judge - Edmund Allen
  • Williamson - Nicolas Finney
  • Birch - Trevor McCann
  • Farley - George Dawkins
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