Alternative History
The Moon
Timeline: Puget Sound-1

OTL equivalent: The Moon
Location of The Moon
Location of The Moon
Other cities Bossart lunar base, Von Braun lunar Base, Korolyov lunar Base, Sea of Clouds Tabernacle
Language English, German, Russian
Religion Protestantism, Lutheranism, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Mormonism
Legislature Various colonial authorities

The Moon (Luna in the Roman Republic, and Selene in the Greek Empire) is Earth's only natural satellite and the fifth largest natural satellite in the Solar System.

Moon landing

The lunar landing of the United States, 1968


The lunar landing of the Soviet Union,1970


The lunar landing of the German Empire, 1971

In 1985, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the USA took a step unprecedented for a religious body when they chartered a lunar colony. Though at first a seemingly implausible idea, the project slowly came together. Willard Romney of Massachusetts created the Lunar Tabernacle Project Foundation in 1990 to step up fundraising for materials and Research & Development. Much of the money came from Romney's personal fortune, but he also successfully created a worldwide network to support the project. In 2002 the LDS made Romney director of the entire project. Ground was finally broken on the colony, located near the edge of the Sea of Clouds, in August 2008.