Sometime in 1840-1841. Oregon City, Oregon Country (Disputed between the US and Great Britain): At the Oregon Lyceum over the course of 1841, the future of the entire Oregon Country, disputed between the United States of America and Great Britain is being decided. Two parties, one led by the Canadian Dr. John McLoughlin, the "benevolent dictator" of the Oregon County and the head of the Hudson's Bay Company in the Columbia Fur district, and one led by the American George Abernethy, a Methodist missionary who went to the Oregon Country to spread the faith to Native Americans, and later put in charge of the Methodist Mission's mercantile in Oregon City. These two factions, the former in favor of an independent Oregon Country, the latter in favor of holding off formation of a country would decide the fate of the region.

In our timeline, the upstart faction led by Abernethy would end up stopping formation of an independent Oregon Country and would pave the road for the Oregon Treaty and the current borders between the United States and Canada in the region. What if though, the McLoughlinites, who supported an independent Oregon, dominated the meetings and paved the way for an independent Oregon as Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe believed would come about. What if the Oregon Country literally became an Oregon Country?

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North America Oregon 2

Map of the main regions of North America

800px-Punch Bowl Falls

Punchbowl Falls, a popular photograph spot and a symbol of the nation of Oregon.


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