Alternative History

The Ottoman army finally breaks British lines on the Egyptian borders and destroys the Suez Canal in 1916 and prepares for a full scale invasion of British Egypt.

Second Suez offensive[]

On 3rd of August 1916 Ottoman forces battle allied troops near the Egyptian town of Romani, in a smashing blow to the British the Ottomans over-sized army severely defeats them and also this time manages to capture the Suez Canal denying the allies water excess and an easier enter to India. The Ottomans prepare to go over the border and into Egypt.

Ottoman advance across the Sinai[]

Ottoman troops numbering thousands cross the Sinai into Egypt, they encounter heavy resistance by British and colonial forces just outside Cairo. With the resulting deaths the British force surrenders and leaves the city to Turkish forces. It's a massive triumph for the empire marking the re-conquest of Cairo by the Ottoman empire, thousands of Egyptian from the city begin to join the army.

Aleppo-Ottoman troopsTopical press agency

Victorius Ottoman infantry marching in Cario

Push into Libya[]

Gathering a force of 21,000 Ottoman troops and 10,000 Egyptian troops, they pushed deep into Libya crushing the ill-prepared Italian armies and captured Tripoli in only 3 days. The Italian army surrendered and the Ottoman Empire reclaimed Libya as their own. This was a tremendous victory to the Ottoman Empire, and the Libyans although unhappy as to why the Ottomans left them still offered their allegiance to the Caliphate.

Invasion of Europe[]