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The flag Of Samoa, 1659

The Samoans in 459 BC went to war against the rest of the Pacific nations and when they won they found out just how vulnerable the other island nations were.

The Invasion of Vava'u, 459 BC

The Samoans had little land left in Samoa, because of this, they gathered up a small army consisting of 30 spearmen, ten stone hurlers, and 21 canoes; setting sail toward Vava'u. Now Vava'u had no army because it had been populated for only 150 years and the people thought they were isolated enough that nobody would be able to attack them. There was no resistance, and Vava'u fell to Samoa easily.

The Attack on Wallis Isle, 457 BC

The people of Wallis Island had an small army consisting of 50 spearmen and five stone hurlers but the Samoans built a larger army with 70 spearmen, 20 stone hurlers and five axemen (the axes were made of rock not metal). The battle took two days but eventually Wallis island fell to Samoa. the people were also forced to learn Samoan.

The invention of the catapult, 457 BC

The Samoans decided to make a weapon of mass terror and developed the catapult (Europeans has already invented it and so had China).

The Fortuna Campaign, 456 BC

The Samoans were looking at Fortuna Island, scouts had just discovered it and spies said it had a mass army of 100 spearmen and ten stone hurlers, so the Samoans made a army of 130 spearmen, 25 stone hurlers, ten axemen and one catapult. They had also developed a massive boat to carry the catapult. The Fortunans saw a spy leave on a canoe so they warned the ruler and he trained ten more spearmen, little did they know of the catapults ... The Samoans landed one km away from a seaside village. They wanted to see what the catapult could do and practically destroyed the village after three shots, then they marched on to another village and invaded it. As soon as the ruler of Fortuna heard of the mass invasion force and what they called weapon of the underworld they immediately surrendered.

Takeover at Tutuila, 454 BC

Of course the Samoans were looking for more land and eventually they found Tutiula, by this time, the Samoans had a 200 spearmen, 20 stone hurlers, 20 axemen and two catapults. The Samoans attacked the Tutuillans like mad. The Tutuillans, in fact, only had five spearmen and so they surrendered of course.

Capturing Ofu & Olosega, 454 BC

The Somoans could see the two tiny islands in the sea and like so attacked with 70 spearmen and ten stone hurlers. They actually didn't know that it wasn't inhabited. So they immediately built several villages on the two isles.

Attacking Ta'u, 453 BC

The Samoans attacked Ta'u and took over the town with only 100 spearmen while they had only 30 spearmen. The attack took two days. Since the chief refused to surrender, at the end they kidnapped the chief of Ta'u and executed him.

Invention of the Bow & Arrow, 453 BC

The stone hurlers said that they wanted a newer weapon. They got their wish. (There are still stone hurlers in the Samoan army)

Taking Fiji, 452 BC

The Samoans then formed a large army of 600 spearmen, ten Stone hurlers, 50 Archers, 60 Axemen, five catapults and one Cataboat (a big raft with a catapult on it). This was one of the biggest battles fought by the Samoans in the Pacific. The Fijians had 400 spearmen, 60 stone hurlers and 70 Axeman. The Battle for Fiji has just begun ...

Moving On To Tokelau, 452 BC

The Samoans then attacked Tokelau. They brought with them: 300 Spearmen, 50 archers, 100 axemen and one catapult. The Samoans suffered a lot from their battle, the Battle for Fiji (see link above) and couldn't bring a lot of troops. The Samoans thought they would win, but unlucky for them, they were about to lose to the Tokelauans. The Battle lasted for some time and the Samoans eventually retreated. Only to train more soldiers and invent newer weapons.

Second Attack of Tokelau, 451 BC

When the Samoans lost for the first time, they were pretty surprised. So of course the Samoans wanted to Gain Tokelau, of course, and attacked again ... This time with 500 spearmen only. It was a brutal fight ending up with the Tokelauans surrendering. the battle lasted one day.

Discovering Phosphate, 450 BC

The people of Samoa discovered phosphate by accident when mining for rocks to use as Catapult ammo. They burned phosphate as catapult ammo to.

Invasion of Niue, 448 BC

The Samoans then attacked Niue. They went with 600 spearmen and 20 archers and one catapult. The Samoans morale was very low and didn't recruit many people during the two year period. They went and attacked. The low morale added to the many losses. The battle began as a ranged weapons only as the Nuiens had Archers, too. They fired so many arrows that they actually ran out of arrows. Soon, the Samoans and Niuens were out of arrows so they went to attack. The Samoans lost 400 soldiers only 221 left but lived and won the great battle for Niue.

Campaign in Vanuatu islands, 401 BC

After waiting a while for the morale to build up and and recruiting soldiers, the Samoans attacked the Vanuatu islands. The Vanuatus had 500 spearmen in total as well as steel axes used by 200 as well as 100 stone axemen and 200 armed with bows and arrows as well as five rocket artillery and two cannon. The Somoans brought 600 spearmen, 30 stone hurlers, 300 archers, five catapults, and 200 axemen with stone axes. It turned out the Vanuatans stole the rockets and cannons and had no idea how to use them, so the Somoans captured them. The rest surrendered when the main village was taken after the group of 100 spearmen, axemen and archers that were protecting the village was overrun. The leader of the Samoans had mercy, and allowed them to govern themselves, albeit as a client state. The Samoans figured out how to use the rockets and cannon in 400 BC.

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