Alternative History
Pan Islamic Federation
حوض طبيعيّ اتّحاد فيدراليّ إيسلميك
1943 – 2006
Flag of the Pan Islamic Federation.svg
Ideology Islamism
Headquarters Riyadh
Main languages Arabic, Urdu, Hindi
Political structure Political and Military alliance
Supreme Commander
- 1941-1948

Mahmud al-Muntasir
Head of Unified Staff
- 1948-1952
- 1952-1965
- 1965-1975
- 1975-1989
- 1989-2000
- 2000-2006

- Suharto
- Gamal Nasser
- Saddam Hussein
- Ayatollah Khomenei
- Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz
- Bashar al-Assad

The Pan Islamic Federation (PIF)


Formed during World War II by Saudi Arabia as a result of Nazi Germany capturing Britain. During the war alongside the Soviets, Reinhard Heydrich, the mastermind of the final solution, was caught and behaded for his atrocities after Friday prayers, this country eventually ascended to Great power status by the 1960's, with a man on the moon by 1991, the third nation to do so. Unfortunately, it lacked the political will to be a full superpower, although the Saudi Royal family was pumping billions of dollars from oil revenue into a massive modernisation programme for the military and industrialization programmes. During the early 21st century, it supported Islamist terrorists in a series of attacks of the Berlin Pact. In October 2001, the PIF was invaded by Berlin Pact forces. The war ended with the capture of much of the leadership of the PIF countries. The PIF was dismantled in 2006 and replaced with several Soviet-friendly satellites. The PIF leaders and Islamist terrorists they supported were executed in Kiev.

Foreign Relations


All PIF members shared a loathing of Israel, especially after the 12 Day War, when PIF forces were smashed by the Israelis in only 12 days. The Yom Kippur War almost led to the fall of Israel, but the Israelis managed to turn the tide spectacularly.

United States

The PIF viewed the USA as one of "the Two Satans", with the "Nation of Islam" causing a "green scare". The fact that the US also supplied weapons for Israel also increased tension.


The PIF also saw the USSR as a "Great Satan" because of them being communist and hence incompatible with Islam.


The Military of the PIF were primarily equipped with Soviet made weapons, as even though the PIF hated the Soviet Union, it still needed weapons, as it could not make its own.