In this reality that greatly diverges from our own, the prediction by American Christian radio host Harold Camping as come true to the point that God has brought forth His divine wrath upon the Earth itself.



November 4: John McCain becomes the 44th President of the United States instead of Barack Obama.

November 5: Upon, seeing that the people of Earth have not changed at all, God sends Hadariel to go to Earth to prepare for the Rapture.

November 6: Hadariel appears to Harold Camping in the form of a genderless person in black to tell Harold Camping the truth: the War for Earth.

November 7: Lucifer receives word from God that the Rapture begins on the 21st of May of 2011. Lucifer prepares himself for the War to come.


January 20: Presidential inauguration of John McCain as 44th President of the United States begins on this day.

January 21: God sends an F-3 tornado into the city of Fairbanks, Alaska as a minor sign from above.

January 22: Scientists on Earth are puzzled about the F-3 tornado in Fairbanks, Alaska that God sends another F-3 tornado to Tallahassee, Florida, puzzling them even more.

January 23: God sends both an F-1 tornado to West Africa, while at the same time, sends an F-2 tornado to Siberia.

January 24: God sends an F-5 tornado from Wurzburg, Germany to travel to Frankfurt, Germany, killing thousands more in the process.

January 25: President John McCain orders Colin Powell to device a plan in secret. Meanwhile, God sends another F-5 tornado to Paris, France, and one in East Africa, killing more thousands of people in the process.

January 26: God sends an F-5 tornado to Toronto, Canada. Thousands more died in the process.

January 27: God sends a final F-1 tornado to Washington D.C. as mockery to the McCain Administration.

January 28: Harold Camping begins to appear on the news, saying that the phenomenon is not of natural design, but of God's will. Nobody believes him.

February 7: God sends a radical viral outbreak of suicides from El Paso, Texas to Tallahassee, Florida. It will last for twelve straight days to come.

February 19: After twelve straight days of irrational outbreaks of suicides, the outbreaks ends quickly.

March 2: Scientist are discovering a new hurricane form off the coast of Cuba. It becomes known as Hurricane Barnabas created by God.

March 3: Hurricane Barnabas appears off the coast of Cuba, and destroys half of Cuba within a instance.


He's a mysterious humanoid creature from a dimensional realm known as "Uphogoth", a dimensional realm that's so high, all universes exist side-by-side as marbles together in each and exact order.

He came to the Earth of this reality eighteen million years prior to the birth of Jesus Christ, and began to watch over it's evolutionary process. Over time, He'd began to collect the life-forces of each dead creatures to the point that He'd begun to re-shaped them into genderless humanoid beings called "angels" to serve Him.

However, one of these "angels" name Tatrasiel began to see the true nature of their so-called "God" that he'd began to rebel against Him. Sadly, his rebellion had failed to the point that "God" sent him to Uphogoth, where he'd became horribly insane and dwindled into complete and utter madness upon seeing Uphogoth.

This happened one million years after "God" had arrived from Uphogoth.


About forty-thousand years prior to the birth of Jesus Christ, an "angel" by the name of Lucifer began to question the existence of "God".

It was around this time that rumors among the "angels" began to emerge. Rumors about an "angel" that rebelled against "God", and was thrown into a place outside of space and time. A place called "Uphogoth".

Lucifer began to become aroused by the idea of an "angel" who rebelled against "God" so much that he'd himself began to develop an ability to see his "creator's" true nature, and was horrified by it.

He'd saw that "God" was no deity nor an "angel" like them, but was in fact, a supreme being from somewhere else outside of space and time itself. A supreme being that had to be stopped at all cost.

Lucifer gathered one-third of his kind against this "God", but like Tatrasiel before, Lucifer's rebellion had failed as well. But instead of going to Uphogoth like Tatrasiel before, Lucifer and one-third of his kind were thrown into a pocket dimension created by "God" called "Hell" by the humans of Earth itself.

In the years that followed until the Rapture of 2011, Lucifer has been planning to get some payback.

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