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Conception: I LOVE the Byzantines and history in general. After playing a game called Europa Univerallis 3

I decided to make a timeline based off how I played it. So if names don't sound familiar it is probably because they don't exist or if they sound familiar but seem misplaced (i.e Konstinous XII in the 1700's) then blame the game.

Note: My ignorance of Wikipedia prevents me from improving this as much as I want.

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The Rebirth of Byzantium (Summary)

The main POD (Point of Divergence) is with the Byzantines retaking Greece without any issues or real resistance.

There may be more minor POD's later...

The Rebirth of Byzantium (Timeline)

1408: One night in the Imperial Palace, the Emperor suffered a strange dream. The next day he told his people and his advisors of his dream, which he claimed was a divine mandate to retake Greece and rebuild the Empire. While his advisors doubted this, the people cheered believing that the proof was in the heavens the night before. Historians later believed that this proof was actually a meteor.

1409: In a blitzkrieg, similar to Hitler's in our own timeline (OOT), Emperor Manuel crushed the Latin states of Naxos, Athens and Archea. Despite this being direct defiance against both the Ottomans and Venice, neither power noticed the conquest.

1410: Manuel's popularity swelled as increased trade from the newly liberated Greek provinces replace back-breaking taxes. With this a volunteer army quickly formed when Manuel declared his intention of the liberation of the homelands of the southern Balkans and most of Anatolia.

On the diplomatic front, the Emperor quickly secured a grand Orthodox alliance consisting of Serbia, Wallachia, and Georgia.

1411: Spring: Just as the Ottomans were crushing the last verges of pretender Sultan they received a declaration of war. At first the Sultan laughed at the idea the Romans (Byzantines) and their pitiful allies were actually trying to fight him. Three days later he received a note of a Crusade declared against him.

Summer: The Byzantines had just conquered all of Greece including the Sultan's own capital and recently landed on the Western coast of Anatolia. Meanwhile a Bulgarian rebellion resulted in the loss of the remaining Ottoman Europe. While in the East, Georgia occupied eastern Anatolia. The mastermind behind the success of Manuel, Gustos Baso, a German deserter of the recent Crusade which had recently captured Damascus.

The Rebirth of Byzantium (Comments)

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