It's 1926, Lev Davidovich Bronstein has made his power in the Soviet Union gigantic.

That is, after he showed the politicians and leaders of the Soviet Union a secretly-edited paper of Lenin.

This edited paper of Lenin held a great amount information and criticism toward Stalin, as well as other lower-ranked Soviet leaders. Originally the paper had criticism of Trotsky, but after he obtained the paper Trotsky removed all criticism about him.

So after removing Stalin from power over the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, he gave himself more power. He also reformed the Soviet motherland to be ruled more by the Soviet Councils, as he wanted to do in the Union.

But now, Trotsky's rise to power in the Soviet union we will see how the world reacts to this event, and how he will react to the world.

Latest headlines

  • January 1927, BZ am Mittag, Berlin: German victories in the East against the Soviets.
  • April 1927, Pravda, Moscow: Black Baron strikes again.
  • May 1927, Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, Berlin: Eastern European solidarity is strengthened in the war against Communism, as Germans, Poles, Romanians, Hungarians and Russians fight side by side.
  • May 1927, Rzeczpospolita, Warsaw: Heroes of Europe: President Józef Piłsudski, War Minister Paul von Hindenburg, Field Marshal "Black Baron" Pyotr Wrangel.
  • July 1927, Yokohama Mainichi Shinbun, Edō: Chaos in China, the Kuomintang takes over Nanjing, Kuomintang troops purge communists.
  • July 1926, New York Times, New York: Our city becomes the biggest city in the world, we surpassed London.


  1. It's strongly recommended to read up on your nation or region during the time period, and if you join later on in the game, learn the history of your region from archived turns.
  2. If a moderator be inactive in his duties for at least ten years in game, he will be considered as “honorary moderator” and will not have power unless requesting a return to the game with serious commitment.
  3. You only have five turns in-game to protest an implausible action. After this, the events taken place are deemed canon. However, if plausibility has suffered a big enough injury, a total of a ten turn retcon can take place with a moderator super majority.
  4. A player can be completely removed from the nation if they are inactive for five days. If their post is more than 75% identical (copy pasted) for a week and unresponsive, they can be considered for removal from the game.
  5. You can switch if your nation has been forcefully vassalized / conquered.

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The Game


Trotsky announces his intentions for worldwide communist revolution, causing huge shock waves around the world. Governments become less reluctant and more willing to address the threat possed by the Communists to their nations and worldwide to devote more resources in the battle against communism.

The Locarno Treaties are signed in London.

In Poland, the public humiliation that the Locarno Treaties caused as well as the belief that Poland was abandoned by its Western Allies and that Poland would be sacrificed to appease the Weimar Republic were the contributing factors to the fall of the Grabski cabinet by the May Coup orchestrated by Polish War Hero Józef Piłsudski.

Flooding of the River Rhine strikes Cologne and 50,000 residents are forced to evacuate their homes.

An assassination attempt against Italian leader Benito Mussolini fails.

General Óscar Carmona takes power in a military coup in Portugal.

Theodoros Pangalos declares himself dictator in Greece.

New York City becomes the largest city in the world, taking the lead from London.

Robert Goddard launches the first liquid-fuel rocket, at Auburn, Massachusetts.

Hejaz is conquered by Nejd and Abdul-Aziz ibn Saud is crowned King of Hejaz. Reza Khan becames shah of Persia and is crowned Shah of Iran under the name "Pahlevi".

The French navy bombards Damascus because of the Druze riots. The first Lebanese constitution was established. The Rif War ended when Rif rebels surrendered in Morocco to French and Spanish forces.

The Kuomintang begins a military unification campaign in northern China. Zhang Zuolin's army captured Beijing.

The Communist movement in India unifies and grows in influence.

  • The netherlands:We keep industrialising our nation and we also fund flemish rebels (secret).we ask the belgian government to talk about the autonomy of the flamands (mod response).we also stop claiming all guyanas except our own suriname.We also begin to send 50 000 USD to the Frontpartij and we also send 10 000 USD to Rattachist movements.We change our anthem to "Het willhelmus".We make 12 adminalen class boats so that we can defend ourself and or indonesian colonies from the soviet treat and we use steel traded from sweden
    • Belgian government refuses and relations deteriorate over this issue as Belgium feels insulted. ~Bear
  • Britain: We ponder the idea of Imperial Federation. The concept is brought up with the secretary of colonies. More settlers settle in Southern Rhodesia and Kenya with a new program to "Europeanize" these colonies. Other settlers go to Nyasaland, the slum of the Empire and Tanganyika. With India we begin to put into place a policy of anti-dissent. Though Gandhi is arrested we do begin to see the potential for the Dominion of India. Indian settlers also arrive in Iraq, South Africa, Malaya, and the East African colonies. Parliament does not go against the Balfour declaration and Jewish immigration to Palestine is encouraged. This however enrages local Arabs and Muslims. Many Jews and especially Australian General John Monash says that Palestine was Home to Jews 3000 years before the Muslims. Even with the Great War over we seek to maintain a small professional army and a modern Air Force. The fleet is kept in shape despite funds to in tip top shape. We begin to start researching new forms of armored warfare for the new modern conflicts shall it occur.
    • German Dip: We ask Britain to help us (Poland, Germany, Romania) defend Poland and Romania against the Soviet Union's invasion. Also we ask the British government to enable us to win the war against the cursed Soviets by handing us over the control of their part of the occupied Rhineland. Also we ask Britain to help us supply the Russian Liberation Army with military equipment as our Industrial capabilities are only limited.
    • Britain: Prime Minister Baldwin has convened with his cabinet as war broke out. Britain will ready an Imperial Army of 75,000 men of Jewish, Muslim and White soldiers in the Middle East to strike from Iraq into Persia. 100,000 Indians will strike from Balochistan while screened by part of the Indian Squadron and at least 10,000 ANZAC soldiers. The Dominions are still scared from the Great War and the massive death toll. In return we will at the end of the war grant you our section of the Rhineland in return for you recognizing our control over your former colonies.
    • German Dip: We accept the British counter offer, but we also ask the British to address he crucial issue of the supplies (military equipment, food) that the Russian Liberation Army need, as our Industrial capabilities are very limited.
  • Weimar Republic: An approach is made to the Polish government to settle our borders by Chancellor Hans Luther and his cabinet, same approach would be followed by Chancellor Wilhelm Marx and his cabinet. To which Count Kuno Graf von Westarp declined to comment until substantial info were released about the agreement. Alfred Hugenberg responded by calling them both traitors. Alfred Hugenberg led the German National People's Party's protests over the Locarno Treaties, but when Hans Luther resigned over the German Embassy controversy, he declared his full support over his actions, with the rest of the German National People's Party joining their voices accusing the MPs that were part of the majority that censured the Chancellor as subservient to the Allied governments thus accusing them of high treason, for as Alfred Hugenberg said "I may have not always agreed with Hans Luther, but he was a person i always respected, but now i admire cause he had the guts to stand up to all of you allied lackeys and your Allied masters and defend our proud heritage, the flag of our Fatherland. All of you disgrace our nation." The German National People's Party (DNVP) started to amass support with thousands of new members joining the DNVP to a large part thanks to Alfred Hugenberg Media Empire positive coverage and party ideology propaganda, although favoring the Nationalist and the Monarchist wings of the party rather than the Republican and the Conservative ones and promoting Alfred Hugenberg as the leader of the Nationalist and the Monarchist wings of the DNVP, thus openly antagonizing the leader of the party Count Kuno Graf von Westarp, putting Alfred Hugenberg at odds with the party's leadership. After Luther's government fell, Stresemann suggested Wilhelm Marx as chancellor and Hindenburg appointed him. Count Kuno Graf von Westarp put the German National People's Party (DNVP) in an uneasy alliance with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Centre Party in order to support Wilhelm Marx as Chancellor with the stated aim of pulling German politics toward the right. This however forced Monarchist and Nationalist wings and the fraction of the DNVP mostly closely associated with the Pan-German League to start a major effort to take over the party's grass-roots to prevent another "betrayal", a quick, but steady process that would ultimately prove the undoing of Count Kuno Graf von Westarp. The opposition to Count Kuno Graf von Westarp leadership, rallied under Alfred Hugenberg more right-wing approach. Eventually a no-confidence motion sees Count Kuno Graf von Westarp resigning and Alfred Hugenberg becoming the undisputed leader of the German National People's Party (DNVP). His first action is to open the party back to the increasingly alienated Republican and the Converservative voters in order to keep them satisfied with the party so that any unpleasant losses during the next elections won't occur. He also creates a broader right-wing Nationalist coalition under the name German Nationalist Coalition for the Revival of the Greater Reich (GNCRGR) thus he invited other right-wing parties like the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP), Reich Party for Civil Rights and Deflation (VRP), Reich Party of the German Middle Class (WP), German Völkisch Freedom Party (DVFP) to attend the first conference of the German Nationalist Coalition for the Revival of the Greater Reich (GNCRGR) whose purpose would be to pressure for elections happen as soon as possible and its duty as government would be to restore the German Reich to its former Glory. All of the parties attended the conference, in which Alfred Hugenberg offered his full support to the cause, to help with its financing using his vast fortune and utilize his media empire to propagandize for the cause, while also featuring the likes of Franz Seldte, Heinrich Class, Theodor Duesterberg and Fritz Thyssen and many other Industrialists attending there, ith many of them being part of the Pan German League, likewise offered their support to the cause, to help with its financing, endorse it and some of them even offer to campaign for it. Invited Party leaders like Adolf Hitler (NSDAP), Adolf Bauser (VRP), Albrecht von Graefe (DVFP) all were impressed by the dedication of the German National People's Party (DNVP) new leadership and the Pan-German League to the cause of restoring the German Reich to its former glory and enticed by the sheer amount of resources they would have in their disposal for the cause. After some details like the coalitions position in the Restoration of the Monarchy in the Weimar Republic were worked out with a compromise being made, that monarchy would be restored, however the monarch would have little to no power in his hands. Thus the German Nationalist Coalition for the Revival of the Greater Reich (GNCRGR) was created. The Parties that made up the coalition soon agreed to cooperate further thus merged into one unified party, the German Nationalist Reich Party (DNRP). Hugenberg then supported by Adolf Hitler and various others far-right politicians and hard-liners proceed to eliminate internal party democracy and instill a führerprinzip within the German Nationalist Reich Party (DNRP), while a few moderate members wanted to break away, they were forced to remain within the party after being blackmailed, for the sake of the unity of the party, as presenting itself as fractured would only strengthen their opponents in the upcoming elections and move them further from achieving their cause. Hugenberg was able to justify his actions to most of his party members and voters however, as he said that extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. With Adolf Hitler entering mainstream politics as the second in command in the German Nationalist Reich Party (DNRP), he also become its public speaker and one its its main figures. With Hitler's charisma and Hugenberg media empire and the Industrialist's resources the German Nationalist Reich Party (DNRP) pressured the Reichstag to vote for a no confidence motion for Chancellor Wilhelm Marx and his cabinet to resign as they were nothing but a disgrace for the German people. The motion of no confidence might have failed, although it was surprisingly supported by the Communist Party of Germany(KPD) leader Ernst Thälmann and his MPs. However due to Hitler's charisma and fire in his speech inspired the popular July Protests all across Germany that were suppressed, that led to the uprisings all across Germany, forcing Chancellor Wilhelm Marx to resign and elections to be proclaimed. During the short electoral campaign both Hugenberg and Hitler called for a swift response to be given to the USSR and an anti-Commitern military alliance in Eastern Europe to be created, to act as a buffer for the Soviet Union with Germany as to halt Soviet advance in case of war. This along with the other popular positions like restoration of the monarchy but with little to no power to the Kaiser as it was perceived as more realistic and commonly accepted, unification with German brethren in Austria, Sudetenland, Poland, Alsace-Lorraine, South Tyrol, Danzig, the East Cantons and Luxembourg and Pan-Germanism were put as milestones of the German Nationalist Reich Party's  platform for the September 1926 elections. The German Nationalist Reich Party (DNRP) manages to win over 18.560.000 votes 58% of the total votes, even managing to attract some socialist votes thanks to Hitler and 286 seats in the Reichstag thus getting the majority of it pulling an almost impossible victory. This elections also saw the other parties percentages plummeting, with Ernst Thälmann's KPD being the only exception, dealing with minor loses. By the end of December Alfred Hugenberg is elected as Chancellor by the Reichstag and Adolf Hitler as President also by the Reichstag, which was dominated by German Nationalist Reich Party (DNRP) members. A cabinet is appointed with Adolf Bauser as Vice-Chancellor, Joachim von Ribbentrop as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joseph Göbbels as Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, Albert Speer as Minister for Armaments and War Production, Hjalmar Schacht as Minister for Economics, Hermann Göring as Minister of Aviation, Wilhelm Frick as Minister of the Interior, Fritz Thyssen as Minister of Justice, Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk as Minister of Finance, Franz Seldte as Minister for Labour and Paul Von Hindenburg as Minister of War. First act of this cabinet is to request Wilhelm II their Kaiser to return to Germany to serve as their Sovereign in an constitutional monarchy, thus restoring the monarchy, albeit with very limited powers. The DNRP government pursues a greatly enlarged and more aggressive version of the previous secret rearmament that the Weimar Republic conducted until now. During its struggle for power, the German Nationalist Reich Party (DNRP) promised to recover Germany's lost national pride. It proceeded with military rearmament claiming that the Treaty of Versailles and the acquiescence of the Weimar Republic were an embarrassment for all Germans. The rearmament became the topmost priority of the German government. Hugenberg would then spearhead one of the greatest expansions of industrial production and civil improvement Germany had ever seen. Interior Minister Wilhelm Frick, a relatively unknown figure at this time, and Minister for Economics Hjalmar Schacht, proceed to introduce a wide variety of schemes in order to tackle the effects that the Hyperinflation had on Germany, were the main key players of German rearmament policies (Dummy companies like MEFO are set up to finance the rearmament; MEFO obtained the large amount of money needed for the effort through the Mefo bills, a certain series of credit notes issued by the Government of Weimar Republic. Covert organizations like the Deutsche Verkehrsfliegerschule are established under a civilian guise in order to train pilots for the future Luftwaffe.) The massive DNRP re-armament policy starts to increase employment. The re-armament began a sudden change in fortune for many factories in Germany. We officially change our name back to German Reich and it is celebrated by millions of people all across the nation cheering in every city, town and villages, with parades in the streets. Many industries were taken out of a deep crisis that had been induced by the Hyperinflation. As news of the Soviet invasion of Poland reach the ears of Chancellor Alfred Hugenberg and President Adolf Hitler, they immediately send a declaration of war to the Soviet Union and mobilize the Reichswehr to defend Poland from the advancing Soviet troops as the Soviet threat has grown too much to ignore and a Soviet victory in Poland would have Soviet troops advancing at our borders which is a possibility we can't allow to happen. A General mobilization follows. The Enabling Act is passed by the Reichstag, amendment that gave the German Cabinet – in effect, Chancellor Alfred Hugenberg – the power to enact laws without the involvement of the Reichstag, argued that it was nessecary now that Soviets were invading Eastern Europe. The Night of the Long Knives takes place, which was a political purge aimed at consolidating Chancellor Alfred Hugenberg's power in Germany and remove enemies from within, such as communist and socialist sympathisers and advocates, as the Reich had entered a war against the Soviet Union just recently. Most prominent of the people killed are Ernst Thälmann leader of the KPD, Ernst Röhm leader of the SA, leading members of the small but still dangerous left-wing Strasserist faction of the German Nationalist Reich Party (DNRP), along with its figurehead, Gregor Strasser and his brother, as well as establishment conservatives centrists and other people opposing the regime, such as former Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher, former DNVP leader Count Kuno Graf von Westarp and Bavarian politician Gustav Ritter von Kahr, who had suppressed Adolf Hitler's Munich Beer Hall Putsch in 1923. Crackdown on Communism also takes place. However some rumors claim that communist/socialist leaders like Ernst Thälmann leader of the KPD, Ernst Röhm leader of the SA and Gregor Strasser and his brother Otto Strasser are locked in a cage deep in some secret underground facilities where its rumored that they entertain high ranked DNRP members and Aristocrats (Junkers and Rhine Industrialists) acting like monkeys and other animals or get either poked or beaten with sticks. The SA, the SS, the Gestapo, the Stahlhelm, the newly raised Freikorps as well as every other right-wing paramilitary group loyal to the DNRP government are all assigned under the command of the Reichswehr, with Minister of War Paul Von Hinderburg further consolidating Reichswehr power and influence over those paramilitary groups. Roughly 2.000.000 Reichswehr troops march against the advancing Soviet troops in Poland. At the same time, as a payment for our assistance, 200.000 Reichswehr troops march in Danzig and occupy it and Chancellor Alfred Hugenberg and President Adolf Hitler in a joint press conference proclaim Danzig's annexation to the German Reich. We start a huge project to befriend the White emigres and we create a volunteer army with the aim of liberating Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and we call it the Russian Liberation Army in which we offer White emigres to fight to liberate their homeland. Monarchists are also told that they would be supported in the event of a victory against the Communists at important issues like the restoration of their land and το establish their dominance in the newly liberated Russian lands in the aftermarth of the war. In order to reach a compromise between Russian monarchists and republicans we propose a solution where Russia becomes a constitutional monarchy with the monarch having no real power temporary and referendums are conducted on whatever Russia should have a monarch and what his powers should be and on the status of regions like Ukraine and Belarus on whatever they should be independent, become autonomous or just a part of Russia. Any POWs that are captured from the Soviet Union army, excluding POWs with communist beliefs are offered to be freed in order to join the Russian Liberation Army and fight to liberate their homeland from the Communists. Within the Russian Liberation Army separate corps are made for Ukrainians and Belarussians. They are armed with whatever weaponry we can spare, or whatever weaponry we can capture from the Soviet Army. Baron Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel is offered the command of the Russian Liberation Army as its Field Marshal. (Mod Response)
    • Mod - Baron Pyotr Wrangel agrees. - Warrior
  • Portugal: The current President Bernardino Machado has been overthrown in a military coup by Manuel de Oliveira Gomes da Costa. Seeking more support he consitutes a plebiscite on the status of monarch to which it ends in 53% in favor of restoration of the monarchy. The results are accepted among the military Junta and the former king Manuel is invited to the throne, but remains a figurehead as the country's power is in the military. The current regime is heavily anti-communist begin to search out possible searches and arrest them. Persecution in the colonies of Africa where pro-communist sentiment is believed to lie in particular is targeted. Development of Macao continues as workers are encouraged to move there.
  • Hungary: Economy begins to improve in Hungary and military begins to recruit troops. The fortifications begin to build as it seeks out to an upcoming threat. Hungary looks to improve relations as it looks to benefit for trades, while the buildings began to build in Budapest for population increase.
    • German Dip: Hungary is offered an alliance.
    • Hungarian Dip: We accept the alliance.
    • German Dip: We ask our Hungarian allies to join as to help defend Europe, Poland specifically from the Soviet Union's invasion.
    • Romanian Dip: We assure that Hungary won't be attacked unless they are agressors on any party involved in the Little Entente.
    • Hungarian Dip: We agree to join and defend Europe from the Soviet Union invasion. We send 300,000 troops to defend Europe and Poland from the Soviet Union.
    • German Dip: We supply Hungary with military equipment, along with dispatching military advisors to train their army and introduce it to more advanced doctrines as a reward for joining the war to defend Poland. We also ask Hungary to help us supply the Russian Liberation Army with military equipment as our Industrial capabilities are only limited and to enlist their Soviet POWs in the Russian Liberation Army if they are willing to fight to free their homeland from the Communists.
    • Hungarian Dip: We agree with Germany to help supply the Russian Liberation Army and enlist Soviet POWs.
  • Fengtian Clique- Fengtian Clique starts to stop relations with Beiyang Government as their the main war participant. Feeling of being used and at the end to be united under the Northern Expedition seems to be a bad deal for Warlord Zhang Zuolin. He feels he should no longer support the Beiyang Government and start his own faction called the Méngguó. It wants to invite the Zhili Clique. Defensive operations are carried out against the Japanese. Especially the S.M.R (Japanese Administration Zone) south of the Fengtian Clique. While it tries to say good relations we already know that the Japanese ambitions to go to China due to its history (Korean War, Chinese-Japanese War). Early style trenches can be seen from the main point, Dandong which has the most defenses going up north and east along the border OTL G201 Road into Tonghua and Baishan then passing again north into Yanbian which is also highly defended with bunkers and trenches and then ending at the Fengtia - Soviet - Japanese border. Tonghau is also defended well as its main weak point. The Yalu River is also used in case of an attack from the Japanese. Crossing it would be hard as there isn't major bridges tanks and heavy artillery can use. Fengtian economy grows. Major coal mine is set up in Harbin to improve the economy, it would be called Harbinese Nationalised Coal Mine. 100% of the coal goes to the government which it can deal. Warlord of Fengtian Clique also nationalises off of other raw resources the making a Naval port for Fishermen at Dalian. Many generals stated it could be used for other uses, especially military but Warlord of Manchuria, Generalissimo Zhang Zuolin decline and said it will not declare war any time soon and if it will it would need infantry and will not use its resources for military. So the dock is only for trade and for fishing. Due to the Japanese Nationalism the Fengtian Clique seeks to find fellow Cliques of China particularly Chinese Communist Party as they seem to be closer in case of an attack. Both hate Japan and main China. Fengtian Communist Party by Mao Zemin. Fengtian Clique also wants to seek international trade it asks Kingdom of Italy for a trade deal they they can compromise. The trade deal would go to the Yellow Sea, Into the Gulf of Thailand then the Bay of Bengal, Then into the Arabian Sea. followed by the land of the Somalians. A colony of Italy. Fengtian Clique also makes a democratic party called Fengtian Kuomintang Party. Built by Kuomintang believers who think that they can unite with Kuomintang and bring democracy and capitalism into Fengtian Clique. The Warlord Responded by disallowing them to make any official speeches in public property. Even though this was said The F.K.P still did this in public. This responded in a mass purge. People who were part of the F.K.P were jailed for disobeying the Warlords Requests. They will be jailed until further notice. Youth Wing called the Fengtian Youth League is formed. All around the country, children seven to 15 are conscripted in the group. Over 500,000 children are taught the basics of first aid and basic survival and tips in case of an attack. Newspaper called the Shuōhuà set up by the students of Changchun. The newspaper can be seen all over Changchun and other major cities like Harbin and Shenyang. They denounce the Kuomintang's Unification and rather be in a Chinese Communist unified state rather than a Kuomintang one. Warlord Zhang Zuolin is now staying in Beijing until further notice.
    • The Kingdom of Italy refuses the trade deal for now, citing their attempt to ally with the communists.
    • USSR: We offer an alliance to the Fengtian Clique for offering support to the Communists and we secretly give arms and finicial support to the Communist parties and factions in the Fengtian Clique.
    • Fengtian Dip: We accept this alliance that USSR gave. Fengtian Communist Party would be formed and supported by USSR and hopefully Chinese Communist Party.
  • Kingdom of Italy: To make up for industrial short comings, Duce Benito Mussolini initiates the first seven year plan to help industrialize the nation. Meanwhile, dissenters are being punished, and the nation makes sure that this will be a resistance free Italy. In our colonies in Libya, Arab reserves are created, to separate Arabs and Whites, and to monopolize the power of the colonizers. In Eritrea and Somaliland, our forces begin building up for a conquest of Ethiopia. The Arab reserves in Libya have a noticeably lower quality of life, and are built to be easy to govern and control. Arabs are no longer taught to read and write in Arabic, but in the Roman alphabet, in a Kemal esque modernization. The military is being modernized. Anti Trotskyist propaganda is spread. We reach out to the Weimar Republic, France, Portugal, and Britain for alliances against the Trotskyite threat. (PLAYER REPONSE). Fiat 3000 Tanks are mass produced. A new heavy tank, the Caesar, is being developed.
    • German Dip: We ask Italy for an alliance and their help to defend Poland from the Soviet threat.
    • Italy: Mussolini agrees.
    • German Dip: We ask Italy to help us supply the Russian Liberation Army with military equipment as our Industrial capabilities are only limited.
    • Italy: Agreed. 
  • Colombia: Under the rule of a conservative government, Colombia has entered into a period of great economic growth and change. A large amount of foreign investment, mainly from the United States, has lead to a boom in coffee exports and the growth of industry in the major cities.  But this growth has not been without cost. In order to keep the country attractive to foreign investors, the government refuses to implement any social or economic reforms meaning that the workers suffer under very low wages and sometimes dangerous working conditions. Following Trosky's call for world revolution the Socialist Party of Colombia begins to organize strikes and recruit new members to challenge this system.  They still believe that these problems can be solved within the democratic system without the need for a workers revolution. Meanwhile, the government begins to invest in infrastructure in the rural countryside to better connect the country.  The army stands at 50,000, which mainly serves as a police force to patrol the countryside.
    • Italian Dip: We offer the conservative Colombian government 50 Fiat 3000 Tanks and 35,000 rifles against the Trotskyite saboteurs.
    • Soviet Dip: Seeing and hearing of the birth of a Revolution in Colombia we fund the Socialist Party of Colombia 50,000 rifles and 100 tanks
    • Kawaii, you don't have the means to do that yet. You would actually have to transport that to Colombia, and the USSR in 1926 doesnt have the industrial capacity to transport 100 tanks to colombian rebels. You still havent begun five year plans or building up of the navy. Columbian navy will try to block you. To make it more plasubile, channel in money or something. - Warrior mod
    • Colombian response: We accept the generous aid of the Italians and condenm the the Soviets for meddling in our internal affairs.
    • German Dip: We offer military advisors and some weaponry and we send our apologies to the Columbian government for not been able to assist them more, however with the Soviet invasion of Poland currently we are too pre-occupied.
  • Spain: After winning the brutal Rif War with the help of the French, we decide it is necessary to avoid the mistakes of the war. We decide to improve our military by producing 50 Trubias as the main infantry tank and create the schematics for our new anti-armor tank that was a lot larger than the Trubia but had a 75mm gun on the tank. The army is focused on the smaller details. To re-attain the support of the army and the people, we begin the repoblación of our colonies. We prioritize all those who fought in the Rif war, then the army and then the general public. We send the majority of our colonists to Rif to pacify the province from further rebellion around 15,000 adding to the 85,000 Spaniards in Rif, we also give the Jebola better status in our nation in return for their support in the Rif War.  We subsidize any private enterprises that also want the settle our colonies. We support the military to maintain our dictatorship over the nation and any pan-iberian factions.
  • Сою́з Сове́тских Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик: Leon Trotsky brings the Red Paper to the Politburo the Central Committee,and the People's Congress, all meeting in Moscow which contains a series of documents written by the then terminally ill and now deceased leader of the Revolution Vladimir Lenin, with the main focus being Lenin's scathing reports on General Secretary Joseph Stalin. In response to the Red Papers, the Politburo and the Central Comittee go into an uproar and after intense debate General Secretary Joseph Stalin is removed from power and Leon Trotsky, the founder and former People's Commissar of Military and Naval Affairs (Commander of Red Army) as well as the primary Bolshevik victor in the Russian Civil War, is elected as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Communist Party, and Trotsky subsequently addresses the people. "Men and women of the Soviet Union, workers of the world, I am filled with joy to address you, the people, for the first time as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, for this year we celebrate our 9th anniversary of the establishment of the Russian Soviet Federative Republic and the the 4th year anniversary of the formation of the CCCP as well as the 3rd year anniversary of the victory of the Red Army in the Russian Civil War. I do not need to remind you of the years of struggle and hardship from 1914-1924, from World War I, to the February and October Revolutions, to the Russian Civil War. Yes, we were ill supplied, outnumbered, outgunned, against the onslaught of the Whites and Interventionist armies, but we defended Russia from both the Imperialists and the capitalists, and we formed the Soviet Union. While we successfully defended the Soviet Union and secured the Revolution, we had failed in the former member states of the Russian Empire, primarily in the 1920 Battle of Warsaw, Poland, where Joseph Stalin disobeyed my orders to engage with the Polish Army, and we were decisively defeated by the forces of General Jozef Pilsudski, decimating our dreams to continue the fire of Communism across the world. Now, 6 years later, the same General Jozef Pilsudski has coup d'eat himself to power in Poland, and is now oppressing the people of Poland. We can not stand for this comrades! For it is our moral obligation to not only liberate the people of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus, but all of Poland, for they were once Russians, thus I declare war on the Second Republic of Poland and mobilize the Red Army, from 800,000 troops to 1,000,000 invading Poland initially from the Ukraine and Belaru and call upon 1,000,000 troops once again to invade Poland, and this time we shall be victorious for we are united as one and not bogged down by warring the Interventionists! The Communist Revolution shall not only sweep across Poland, but among all the people of the Earth, yes, there shall be a Communist Revolution across the world, and the governments of all nations shall tremble for their people shall be free from their rule, and thus I call upon every worker in the world to rise up against your oppressors, and seize the means of production! Our hearts and minds and support go out to every Communist party, every socialist party, and every worker union, the Revolution shall never cease until every worker on Earth is free!" The initial Soviet advance is successful as we quickly break through Polish lines and we reach Warsaw where fighting becomes heavy and brutal thus we surround the city and enter it hoping to kill General Pilsudski. Meanwhile, domestically universal employement is reached and a massive industrialisation campaign begins and the educational system is reformed. In response to the Allied intervention in Poland, two million Red Army troops are mobilized in order to defend the CCCP, making the total number of troops to be three million soldiers.
    • No, you don't Algo decides the outcome of this war. ~Bear
    • Where is the algo? I posted this in place of the algo because this is roughly what happened in the Polish-Soviet War. The initial breakthrough is plausible but where the Soviets halt their advance is up to debate.
    • Vat took over the algo and its gonna be ready soon, for now just enjoy the delayed turn. Also yes you would have advanced but up how farther into Poland you would advance its debatable so lets just wait for the algo. Plus Warsaw is pretty far away and German Reich and Romania just joined the war against you so right now you have the numerical disanvantage. ~Bear
    • Italian Response: 10,000 Italian blackshirts join the fight on Poland and Germany's side. They make it clear they are not under the order of Mussolini. (SECRET-Mussolini is behind these "volunteers")
    • Portugese Response: A brave 3,000 volunteers move to help the Polish men who are being attacked by the Red devil. (Note: Just people volunteering to help out nothing more nothing less)
  • Argentina: Under the presidency of Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear, the economy of Argentina reached peak performance with its economy being one of the strongest in South America. Due to over reliance on foreign manufactured goods, Argentina begins import substitution industrialisation by placing tariffs in order to help the growth of domestic industries. Government investment in also placed in helping industrialisation. The farming and agricultural sector is wealthy with Argentina's major exports being beef and wheat. The government begins building infrastructure in rural areas in order to connect them to the rest of the country. Nationalism and far right sentiment is growing in the country, with the Logia General San Martin spreading right wing sentiment through the military. The military is being improved upon and expanded slightly with the army standing at 50,000. The government tries to establish friendly relations with the fellow conservative nation of Colombia for trade agreements (Player response). Meanwhile more plans are constructed to help industrialisation and the government asks for foreign governments to help fund this (Player response).
    • Colombian response: We accept the offer to establish friendly relations and offer you a favorable trade agreement.
    • German Dip: Various Junkers and Rhine Industrialists express their interest in the grand project of industralization thats been forwarded by the Argentinian government, with the most important of them being Minister for Labour Franz Seldte, Heinrich Class, Theodor Duesterberg, Minister of Justice Fritz Thyssen and Chancellor Alfred Hugenberg. However the German government apologizes as its too preoccupied right now to offer support against the commies now, as they are currently on a war with the Soviet Union.
  • Poland(Second Polish Republic): The May Coup is successful. Józef Klemens Piłsudski accepts the presidency and becomes president. A series of autohoritarian measures are initiated. The army is strengthened. Sweeping limitations on the parliamentary government are enforced severly limiting the influence of political parties. Powers of the Sejm are limited by constitutional amendments. The Sanation regime is established. The government clamps down on corruption. The government recognises ethnic minorities and their languages. A new constitution to transform the country to a presidential system of democracy is in the works. The government jalis communists and the public adopts an anti-communist outlook. Mass education plans and housing plans are formulated. The army size is raised to 900,000 from 700,000 (In August 1920, the Polish army had reached a total strength of 737,767 people as given on wiki) with a heavy focus on cavalry. Our army attacks the Soviet Red Army being commandeered by Marshal Josef Pilsudski himself, a great general. With better organization and an organized economy to support us we are able to repel the Soviet attack. We request help from Germany against the Bolsheviks. (BEAR RESPONSE)
    • German Dip: Reluctantly we offer our full support to Poland as the Soviet threat has become too big to ignore. We also supply Poland with military equipment, along with dispatching military advisors to train their army and introduce it to more advanced doctrines in order to assist Poland to win the war. We also ask Romania to help us supply the Russian Liberation Army with military equipment as our Industrial capabilities are only limited and to enlist their Soviet POWs in the Russian Liberation Army if they are willing to fight to free their homeland from the Communists. However we demand that Poland recognizes our annexation of Danzig.
    • Poland Diplomacy: We recognize the German annexation of Danzig. We arm the anti-communist Soviet POWs and our armies with German and Polish weapons. The Soviet PoWs form the 1st Russian Liberati1st Division. We move to attack the Soviets.
  • Romania: We begin establishing relations with the former Central Powers, assuring Hungary we won't attack them unless they are the aggressors as ruled by the Little Entente. We support the Poles and offer to join them, asking the Allies, as well as the Berlin-Budapest Axis to support Poland. We propose trade deals with Germany and a formal reunion of the two Hohenzollern-influenced countries. (BEAR RESPONSE). King Charles II of Romania dies in a car accident, leading to the ascendence of Prince Michael to king under the regency of the Metropolite of Romania, Prince Nicholas and Nicolae Iorga. Codrin Zelea-Codreanu is asked to be consulted with the regency council, as the King believes only together can Romania fare the Soviet threat. 
    • German Dip: We agree to the proposed trade deals. After joining the war against the Soviets to help defend Poland, we ask Romania to join us to help us keep the Soviet threat at bay.
    • Romanian Dip: We agree and attack the Soviet Union with 450.000 troops, striking at the Transnistria, taking Tiraspol by surprise and marching toward Odessa.
    • No, you don't algo decide the outcome of this war. ~Bear
    • German Dip: We ask Romania for Oil which is needed thanks to the war, as they are the biggest producer in Europe, in exchange we offer them to supply them with military equipment, along with military advisors to train their army and introduce it to more advanced doctrines. We also ask Romania to help us supply the Russian Liberation Army with military equipment as our Industrial capabilities are only limited and to enlist their Soviet POWs in the Russian Liberation Army if they are willing to fight to free their homeland from the Communists.
    • Romanian Dip: We wholeheartedly agree. 
  • Iran => Persian Soviet Republic: It was 15 years since Persian Constitutional Revolution failed. The causes of the revolution have not gone and by the start of 1926 the situation heated up to the limit. At 12th of March starving, frozen crowd went to a demonstration in Tehran and was shot by Shah's forces. This was the last straw for the people of Iran and new revolution started. North Persia and Iranian Azerbaijan became the centre of the revolution where people formed Soviets and Persian Red army. The revolution was lead by Persian Communist Party and its leader Taqi Arani. By march of 1926 the Soviet Republic controlled all North Iran and 3rd of June took over Tehran. Red Army started invasion into South Persia. New Soviet government started reforms such as separation of church and state; Equation of women's rights with men; Redistribution of land between peasants and aristocrats in favor of peasants etcetera. Persian Soviet Republic asks for help from Soviet Union and suggest Trotsky the treaty on peace and borders. Communist Party starts propaganda among peasants to prevernt islamic minds. On the teeritory of Persian SFSR every ethnicity gets its right self-determination so there were created Azerbaijan SSR (lately united with Northern Azerbaijan), Kurdish SSR, Turkish SSR etc.
    • Specify which Azerbaijan you mean and you may be allowed to procceed with your rebellion, as Northern Azerbaijan is under the Soviet Union is communist therefore a communist uprising makes zero sense except if its directed against the Soviet Union, which contradicts with the rest of your post, now i know that you mean South Azerbaijan (Iranian part of Azerbaijan) but just specify that.  ~Bear
    • Soviet Diplomacy: We offer the Persian Soviet Republic to be an official nation in the USSR and under the Persian Soviet Republic shall be a unified Azerbaijan Soviet Republic.
    • Persian Congress of Soviets sign the declaration on entering the USSR as Persian SFSR.
  • Brazil: Elections are held in 1926, and surprisingly, a new political party called "Novo Nacionalismo", or New Nationalism, makes major gains, and in the Presidential election, a runoff is needed. In the runoff, the Republican Party of Sao Paolo wins, but is immediately suspected of fraud in the election. The result is a military coup, in which Augusto Tasso Fragoso, a general, seizes power. Fragoso declares himself dictator, and establishes a New Nationalist state. He promises in a speech that he is building up Brazil's newly flourishing middle class, supporting industrialism, enforcing the rule of law, and rebuiding the military. Taxes are raised on the rich, and investments in infrastrcture are made. Fragoso asks foreign countries (but not communists) for investors. He also says that Brazil will cut off trade with countries that do not recognize his government. Brazil asks Peru for an alliance (MOD RESPONSE). In the meantime, the government begins to fund infrastructure, including government-owned railroads which constantly bring in money to the government, and government bridge and canal projects, all as a way to boost economic growth and thus boost taxes. Carlos de Campos is made Minister of Infrastructure and Development, Getulio Vargas is made Minister of Finance, Joao de Deus Mena Barreto is made Minister of War, and others are put in charge of other departments. The government cracks down on communism.
    • German Dip: We immidietely recognize the rightfull Nationalist Brazilian Government. Various Junkers and Rhine Industrialists express their interest in the grand project of industralization thats been forwarded by the Brazilian government, with the most important of them being Minister for Labour Franz Seldte, Heinrich Class, Theodor Duesterberg, Minister of Justice Fritz Thyssen and Chancellor Alfred Hugenberg.
    • Peru accepts the aliance with Brazil ~Tullin
  • Saudi Sultanate of Nejd: The Hejaz region is placed under the rule of Hassan ibn Abdul Al Aziz where he is told to unite the Hejaz region, while the city Riyhad is worked on. We send Imamas to Syria to help rise up Support for a Islamic Sultanate, as this idea is called "Hejazism" with the current Bombing of Damascus. The army of Al Saudi is placed in Riyhad to help bring more power to the Kingdom. We send a invite to Persia.
    • German Dip: Chancellor Alfred Hugenberg, Minister of Justice Fritz Thyssen, Minister for Labour Franz Seldte, Heinrich Class, Theodor Duesterberg along with various other Junkers and Rhine Industrialists express their interest in jointly developing the oilfields in Saudi Arabia. This also comes with a promise of mutual assistance after our war with the Soviet Union ends, in which we shall help Saudi Arabia industralize and provide them with military equipment.
  • France: In a quick and bloodless coup d’État Charles Maurras seizes power for himself and Action Française. Murrass declares himself regent and Caputor of the resorted Kingdom of France. Murrass organizes a temporary transitional government for the future. His first action is to begin to expand France’s industrial capability and settlement of the French Governed Saarland.
    • German Reich: We protest the scandalous and outrageous settling of German occupied Saarland which currently is under the mandate of the League of Nations, deeming it to be illegal and violating the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. We immidietely take legal action against France in the Permanent Court of International Justice after learning this sad news, using a complaint in the League of Nations as well. We ask for the foreign powers to intervene here. French are also warned that this would worsen our relations shall they proceed with this and threatens to destroy any efforts of peacefull coexistance between our nations. That being said we arrange a backstage deal where we offer them a settlement, Germany shall recognize Alsace-Lorraine as French and WW1 reparations shall be repayed to the fullest. Also the possibility of a population exchange is discussed where we would take all the ethnic German people in Alsace-Lorraine back to Germany, leaving sufficient properties behind that shall become French and our breathen would only get lightly compensated, thus leaving a lot of profit for the French. In return we shall be given back the French occupied Rhineland and Saarland.
    • Kingdom of Italy: Benito Mussolini offers to try and meditate the situation between the two countries and says that they should focus on the real enemy, the Trotskyites.
    • German Dip: We also warn the French that this could have really bad effects for all of Europe as the Communist threat is looming. (And my plan B is turning Commie)
    • France Dip: Charles Murras says yeet, this offer is a scam. He does this after looking at the reperations that Germany still has to pay and that Germany already regonizes Alasce-Lorriane. By looking at the reperations Murras knowingly realizes they will be impossible for Germany to pay off and because of that encourages settlement so that the coal of the Saarland shall provide long term economic stablity.
    • German Dip: We warn France that there are gonna be consequences for this.
  • Sweden: We feel threatened by our proximity to the Soviet motherland. Better relations within Scandinavian nations are forged in the event the Red Army decides to add the peninsula to its sphere of influence. Our military is upgraded to match current standards, as well as trying to keep neutral until forced to break out arms. We send naval craft to periodically patrol the Baltic Sea, and keep an eye on Russian activity. There are whispers of revolution in Malmö, desiring to reinstate the Swedish Empire under a nationalist government.
    • German Dip: We ask Sweden for iron and to help us supply the Russian Liberation Army, as our industrial capabilities are very limited and this is crucial to the war effort against the Soviets. In return we offer them designs of advanced military tech as well as military advisors to train, modernize their army, introduce it to advanced doctrines and bring it on par with Western nations.
    • Secret Italian Diplomacy: Mussolini channels money onto the Swedish nationalists, hoping for a strong anti Soviet deterent.


Soviet Union is able to push deep into Polish territory, taking control of Stanisławów, Tarnopol, Wołyń, Nowogródek Voivodeships and especially parts where Ukrainians or Belarussians reside, whom they tend to be more supportive to the Soviets, however soon German reinforcements arrive and the Soviets are pushed back from Poland by the German counter-offensive and slight advances are made into Soviet territory by German and Polish troops. Romania with Hungarian help manages to take over Tiraspol and even Odessa, which they lose to Soviet counter-offensives.

Iranian revolution largely fails to gather sufficient local support to hold against the Shah's forces and with no Soviet help arriving and with various radical islamist groups rising up and harasing the communist supply lines from the Soviet Union they are pushed entirely from the ethnic Persian majority areas into the Kurdish SSR, the Azerbaijani SSR and the Gilaki and Mazanderani ethnic areas along the Caspian Sea.

As German, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian and Russian soldiers fight side by side as brothers against the Soviet threat, this demonstration of soliditarity among Eastern European "brothers" is gonna serve the next generations as an example of what they can accompliss if they just put their differences aside.

The Russian Liberation Army grows in power and strength under the command of Field Marshal Pyotr Wrangel and is being sufficiently equipped. Field Marshal Pyotr Wrangel, the infamous Black Baron as known to the Soviets leads many successfull offensives against the Soviets striking fear into the hearts of the Soviets. Minsk is captured by the Russian Liberation Army and Pyotr Wrangel sets up the second Provisional All-Russian Government and declares himself temporarily as the "Supreme Ruler and Commander-in-Chief of All Russian Land and Sea Forces" until the Soviets are defeated, although the Russian Assembly has sufficient powers. Thousands of Russians, Ukrainians and Belorussians of Monarchist or Republican backgrounds, who previously were White Emigres or Soviet PoWs, join the Russian Liberation Army, bringing its total strength to more than 1,2 million troops.

In Mexico, the entry into force of anticlerical measures stipulated in the constitution of 1917 caused the Cristero War. The Cristero War erupts in Mexico when Catholic rebels attack the government, which had placed heavy restrictions on the Catholic Church.

In Greece, Georgios Kondylis ousted dictator Theodoros Pangalos. Then Pavlos Kountouriotis announced that dictatorship had ended in Greece and he was now the president.

The sudden death of popular film actor and sex symbol Rudolph Valentino at the age of only 31 years old caused mass grief and hysteria around the world.

The North Side Gang attempted to assassinate Al Capone, spraying his headquarters in Cicero, Illinois with over a thousand rounds of machine gun fire in broad daylight as Capone was eating there. Capone escaped harm.

The village of Rocquebillier in the French Riviera was almost destroyed in a massive hailstorm.

A democratically elected government was overthrown in Lithuania, with Antanas Smetona assuming power.

Nicaraguan President Adolfo Díaz requested U.S. military assistance in the ongoing civil war. American peacekeeping troops immediately set up neutral zones in Puerto Cabezas and at the mouth of the Rio Grande to protect American and foreign lives and property.

Japanese Emperor Taishō dies and his son Hirohito inherits the throne.

Right-wing veterans and the Republikanischer Schutzbund clash in Schattendorf, Austria, with two fatalities resulting. This leads later in a Revolt with 85 protesters and five policemen as fatalities after the police in Vienna fire on an angry crowd, mostly members of the Social Democratic Party of Austria, more than 600 people are injured.

Kuomintang takes over Nanking after heavy fighting and sets up a government there. Shanghai Massacre takes place where Kuomintang troops kill a number of communist-supporting workers in Shanghai. The 1st United Front between the Nationalists and Communists ends as they fight each other. Nanchang uprising takes place and the people's liberation army is established.

A strong hurricane devastated Miami, leaving over 100 dead and causing several hundred million dollars in damage. The Great Mississippi Flood strikes 700,000 people in the greatest natural disaster in American history ever. A Tornado strikes East St. Louis  with 79 fatalities and 550 people injured. Three Equitable Gas storage tanks in the North Side of Pittsburgh explode, killing 26 people and causing damage estimated between $4 million and $5 million.

The Jericho earthquake strikes Palestine, killing around 300 people. The effects are especially severe in Nablus, but damage and fatalities are also reported in many areas of Palestine and Transjordan such as Amman, Al-Salt, and Lydda.

The Italian steamer ship Principessa Mafalda capsizes off Porto Seguro, Brazil. At least 314 people are killed.

Early in the morning a ground fault gives way, causing the mine and part of the town of Worthington to collapse into a large chasm located in Ontario. The area had been evacuated the night before by most of its citizens after a mine foreman noticed abnormal rock shifts in the mine. However some people choose to remain choosing to ignore the mine foreman's warning as they wanted to gather their things from their houses resulting in 13 fatalities and 27 people are injured in the incident, as well as nearly 31 people missing.

Germany's debts reach an extraordinary high amount, because of the war with the Soviet Union and in the Rühr 2 500 workers go on strike demanding higher pay and stating "we aren't slaves of the French".

  • Kingdom of Italy: Italy pours funding into the Russian Liberation Army. The four year plan continues. The army is being trained and modernized, to become Europe's greatest military. The Ceasar heavy tank continues development. Fiat 3000 Tanks are mass produced. What is most notable, is Mussolini's order. "The time is now for the conquest of Ethiopia." 250,000 troops invade from Eritrea, and 200,000 invade from Somaliland.The hope is that the mechanized Italian army will quickly crush the militia based Ethiopia force. Meanwhile, in Libya, mass Italian migration occurs. Arab reserves are created. Due to Libya having a small population, it is not difficult to populate it, and Libya is already 10% Italian. (SECRET-The Arabs will be moved into Italian Somaliland). 30,000 more "Volunteers" go into poland to fight the Soviet Union.
    • Maurras remembering the rich history shared between Italy and France requests a official alliance be made between the two countries. He asks Italy to remember all the Frenchmen that died trying to help unify Italy, as well as all the Italians that died trying to defend France from Prussia.
    • Hugenberg reminds to Italy that they fought side by side as brothers against the Austrian Empire, as well as that French attempted to stop them from reuniting with their fightfull capital, Rome, as the French stood with the Pope. He asks for Italian support in the Saarland issue.
    • Italy declares the official alliance with Maurras. However, warm relations with Germany are continued, as they are needed in the fight against Trotsky.
  • Britain: We send materials and aid to our Middle East Mandates to rebuild. We launch a full scale pincer invasion of Persia to save the Persians from the Soviet menace. The 75,000 troops from Iraq will aim to recapture southern Azerbaijan from the Soviets. The 200,000 Indian soldiers will join Persian troops near the Afghan border. A special detachmeant of 10,000 Gurkha soldiers will be sent into Sinkiang to "raise hell". More White settlers move into Rhodesia and East Africa. These numbers amount to 15,000 a year from across the Empire. The Lord of India will meet with INC leaders to discuss Dominionship following this next war. It will be promised. (MOD Rep: We ask Japan to sign a second Anglo-Japanese alliance and for much northern territorial gain, join the war against the Soviets. We begin to kickstart our industry for war. New Henly Page bombers are produced and sent to Palestine. Britain officially declares a state of war between the Soviet Union and the British Empire, Britain will join with the eastern European nations, and gurantees the return of British Rhineland from Germany once the war is over. Henrby with our declarations the Dminions follow. Many communist around the empire are imprisoned. One speaker in Parliament, Sir Oswald Mosley begins to become popular among Parliament with his right wing rhetoric.
    • Italy: We join Britain and declare war on the soviet union. 100,000 troops are sent to Poland.
    • MOD RESPONSE: Japan accept but we want more economic and military suport ~vinnyY
    • Y​ou will be supported-Britain
    • German Dip: We request Britain for a new program to settle German reparations as the Dawes Plan was an interim measure and proved unworkable, in order to keep the war effort against the Soviet Union. Also many parts of the Dawes Plan are not being implemented, such as the evacuation of the Ruhr area by foreign troops. We propose that war reparations during wartime with the Soviet Union as suspended, however after the war's end, they shall be payed to the last penny.
  • Fengtai Clique: The Official Fengtai Communist Party makes a coup and is elected Chairman of Fengtai. The Warlord is still recognised head of state but most do not follow him. We accept any refugees from the Massacure. We hope to sign a pact with the Communist Party (MOD RESPONSE) Fengtai Clique is very anti-Kuomintang. Numerious requests are sent to Communist Party via Morse Code. Fengtai says it will protect any nations that are in danger from the Kuomintang's Northern Expanstion. Flag is remade. A referendum will be made to change the name to People's Republic of Fengtai in 1930. The democratic party is set up inspired by the Communist Party called "Free Fengtaiese" or F.F for short. Many Anti-Zoulin favour the communist party or the democratic party. The Nationalist Fengtai or N.F is for the Pro-Zoulin. Industry is improved with nationalisation of many businesses within Harbin and Shenyang due to the communist party. The Communists believe they can make many jobs with industry by making more factories, Whole sections of industry estates are made. Fengtai also starts making weapons for military only. They are actually owned by the Communist party and not the state. They are commonly called the Red Guns because of that. Agriculture also grows up north of Manchurian States. Improving of the Fengtai-Japanese Trenches are made. We request Soviet Union for armoured vehicles and light tanks, in exchange Fengtai wishes to cancel all history with Manchurian Cores in Soviet Union and Fengtaiese Cores. (PLAYER RESPONSE) It feels like it can trust.
    • Communist party of China agrees to sign a pact and asks for further cooperation between the Communist party of China and the Communist Party of Fengtai. The Communist party of China also asks the Communist party of Fengtai integrate into the Communist party of China. ~Bear
    • Hardly... you are fighting a war against the Kuomintang and the Warlord Zhang Zuolin, you can't just build up factories. And nationalization doesn't improve industry if anything it only serves to degrade it. ~Bear
    • Communist Party of Fengtai accepts the Integration of the 2 nations.
    • Also, I'm not at war with Warlord Zhang Zuolin don't know what you mean... -Teuty
  • Hungary: Military modernizes in Hungary as more troops are recruited and trained. Hungary still supports Russian Liberation Army as it helps to fight against the Soviets, also looks to keep some of its reserves. The fortifications are built for defense in case of any danger, with population slightly increasing in Budapest.
  • France: Throughout the year the Caputor outlines his plans for the future of France. His plans included halting official settlement of the Saarland and replacing it with a quasi settlement. This includes that the French administration of coal fields of the Saarland are only to hire French miners. The corporation in the Saarland expands itself by buying up land inside the Saarland and settling French people inside the land bought. The Caputor also outlines a plan for the Jews of France to move to southern Lebanon. He also encourages the movement of ethnic Berbers to Morocco. The Caputor continues expanding the industrial capacity of France. He also outlines his plan for the government of France. France will establish two chambers of the Estates General. The chambers will be the Estates and the Corporatist chamber. The Estates will be elected as a parliament from Action Française. The Corporatist chamber will combine interest groups such as trade unions, corporations, the military, and the church. He also sends a official invitation to the Duke of Orleans for him to become King. The Caputor listens to a young officer by the name of Charles de Gaulle and his plans for the French military. This leads De Gaulle to begin a rapid modernization of the military. The Caputor debates weather to go to war with the Soviets over Poland. The Caputor meets with the pretender to the Russian throne to discuss a possible French intervention.
    • German Dip: We thank the French government for attempting to deescalate the tensions between our nations and shall de facto accept the situation as it is for now. We request France for a new program to settle German reparations as the Dawes Plan was an interim measure and proved unworkable, in order to keep the war effort against the Soviet Union. Also many parts of the Dawes Plan are not being implemented, such as the evacuation of the Ruhr area by foreign troops.
    • France Dip: Maurass proposes that a payment plan be made.
    • German Dip: Agrees with the French payment plan proposal. (Oct put the stuff that we agreed on chat above, i am gonna check it later, because i don't exactly remember every single detail and i might miss out something.)
  • Argentina: Under the presidency of Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear, the economy of Argentina reached peak performance with its economy being one of the strongest in South America. Industrialisation begins to speed up due to government investment and foreign investment, while there is an expansion of mines in order to supply materials for this expansion. The farming and agricultural sector is wealthy with Argentina's major exports being beef and wheat. The government begins building infrastructure in rural areas in order to connect them to the rest of the country. Nationalism and far right sentiment is growing in the country, with the Logia General San Martin spreading right wing sentiment through the military. The Argentinian version of the Blackshirts, the Liga Republicana is allowed to expand and the government gives weapons and equipment and the organisation is restructured based on the Blackshirts. This support is given on the condition that they help the military put down the threat of communism. The military is being improved upon and expanded slightly with the army standing at 55,000. The government starts friendly relations with the Colombians and begins trading with them, while the government also accept the investment from the Germans. Due to the threat of communism, the government increases police presence while military and police action is taken to purge the state of communists and anarchists. Nationalism and Fascism is beginning to rise in Argentina due to government support for the organisations, and this is helped by the growth of nationalist right wing newspapers. We begin to influence the Paraguayan government in hope of it becoming a protectorate (Secret). We offer Italy, France, Germany money to help modernise our military up to modern standards as well as helping set up an air force and increase our navy(Player Response). Anti-Communist and Pro-nationalist propaganda is being spread by the government. There is a proposal with a ten-year building programme costing $60 million to produce a force of 14,500 sailors and over a thousand officers. The fleet including two -WWI era (but modernized) American-built battleships , three modern cruisers, a dozen British-built destroyers, and three submarines in addition to minelayers, minesweepers, coastal defence ships, and gunboats. As well as a naval air service (Close to OTL). We ask for investors and we build up our ports (Player response). We ask for an NAP with Brazil and an alliance with Colombia (Player responses). We denounce the government of Mexico for its mistreatment of the Church and the government offers sanctuary to the Mexicans who wish to flee (Mod Response for numbers).The higher demand for raw materials and manufactured parts due to industrialisation and the navy project leads to an increase in mining and an added incentive for more industrialisation.
    • Italy: Mussolini secretely channels funding into the blackshirts, hoping for them to seize power.
    • German Dip: We supply Argentina with military equipment, along with dispatching military advisors to train their army and introduce it to more advanced doctrines as requested. Various Junkers and Rhine Industrialists express their interest in the grand project of building up more ports that's been forwarded by the Argentinian government, with the most important of them being Minister for Labour Franz Seldte, Heinrich Class, Theodor Duesterberg, Minister of Justice Fritz Thyssen and Chancellor Alfred Hugenberg. Some of them invest in this project. Others however invest in the previous industralization project of Argentina, bringing advanced German tech with them to help in the Argentinian efforts.
    • Around 200.000 Mexicans, sympathiers to both sides in the Cristero Civil War, flee to Argentina. However the distance makes it impossible for many poor Mexicans that want to flee Mexico to come to Argentina. ~Bear
    • Colombian Response: We accept
  • Spain: We build up some greater fortifications in Spanish Morocco near our settlers to maintain the integrity of our land. We continue to improve our military by building another 50 infantry tanks and using the schematics we created for the anti-armor tank, we build our new tank the Tenerifes. We create 25 of these tanks to include in our arsenal. We continue to colonize the Rif with another 15,000 government sponsored Spaniards with 5,000 additional Spaniards privately sponsored Colonists. We also send 1,000 colonists to both Equatorial Guinea and Western Sahara. The Jebola people are given self governing ability and better positions within our army to continue to support our nation. In an effort to expand our power, we oust Alfonso XIII from his position of being king as we have full support from the army. Instead looking at France for a claim, we place Jaime de Borbón our king to gain the support of the Carlists. With him becoming king and the Orleanists recently gaining power within France, we use this to build support of Jaime de Bourbon as he is the Legitimist claimant to the Throne of France. We build his support in the army, the clergy along with minority groups such as the Basques, Catalans, Bretons and Corsicans. We also infiltrate various political parties to support the Legitimist claims such as Croix-de-Feu, Faisceau, Parti démocrate populaire, Democratic Republican Alliance and the Republican Federation.
    • German Dip: We offer an alliance to Spain, as well as to supply Spain with modern military equipment, along with dispatching military advisors to train their army and introduce it to more advanced doctrines and limited help with industralization as right now we are pretty pre-occupied with the war of Soviet Aggression, however after the war's end, we promise to help the Spanish state with its industralization more.
  • Romania: We continue establishing relations with the former Central Powers, assuring Hungary we won't attack them unless they are the aggressors as ruled by the Little Entente. Codrin Zelea-Codreanu founds, with the sponsoring of the Romanian monarchy, the Iron Guard, a paramilitary and patriotic group, who doesn't distinguish between Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian or Germans. We continue holding out in Odessa, and begin recruiting locals for the Russian Liberation Army. 
    • Italian Dip: Italy offers Romania an alliance and is willing to help them open up a tank factory and get their industries started.
    • German Dip: We also offer an alliance to Romania, as we already fight side by side against the Soviets.
    • Romanian Dip: We agree to alliances to Germany and Italy. 
  • Sweden: A revolution seems imminent. Nationalist protests are on the rise, even within the Royal Palace. King Gustav V even stated that it might be time for a new era, supposedly implying another Swedish Empire. We begin mobilization of troops across Lapland and our navy waiting at the Baltic Sea. We are considering uniting with the nations of Scandinavia. A proposal is drawn up and sent to the Scandinavian nations, calling for the formation of the Second Kalmar Union, a superstate that will be significantly powerful. [Response for Finland, Norway and Denmark Needed] . We will begin the offense as soon as we get a positive response from the Scandinavian nations.
    • Finland, Norway, Denmark decline. ~Bear
  • The Dutch: We grow our army to 10 000 to defend ourself from the franco-german tensions we also ask for alliance with Ireland. [player Response]we also Support the Frontpartij and give them 50 000 USD we also ask germany if we can buy 10 000 old army pickelhaulbe and uniforms we also make 20 new admiralen (destroyers) making our fleet 65 boats big we also ask for a alliance with Argentina,Yugoslavia,mexico,Brazil and japan (mod response)WE DECLARE WAR AGAINST THE SOVIET UNION and we send our 40 admiralen to saint petersburg and we send 5000 to fight on the polish front and we train 20 000 more troops.
    • Irish Dip: We accept the Dutch' request for an Alliance and hope to have a diplomatic meeting with them in the near future. The Daíl (Irish parliament) have discussed economic trade benefits for the Dutch. The Republicans, however, are strongly against the Alliance as well as the trade deal, because the original foundations of the free Irish republic were neutrality, but all other parties say that in these changing times, we must make alliances to keep together a very very young and fragile nation.
    • The Dutch: We make it clear to the republicans that the alliance is so that we can make our countries stronger and that this alliance will make countries reconsider to attack us
    • Mod: Argentina has a player. Brazil also has a player. Mexico declines due to tense relations with Argentina. Yugoslavia accepts. Japan declines. ~Warrior mod.
    • Argentina: We will accept if you are willing to deploy troops to help in a time of war and help economic growth as well as promising that you will have good relations with France, Italy or Germany.
  • German Reich: President Adolf Hitler has a lot of fucking spare time, so he devotes himself to becoming the best Kung Fu master after he learns Kung Fu, to become the Kung Führer. Chancellor Hugenberg works on the framework of an military alliance and economic union in Eastern Europe, devoted to combating Communism. Thanks to increased solidarity among Eastern European nations, this becomes possible. The idea heavily borrows on Józef Piłsudski's "Intermarrium" and its named after it. Our allies that actively fight against the Communism aggression, Poland, Romania, Hungary and Italy are invited to the Intermarrium, but in essense, any nation devoted to the fight against communism can join really. [Player Responses] Due to recent Austrian developments, we attempt to build a front against the Christian Social Party, which seeks to undermine the will of the German people in Austria for a union with the German Reich. Our efforts are concentrated on two sectors, at creating merging the German Nationalist political parties in Austria to strengthen opposition to the Christian Social Party and establishing a strong paramilitary force for newly merged German Nationalist Party. In this direction Pan-German advocates such as the Greater German People's Party, the Landbund are largely funded, while we offer to help them with their organization and attempt to bring them closer to either merge or at least form a coalition against the Christian Social Party. Their leaders Johann Schober, Karl Hartleb, Vincenz Schumy are contacted and offered vast amounts of money as well as high ranked positions shall they work toward a unification of Austria with the German Reich and advocate Pan-Germanism. We also attempt to influence the Heimwehr by founding and offering support to their Pan-Germanism advocates, such as Walter Pfrimer and Waldemar Pabst inside the paramilitary group, which are contacted and offered financial support, help to strengthen German Nationalism inside the Heimwehr as well as any other assistance they require, in an effort to steer the Heimwehr toward a more German Nationalist direction and to bring the Heimwehr closer to the attempted coalition against the Christian Social Party. The Front Fighters' Union and its leader Col. Hermann Hiltl are also offered funding and support. We attempt to arrange a merging of the Heimwehr and the Front Fighters' Union in order for them to act as the attempted merged German Nationalist party's paramilitary group. [Mod Response] We send all of our fleet and 100,000 troops to assist the naval assault of Saint Petersburg.
    • Warrior Mod - the merger is successful.
    • Hungarian Dip: We accept the invitation to join the Intermarrium.
    • The Intermarium is a Polish idea and will be initiated by Poland. -Dev
    • Yeah sure do it yourself, just do it this turn. ~Bear
  • Colombia: The Socialist party continues to gain influence and followers from the rural peasants and industrial workers.  As the conservative government refuses to implement any social reforms, the party may be forced to put more pressure on the government through strikes. The economic situation continues to attract foreign investors and coffee remains the countries highest export.  The government's infrastructure program continues and provides better roads and electricity to the countryside. Foreign military equipment is integrated into the army.
    • Brazilian Diplomacy: We offer to aid the conservative government in quelling the socialist rebellions.
  • Ireland: With the general elections just around the corner, Irish newspapers have reported that radical socialists who were formarly a part of Sinn Fein (before it dissolved), the socialist, anti-treaty (those who opposed Northern Ireland being a part of the UK) party of Ireland, were receiving money from the USSR to form guerrillas in both the south and the north, to overthrow the government and form a socialist (however democratic, so other parties may still be allected, but the constitution would then state that Ireland is and always will be a socialist state) government. Three days before the elections, a Unionist politician is shot dead by an influencial radical socialist IRA member, who was known to have many contacts with Russians. After this event, the Irish government seek to have a first diplomatic discussion with the UK since the end of the Civil war [UK response], and an IRA internal investigation is launched into corruption and Russian influence within the army.
    • Britain: We will talk, but, if things were ever to get out of hand, or a radical form of government looks to come to power, we will intervene for the safety of the British people, especially those in Northern Ireland. We do oppose this socialist government but once it gets to the point of the Soviet Union, we will not hesitate to declare war.
      • Ireland: The Irish government has agreed to the Anglo-Irish treaty and will help Britain in every way possible in finding this radical socialist. We shall also do everything in our power to rid this nation of any possible corruption, as well as any links with Russians within any Irish layer of government.
  • Saudi Sultanate of Nejd: The Hejaz region is placed under the rule of Hassan ibn Abdul Al Aziz where he is told to unite the Hejaz region, while the city Riyhad is worked on. We send Imamas to Syria to help rise up Support for a Islamic Sultanate, as this idea is called "Hejazism" with the current Bombing of Damascus. The army of Al Saudi is placed in Riyhad to help bring more power to the Kingdom. We send the idea of "Hejazism" to the rebel groups in Iran in hope of gaining support, while a group of 500 men are sent to learn guerrilla warfare, and to train the rebels in horse warfare.
  • Poland: The new presidential constitution is established. Josef Pilsudski remains President. Relations with Germany, Hungary, Romania and Italy improve greatly. Though the National Democrats criticize the German annexation of Danzig the public favor is toward Germany and the Government. The Sanation regime rises in popularity as the Polish forces move into the Soviet Union. Experiencing the new war, Josef Pilsudski's views change on armored vehicles and the air force.
  • Brazil: Augusto Tasso Fragoso cements his power as dictator of Brazil. He immediately raises taxes on the rich, investing it in infrastructure and education. He also begins to arrest communists, political dissidents and criminals, as a way of ensuring his rule and support. Brazil accepts its NAP with Argentina. We offer condolences to Italy for the sinking of one of their ships off our coast, but we ask them for an alliance, trade deal, and plan to boost our military. We declare war on the Soviet Union, and begin to enlist soldiers, but mostly use it as a propaganda tool to build up our army and infrastructure without actually sending much help. Brazil extends an alliance offer to Bolivia, and begins to influence Uruguay in the hope of it becoming a protectorate in the future. Communist leader Astrojildo Pereira is arrested and executed in Rio de Janeiro. Factories are built to build military equipment for the war.
    • German Dip: We supply Brazil with military equipment, along with dispatching military advisors to train their army and introduce it to more advanced doctrines as a way to support them in their fight against Communism. Various Junkers and Rhine Industrialists invest in Brazilian infrastructure, bringing advanced German tech with them to help in the Brazilian efforts, with the most important of them being Minister for Labour Franz Seldte, Heinrich Class, Theodor Duesterberg, Minister of Justice Fritz Thyssen and Chancellor Alfred Hugenberg.
    • Bolivia accepts. ~Bear


Most Finns feel that their independence its threatened by Sweden's ambitions to re-establish their empire, which brings them back memories of the old Swedish and Russian Empires whom oppressed them for centuries and they are absolutely terrified by this idea, with the Finnish government ruling out the Swedish proposal with great anger, however there are growing calls for union with Sweden from many ethnic Swedes in Finland, roughly 12% of the population and request their breathen at Sweden for their liberation for the Finnish government, the Åland Islands declare secession from Finland and proclaim their union with Sweden, creating their own army, consisting of peasants with inferior armament in order to keep the Finnish government out of the Åland Islands and request their breathen to intervene to support them.

Sorry for delaying the new turn so much, but i really need some help here, i can't do everything on my own, because i don't even have enough time, while i suck at making algo's too. ~Bear

  • Sweden: We send Finland assurance that history will not repeat itself, and the new union would be the Kalmar Union instead of the Swedish Empire. We acknowledge the support from the Åland Islands, and register them as an autonomous Swedish region. We also inform Finland we would like to handle this situation as diplomatically as possible. We also try to get Denmark and Norway to cozy up to the idea of the Kalmar Union. In other news, we declare our allegiance to the Intermarium, as we are equally as concerned about the Soviets next door.
    • None would ever agree to become a Swedish vassal ever again and thats final, you can only take them by force. ~Bear
    • German Dip: We thank Sweden for joining the Intermarrium and Chancellor Alfred Hugenberg states that "Only by cooperation can the Communist threat be quelled, for if we let ourselves get influenced by Soviet deception and lies, we are all doomed".
  • Hungary: Economy continues to improve, while Hungary continues to recruit and train its troops but keeps its reserves. Hungary looks to execute the communists as they're probably threatening Hungary. Population in Hungary is increasing slightly, while the fortifications are built in case of severe threats upcoming. Regent Miklos Horthy hopes Intermarrium reaches its goals successfully in fight against the communism.
  • Italy: Propaganda is spread, to propagate the idea that Italy and Rome are the capital of Europe. The invasion of Ethiopia continues, with our 450,000 troops taking light casualties due to a lack of Ethiopian armored forces. Mussolini spreads fascist ideas all across Europe. Pan European unity is propagated, and a Fascist party is covertly created to seize power in every European state. Meanwhile, the Italian population in Libya increases by 10% the way is was previously, bringing it to 11%. Dip to Nejd: We offer you 500 Fiat 3000 tanks and a arms production factory, equipment to help you industrialize, in return for a fair amount of oil to fuel our war efforts. 100,000 more troops are sent to Poland. Italy creates a Greece Social Nationalist Party and channels funding.
  • Chinese Soviet Republic: After the integration of Fengtai Clique. The Chinese Soviet Republic is established by November 1928 by Mao Zedong. It will be a united republic similar to the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics. Chinese Army consisting of 72,313 troops take Beijing from the former Fengtai Clique leader with Diplomacy (Mod Response) In return he is safe to come back as the legitimate Manchurian Warlord but will be not have any power on Manchurian affairs. Other Chinese Army use guerrilla warfare in the West side of Chinese Soviet Republic. A new flag is made a reference to the Soviet Union flag. Chinese Soviet Republic's old capita,l Yan'an would be changed to Beijing if they accept the diplomatic action. Fengtai-Hebei Soviet autonomous region is set up also in November 1928 by Mao Zedong.
    • Fengtai-Hebei Soviet: As we are part of the Chinese Soviet Republic we are in very approval in the donation of Beijing. 11,247 troops go to Tianjin to even support more this claim. The press, Shuōhuà is bought by the local Fengtai-Hebei Soviet government. It would be used for political and military purposes. Recruiting troops would be easier and also Communist propaganda would be also use to discriminate the Democrats and the Warlords. The Democratic Party in Fengtai-Hebei Soviet is banned and many go to jail for treason against the state.
    • Zhang Zuolin is outraged by the Communist blackmail, therefore he merges with the KMT in order to hold on to Beijing. ~Bear
    • Zhang Zuolin is seen as a traitor to its own people. Backstabbing and siding with the old rival, KMT The Chinese Army (72,313) makes an offensive assault at Beijing.
  • Britain: We send the men in our Rhine occupation zone to the front. More white settlers go to East Africa and Rhodesia.
  • Romania: We continue establishing relations with the former Central Powers, assuring Hungary we won't attack them unless they are the aggressors as ruled by the Little Entente. The Iron Guard is promovated. We continue holding out in Odessa, and begin recruiting locals for the Russian Liberation Army. 

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