Alternative History

The Republic of Celtic States


The Celts used to be a dominant force in the British isles before Germanic peoples came from mainland Europe. Soon these people became England and continued to oppress the native Celts there. It's 1933 and Hitler just rose to power and a nationalist movement sweeps through Europe as it has been weakened by the Great War. The UK manages to stop al nationalist movement from reaching England but the oppressed and strong Celtic states embrace nationalism as the English persecutes them. No other place than Ireland has the most nationalist support out of all Europe as it has been hit the hardest by the growing British Empire. Ireland forms the I.N.P the Irish Nationalist party. As time passed this party no longer became Irish instead it was made a political party for all Celtic peoples in the British isles now being called The Nationalist Celtic Party or N.C.P. for short. All of this was already enough for England and it stormed the N.C.P's HQ and arrested all leaders. Soon tension started to rise up in Wrexham, Wales and 15,000 celts demonstrated there. The tension was palpable and then finally one cop shot. The shot hit a wall but it was enough to cause the protesters to attack the cops. As a show of force, the English rounded up 35 demonstrators including the innocents and stood them next to a wall and shot them all in the back of the head. 20 others died in the events that happened later in Wrexham and this was now known as the Wrexham Wall Massacre. Enough was enough and Michael collins an Irish revolutionary that escaped assassination and gathered 2500 militiamen and raided a prison stealing munitions and equipment. They arrested all the guards and freed old N.C.P leaders imprisoned there. With this strong act of aggression, the N.C.P had to act fast fleeing England all the way to Dublin and were officially marked as an illegal political organization it was now or never the N.C.P knew there had to be changed but they didn't know how.

The N.C.P now being an illegal org armed all Celtic supporters in Cornwall, Scotland, and Ireland, and stationed them near forts and air bases for dominance. They were preparing for War. England fearing the worst conducted a manhunt searching for the organization in big cities like Cardiff, Wrexham, or Dublin and Belfast. The N.C.P had to change parties constantly