OTL equivalent: Vinland
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Population 80,956,000 
Established 1009
Currency Krone
Calling Code 954
Internet TLD TLD
Organizations League of Nations

In 1009 Thorfinn Karlsfein, with 60 men and women, stay several years despite conflict with the native Beothuck eventually settling all of Vamar (OTL Newfoundland). By 1080, there was a population of 1,500 on the island. In that year, the Vinlandic Council was ratified.

Summer trading posts had been built in Markland in earlier years, but the first permeant settlers did not arrive until 1164.

In the 14th Century, Vinland established an wealthy trading monopoly in the Great Lakes and in New England. References indicate that Vinlandic merchants made contact with the Tolecs and the Aztecs in 1359.

It was struck by a the Bubonic Plague in 1362, losing one third of its population putting the Vinland Council into decline, with its population not recovering until 1420.

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