In the winter of 1990-1991, a virus of an initially unknown origin, known as the Somali Hemorrhagic Virus, appeared in central Somalia. Reports of extreme violence in the Somali Civil War, and thousands of dead in combat, force the United Nations to take decisive action and send a task force to the country. Up to thirty thousand soldiers of twenty-five countries, most of them from the US, entered Somalia to re-establish law and order. However, what they found was a situation by far worse than what the UN though it was facing.

Points of Divergence

  • 1979: In a Pfizer research facility located at the Ethiopian Highlands, a gorilla infected with an artificially created virus escapes it's cage and attacks lab technicians, turning them into Zombies.
  • 1991: That virus, which kills people and reanimates their bodies, known as the SHV, appears in Somalia. It soon spreads through the globe, carried by injured soldiers of the UNTFIS, a UN mission sent to Somalia to deal with extreme violence.

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