Alternative History

The Romano-Abyssinian Empire is an alternate reality based upon the idea that the Empires of Rome and Axum were united by the marriage of Ezana of Axum, and Helena, the daughter of Emperor Constantine I. This Marriage united the two Empires forming the Romano-Abyssinian Empire.


337-The POD occurs when Constantine I requests not to be baptized by Esebius of Nicomedia, but by the ex-Patriarch of Alexandria, Athanasius, probably out of remorse for his treatment of the man. Athanasius returned from exile and Baptised Constantine in the Jordan. Miraculously, Constantine survived his illness, and thus becomes the first Emperor to be Christian while still in power.

Constantine restores Athanasius to his position as Patriarch of Alexandria. Arianism continued to gain strength in the empire, threatening to eclipse Orthodox Christianity.

342- In consultation with Athanasius of Alexandria, Constantine calls the First council of Alexandria. The council re-classifies Arianism as heresy, and recognized the holy sees of Canterbury, Mylapore, and Axum. This Council brought Constantine into contact with Ezana of Axum. The two great men respected each-other and built a strong friendship.

345- Constantine and Ezana begin planning a Union of the two great Christian Empires.

346-Ezana marries Constantine's younger daughter Helena, the two empires are united.