The Sea Beyond
Directed by Wot Kuyamu
Studio Studio Limuw
Release date(s) 14th April, 2014
Running time 167 mins
Country Chumashmark
Language Chumash/Danish intertitles

The Sea Beyond is a 2014 film from Studio Limuw in Chumashmark. Broadly speaking it is a morality play, telling the story of a poor Soxtonoxmun fisherman, Elye, hard on his luck. Set during the 3rd Patwin-Ohlone War (see Wars of Patwin Partition) it features the bombardment of Soxtonoxmu by the Ohlonsk navy, a infamous event during the war.

Returning home from a unsuccessful fishing trip Elye finds he is unable to pay for food for his family. At home he finds his family being intimidated by men whom he owes money to and in desperation to extend his credit allows their boss, the Loan Shark, to marry his daughter. However he pleads that his daughter needs another day at home to prepare for the wedding.

Deep in misery Elye walks down to the harbour only to witness the Ohlonsk navy arrive. As they begin firing he rushes homewards helping those he can on his way. Broadly speaking those who have been kind to Elye earlier in the film are spared while those who have shown him contempt are not saved. Meanwhile the Loan Shark uses the chaos to take Elya's daughter away with him. Elye gives chase and the two men face off outside the clocktower. After a struggle Elye is thrown to the floor and the Loan Shark moves to kill him, however a cannonball smashes the clocktower and the Loan Shark is crushed in the rubble. Elye and his family makes their way out of the burning city.

The film uses a large scale model of Soxtonoxmu to spectacular effect as the Ohlonsk ships fire their cannons on the city. The camera swoops over the rooftops following the cannonball's trajectory. Each volley from the ships is accompanied by a loud boom from the live band scoring the film (if present). Audiences across Leifia have been wildly enthusiastic about the film, even in Ohlonemark which could have been put off by the choice of setting. But no Ohlonsk is ever actually shown, they are simply deux ex machina.

The cast is mostly made up of unknowns and indeed, in the Chumash tradition of modesty, are uncredited. The only recognisable figure is perhaps Lap Alahupu as the Loan Shark who has played many other sinister figures in Chumash films.

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