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You may be wondering, "scraw, what the fresh hell is this shit?" Simply put, it is a game about pirates. You get to create and run your own pirate crew and operate in a fictionalized approximation of the Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean.

We will not be using a real map. Instead, I have created a "map" of a different sort, which can be seen below. We will not be using real distances, numbers, or anything like that. If you try to tell me some nonsense about "scraw this isn't accurate" you will not be playing the game.

This is a highly experimental game. I've never done anything like this before and I don't think you have either. As such, the mechanics may be highly broken. If we learn this along the way, it will be a valuable lesson learned. Maybe someone will win instantly. I don't know. We are all here to learn.


SFMM map

This is the map. Unlike a regular map game, it is not a representation of actual geography, but a chart which will assist in the operation of game mechanics. In truth, this is more of a math game than a map game. Each individual player is not represented on the map. Blue ports are French, red are British, and yellow are Spanish.

Every player will begin the game in one of the three central locations: Nassau (Bahamas), Havana (Cuba), or Port Royal (Jamaica). From there you may depart and travel anywhere as long as you follow the lines.

The numbers along the line are distance from one port to another. The arrows show the direction of the wind. If you travel in the direction of the wind, you will travel at 1x speed. If you travel against the wind, you will travel at .75x speed. We shall refer to the distances as "nautical miles" for simplicity's sake.

The black lines are pirate lanes/free travel. The blue line is the French naval lane and the red line is the English naval lane. If you travel on these two royal lanes you will have to fight the respective navies to complete your journey. A dashed line means no direct travel.

You cannot skip a port. This means no going from Tortuga to Veracruz without stopping at an intermediate port.


The great pirate captain Robert "Bingo Bob" Russell has died of syphilis. Somewhere in the Caribbean, he has buried a great treasure of 100,000 doubloons. His fleet is divided between his mistress, Missy Elliott, and his bastard Jack Horne. Your goal is to locate the GOLD and then escape with it.

You will find the gold by travelling from port to port looking for it, and for information that can lead you to it. The gold is buried at one of the nine locations on the map. Information will be relayed to players through a combination of mod events and messages from you. You have to beat the other pirates to the gold and avoid the imperial navies on the way.

If you don't want to find the gold and just want to have fun doing pirates things, that's okay too, but the game will end when someone finds the gold and escapes with it off the map. All vectors going off the map are distance 10 and wind in your favor. You can only escape via an edge port, not the three central ports. If no one finds the gold in 25 turns, Elliott or Horne will get the gold and the game is over.


The rules are simple.

  1. As mentioned before, do not inform me about numerical inaccuracies.
  2. The rules mentioned in the map section.
  3. Maybe I'll think of more rules.

Game mechanics (WIP)

How to create your pirates

Every player is to create a fictional pirate captain and the ships under their command.

  • Making a ship: (70 points)
    • Select the number of cannons, ranging from 3 to 40. More cannons means more power, obviously. But the more cannons you have, the bigger your ship will be. Bigger ships move slower. Small ships can have up to 10 cannons. Medium ships can have up to 20 cannons. Big ships can have up to 30 cannons. Big ships can exceed 30 cannons if they capture the cannons from another ship or if they take over a Naval Ship which already has more than 30 cannons. 3-10 cannons costs 1 point per cannon. 11-20 cannons is 2 points per additional cannon. 21-30 cannons is 3 points per additional cannon. 
    • Select the number of sails, from 3 to 12. 2 points per sail. More sails means more speed, until you increase the ship size, which would make it become comparatively slower.
    • Your cannon and sail numbers must match the ship size! You cannot have a cannon number of a big ship and a sail number of a small ship.
    • Bigger ships have larger holds and therefore more space to store booty/rum/etc. 
    • More cannons increase weight and therefore decrease speed. -.1 speed unit per cannon.
    • The point limit will increase if you successfully defeat another ship and steal their stuff.
    • The final parameter is LUCK. Allocating points to luck will help you in battles, the search for the treasure, gambling, and other things. Luck is good for you. You can also expend luck points to give others bad luck (ie, reduce their luck quotient). You can only do this when you directly encounter them. Luck is expendable but renewable every turn, unless you lose all your luck points in a single turn.
    • If you don't want to read all this shit, just pick a combination from the table below.
Number of cannons Ship size Point cost
3 Small 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
10 10
11 Medium 12
12 14
13 16
14 18
15 20
16 22
17 24
18 26
19 28
20 30
21 Big 33
22 36
23 39
24 42
25 45
26 48
27 51
28 54
29 57
30 60
Number of sails Ship size Point cost Speed (all speeds subtracted by cannon multiplier)


6 0.9x B
4 8 0.95x B
5 10 Base speed B
6 Medium 12 0.7x B
7 14 0.75x B
8 16 0.8x B
9 18 0.85x B
10 Big 20 0.56x B
11 22 0.6x B
12 24 0.65x B

Crewing your ship

  • Make your captain and name your ship.
  • Decide how many men you will have on board. A small ship needs at least 75 men. A medium ship needs at least 100 men. A big ship needs at least 125 men. More men means your ship will be able to run better as you'll have more men to man the cannons and sails. Fewer men means that even if you have lots of guns and sails, you won't be able to operate them all.
  • Determine how you will spend your money (starting money: 1000 doubloons, can be increased by luck coefficient). You have to divide your money (gold) between paying the men (by splitting your booty), resources (food, water, alcohol). MONEY IS A FINITE RESOURCE. You don't have to pay your men early on because you haven't captured anything yet, but whenever you capture stuff, they will expect you to pay them. If you run out of money, your crew may mutiny and kill you. You will also need gold to pay for things like bribes and hookers. You can gain money by capturing things, doing jobs, or gambling.
    • 1 gold doubloon = 100 silver pieces.
    • Resources will cost different amounts at different ports. Depends on the control of the local navy and the corruptness of whoever you're dealing with.


Battles will be decided based on your choice of ships, men and money, and chance. I will create a spreadsheet which will allow for the quick calculation of battles. The mathematical values of ships will be established shortly, as mentioned above.

Battles will occur whenever players meet each other on a lane. The spot along the lane will be mathematically calculated by the speeds and distances already established. If you wish to avoid battle, you can use your luck factor for that turn. You may be located by an imperial navy or Bingo Bob's successor. You cannot avoid these actors; you must do battle with them. There will be no battles until turn 3 in order to allow everyone to depart from the starting point.

If you lose a battle by a little (specific amount TBD), you may escape and continue on your journey with depleted resources. If you lose by a middling amount (TBD), the winner has the choice to capture your forces or destroy them. If you are captured, you may continue playing the game as prisoners and attempt to liberate yourself later. If you are destroyed, you are eliminated from the game. Your captain will be killed either way and you will have to elevate a new character to the position of captain. If you lose by a high amount (TBD), you are eliminated from the game. All eliminations are final.

Player relations

  • You can ally with other pirates when you meet in the same port. Then you can depart separately. If you meet, there will be no battle, unless one party decides to use their surprise factor to attack.
  • You may be contacted at random times to be privateers for a particular nation. If this happens, you will be able to replenish money and men at that nation's ports and be free from attack by that navy. You will have to conduct one battle against the nation you are contracted to attack.


Four players may start any of the three central ports to begin the game. If more players wish to join, they will have to wait until other players leave the port. The game is capped at 15 players. Eliminated players will not be replaced.


If you are interested, sign your name here and only here.

Nassau, Bahamas (British port)

Player Captain Name of ship Number of sails Number of cannons Luck points Number of men

Havana, Cuba (Spanish port)

Player Captain Name of ship Number of sails Number of cannons Luck points Number of men
Fires Alexander 'Meathooks' Morrison the Bloody Whore 16 9 32 125
Nathan1123 Guybrush Vercingetorix Threepwood the Sea Monkey 5 10 50 75
User:ShadowVIPR Maximilian Malpense The Corrupted Delight 7 12 42 98
revanger12 Francisco Aragones Carlos the First 9 20 1000 78

Port Royal, Jamaica (British port)

Player Captain Name of ship Number of sails Number of cannons Luck points Number of men
User:Marrybore Galahad the Damnable The Aggravated Doubloon 7 12 42 100
Thewolvesden Llywellyn Morganwg the Jewel of Gwynedd 5 10 50 100

Independent actors (not playable)

  • English Royal Navy
  • Spanish Armada
  • French Royal Navy
  • Missy Elliott
  • Jack Horne




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