Alternative History
Second Safinei War
Part of Vae victis!

The Dardanian Guard advancing
Date Mid 265
Location Italian Peninsula
Result Victory for Etrusca
  • No territorial changes
  • Safinei trading remains devastated
  • Etrusca effectively destroys the Safinei army
  • Assistance from Senone Auxiliaries
11,000 18,000
Casualties and losses
3000 9000

The Second Safinei war was a six month long, intense war with astoundingly high casualties on both sides. The war only increased animosity between the Safinei and the Etruscans with both blaming the other for their losses. While it was ostensibly an Etruscan victory, neither side really gained anything worth the horrifying casualties. It also marked a point were Etrusca and Safineim became bitter rivals - before, they had managed at least some trade, but now, citizens of both nations literally (and unrealistically) called for a wall to be built between them.


Because Safinei trade was centered around Greece, Etruscan leaders decided the best way to disrupt the trade would - logically - be to embargo the area to Safineim. Rather than trying to achieve this themselves, they decided to align themselves with Macedonia. After the Macedonian War, trade was put under the control of Macedonia, who cut Safineim out of the market. With no way to retaliate against Macedonia, Safineim instead moved themselves to launch against Etrusca.


The first push of the war was only a few miles off the coast, as the Safinei wanted to keep close to potential reinforcements. The additional benefit of this was that the Etruscan army was spread relatively evenly across the border - in no position to stop an advance. However, by giving ground slowly with low casualties, it gave the chance for the other troops on the border to move in and attack the undefended flanks of the Safinei army. This vicious attack was enough to force to the Safinei back over five months, and eventually blunt the attack enough mount a counter offensive. The counter offensive was enough to force the Safinei back across the border and end the war.


Etrusca managed to make a huge profit off the war, while Safineim fell into further debt. This led to a completely different power dynamic on the Italian peninsula, with Etrusca and the Senone Republic aligned against the now weakened Safineim. The war also allowed Etrusca to focus om developing its own trade network, mostly focusing on filling the now open gap in Greek trade. Safineim, meanwhile, tried to rebuild trading infrastructure in other areas, but this didn't make up for anywhere near the lost trade from Greece.