Alternative History

The Second Waterloo is a novel published in 2001 by the renowned author Harry Turtledove.


The book is set in an alternate world where the fascists won WWII. The key to the fascist victory was Japan signing a non-aggression pact with the US in 1933 before invading Manchuria. During WWII, the French overwhelm Britain in Operation Sealion, while the Polish defeat the Soviets and unite the Slavonic peoples of Europe into the Slavonic Commonwealth. Turkey has conquered Greece, Albania, Romania, and Hungary. Japan has conquered all of eastern Asia and Oceania. Together, the Fascist Powers maintain an iron grip on their conquered territories.

The actual storyline begins in 1999. David S. Rosenfeld, a Jewish-American CIA agent, is sent deep into the heart of the Third French Empire, which is currently led by Chef Imperial Jean-Marie Le Pen. Rosenfeld's mission is to bring down the fascist French regime. It is the hope of the US government that if the French fascists fall, the rest of the fascist states will also collapse. The book follows Rosenfeld as he digs deep into the politics and society of fascist France, in his mission to destroy the behemoth that holds Europe in its clutches.

Critical Reception[]

The novel has been hailed as "spectacular" and "a chilling look into the soul of fascism." Historians have praised it for its look at the inner workings of the French fascist system.