The Sicans, a group of people originating from Sicily, were conquered by Rome. Their briefly existing Kingdom of Cycae. The six tribes of the Sicans traveled separate ways, where they encountered all kinds of new troubles! See their effects on the world from thereafter!

The six Sican tribes are: Tribe of the Hawk, Tribe of the Quick Warrior, Tribe of the Green, Tribe of the Dome, Tribe of the Hill, Tribe of the Frog.

After the Sican Diaspora, the Green tribe disappeared, making only five Sican tribes. Much later on, the Hill tribe split into two, leaving the Hill tribe and the Tribe of the Clam.

Significant Events/Articles: Timeline, King Grios War, Church of The Sicans, Sican Reconquest.

Two Random Articles: Hill Dynasty of China, Ephelian Civil War.

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