The Sub-Caliphate of New Grenada (Andean Wars)

The Sub Caliphate of New Grenada
(and largest city)
  others Spanish
Sultan Sultan Abdul Mahhed
Vizer Unknown
Area 100,000 km²
Population 500,000 
Independence from Spain
  declared 1571
  recognized 1579
Currency Islamic Gold Mint

New Grenada

New Grenada refers to the Ottoman Empire's client kingdom that was set up after them. The Emirate's leader was a Sultan in title, but in practice was just a Vizer under the Ottomans.


The government of New Grenada, after destroying all of the Spanish Warring Factions, began to deport all Catholics from their territory to the Moorish Kingdoms, where almost all died in the hot labor camps. All of the children were raised as Jassinaries, and their ranks flooded full, They along with the Ottoman Empire were ready for an invasion of Europe.

French Invasion

Soon after the Ottoman Empire began to invade The Italian States, Grenadine Soldiers along with the Ottomans began to invade France, crossing the Pyrennes mountains and having their navies move up and conquer Marsille and the Rhone River. The French lost greatly at the the hands of the Ottomans and Grenadians near Tours which was a great triumph for the Muslims, getting revenge.Soon the King of France decided to make peace and handed out most of southern France to the Muslims.Thousands of the Frenchmen became jassinaries.

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