The British Empire has had a huge influence on world history and continues to do so. The small island nation managed to create an empire that occupy a quarter of the world's landmass. During the Victorian era, the United Kingdom ruled places that are now Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Botswana, India, Pakistan, etc. Of course, like all great empires, the British Empire was built by blood. In some parts of the world, the Union Jack is probably seen as a symbol of oppression. It's hard to imagine a world where Britain does not or never did rule the waves. That leaves the question; what if the British Empire never came to be?

It was very possible that Great Britain could have lost her colonial ambitions during the Seven Year's War. France was Great Britain's greatest rival and has been since the Norman invasion of England in the autumn of 1066. Both Britain and France had colonial ambitions and they were building empires in North America, a place which was still very new to the major powers of Europe. Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal were also creating overseas empires at the same time. With all of Europe competing with one another, a fight was about to break out. A fight in the form of the Seven Year's War, and wars always have uncertain endings. What if the sun had set on the British Empire after the Seven Year's War?

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