Elena Glinskaya, mother of Ivan the Terrible and regent following her husband, Vasili III's death realized that her husband's death was the work of the Shuisky Boyars, Elena Glinskaya, supported by the Bielski Boyars successfully disenfranchised the Shuisky Boyars, putting most of them to death and banishing the rest.

Because of Elena's careful child rearing, Ivan the Terrible learns to control his temper, and does not beat his daughter-in-law, resulting in the birth of a grandchild, Ivan VI, and the life and rule of his heir, Ivan V. Russian history is forever re-directed and The Third Rome rises in the East.

Because Ivan IV controls his temper, Ivan V comes to the throne, dismisses his father's would-be murderer, Boris, and rules for many years, establishing a legacy of Tsars. Through careful intermarriages and military might, Russia grows in size and power, their empire covering much of Europe and Asia.

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