Third World War
DateMarch 13th , 1960 -

Decisive Allied victory , Nuclear winter, Destruction of Europe, near extinction of the Human race
Flag of the United States United States of America
Flag of Mexico Mexico
Flag of Canada 1921 Canada Flag of Colombia Colombia 25px Brazil Flag of Venezuela Venezuela
Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945) Nazi Germany
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Flag of Japan Empire of Japan
50,280,000 men,

5,360 tanks,
8800 aircraft
227 Ships

Axis:20,200,000 men,

2,606 tanks,
2,850 aircraft

Casualties and losses
Military casualties:
60,070,000 killed,

300,135,000 wounded,
719,000 captured

Civilian casualties:
142,000 killed

190,410,980 killed,

109,262,010 wounded
900,812 missing

War to End all Wars Aftermath Map

the World after WWII (Blue is the UN, Light grey is uninhabited)


Background to the War

World War II and it's aftermath

Opposing Commanders


Adolf Hitler

Reinhard Heydrich

Reinhard Heydrich

Leader of the SS at the time of WWIII, Reinhard Heydrich

OAS And Allies

President Barry Goldwater

Details of the War

Opening moves

Operation Orient

Operation Orient wads the joint Axis plan for the final subjugation of the American Hemisphere. it was also known in Germany as Case Gold.

American Assault

East Coast

West Coast

Flight of Eagles


German Leopard II crossing a river in the occupied part of the USA

Fall of Japan

Goodnight earth

Tsar Bomba photo11

A 50MT Blast over Philadelphia

The end of a beast: Nazism's downfall


American Titan Nuclear missile preparing for Launch

As the American Early warning radar systems picked up the signals of the mass German atomic assault,

Operation Castle - Romeo 001

American Atomic blast over Cologne, during the Atomic retaliation on Germany

Aftermath of the war

But was it worth the cost?

the Third world war changed the world forever. Europe was totally De-populated, America lost tens of millions, and ancient Japan ceased to exist. the Doomsday period that followed came close to destroying the human race. in the end, America wasn't strong enough to carry the burden on alone, and the new Confederacy of South America, and the Oceanian commonwealth had to step in to aid the wounded giant.

many said that after WWII, WWIII was inevitable. almost all powers at the beginning tried to avoid the threat of Nuclear holocaust. but it arrived, all the same.

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