Adolph Hitler

The declaration of the Empire of Germania, 1957.

In this ATL, America does not enter the war with the Japanese, due to rising anti-war sentiment, and leading up to Alfred Landon beating Franklin Roosevelt in the 1936 election by a single electorate. Hitler decides not to give the orders to attack the Soviet Union, citing that such a large territory can not be held securely. Instead, Nazi Germany annexes the Kaliningrad Oblast, and sets its sights on smaller and less militarized states. The Japanese do not launch an assault on Pearl Harbor, fearing retaliation.

By focusing their mass military strength on smaller states in Southern Europe in 1943, Germany annexes them very quickly. Over the next few years, many more countries fall to the German Reich. A naval attack on Portugal renders it a territory, later turned full part of Nazi Germany. Winston Churchill is forced to resign after crippling defeats in North Africa, and the fall of Malta. His successor, Lord Halifax, sues for peace with Germany, and Britain is effectively neutered by the Treaty with Germany. Alone of the Dominion, South Africa is content with this result, and German Control over India is swiftly lost. Australia and New Zealand do not openly go to war, fearing retaliation, although they fund resistance groups throughout the Third Reich. Canada refuses to recognise the British Capitulation to Germany, and many British Politicians flee to Canada, forming the British Government in exile.

In 1947, Germany detonates an Atomic Bomb in the Deserts of North Africa, and soon after, drops a Bomb on Stalingrad, before forcing a crippling treaty on the USSR, which grants the Germans all land to the West of Stalingrad.

Following Benito Mussolini's assassination in a building explosion in 1946, Germany takes over Italy in an attempt to keep the peace. Soon, Germany annexes Italy in order to impose further rule over the people. Sweden falls within 24 hours of German troops crossing the border, without a shot being fired, fearing the worst for their people. A campaign in Africa in 1949 conquers Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the Ivory Coast quite easily, due to a lack of experienced military presence in the countries. Hitler's death in 1951 throws doubt on the future of the Reich, but the swift intervention of the Famed War Hero, Rommel, the Reich remains stable, and following several Stalin-esque purges, free of Nazism. By the year 2000, Nazi Germany, now called Germania, has one of the highest standards of living in the world and has the most stable economy in the Eastern Hemisphere. It seems that the Third Reich will last many years to come, despite the best efforts of her many rivals.


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