Die Falschen Katzen (The Wrong Cats)
Directed by Emil Wegener
Written by Marlene Wensing
Starring Marlene Wensing

Anna Lang

George Serner
Studio DFA (Dortmund Film AG)
Release date(s) 22nd February, 2013
Running time 25 mins
Country Imperial City of Dortmund
Language German intertitles

Die Falschen Katzen, The Wrong Cats, is a comedy written by and starring Marlene Wensing. It is 25 minutes long.

Going to buy a cat from a pet shop which is having a sale, for her young sister, Saskia (Marlene Wensing) bumps into an old friend (Anna Lang). They go for 'a quick coffee' which turns into several alcoholic drinks. An accident with a handsome waiter releases the cat into the cafe. There follows scenes of chaos as Saskia turns the cafe upside down in an attempt to catch the cat, or one of several as more customers carrying cats are swept up in the proceedings.

The film is meant to be a playful swipe at Dortmund City Council's desire to crack down on the apparent problem of public drunkenness but is mainly memorable for the physical comedy of Wensing. It is her her sixth film and the first where she has written the action as well.

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