Alternative History

This one of the minor battles of the Italian campaign

The battle of Amrisit is when Gen. Guyfan engaged the British Ninth Army and Gen. Jonha seven armored division victory over the German second army.

Hitler sent Gen. Coreln with the German Second Army and the Third Panzer Division to help Gen. Andrew von Himml. The crumpling of the Third Army in the beginning of the battle Gen. Gayfin was to lose ground to the Third Panzer division.

Gen. Eisenhower was not impressed with Gen. Guyfan's loss of ground so he sent the US Seventh Armored division with it new General Jonha Strayer to help General Ramro Guyfan and the British Ninth Army.

On October First General Guyfan launched a mass counter attack on the German Second Army which ended with the disaster because the German army was equipped with Panzerfist and the RAF did not destroy its main target, the Third Panzer Division, and again their was heavy casualties on the Ninth Army. It could have been worse if the Seventh Armored Division had not come to help destroy some of the panzer tanks with its Sherman tanks but again Eisenhower was not to press on with his attack, so he sent new bazookas to help destroy the panzer tanks.

This led to the Battle of Amrisit which, was now almost entirely in German hands so General Guyfan and General Jonha planned to make a pocket from which the German Second Army could not escape and Third Panzer Division will be all but totally destroyed, with the German Third Army had already left to fight in France. All now rested on the RAF to first bomb the Third Panzer Division and leave the Second Army defenseless. In the early morning of November 4th the RAF commanded by Cpt.Ian bombed key tank position which were hit with heavy anti aircraft fire which downed 17 of 50 planes. Then came the battle which was won by General Guyfan and General Jonha but this would be General Guyfan's last battle. During his campaign in the Alps his unit came under fire by Tiger tanks and he was hit in the head and died. He has one son named Ramro jr who is a captain in the US and is in Iraq.