Alternative History

Before the War 1998-2019[]

Russia 1998-2004[]

In 1998 the Russian president, Boris Yeltsin is deposed by a Communist Coup led by Vladimir Putin and the regime stays in power for five years. During these five years, two million Russian civilians are murdered by the state. In 2001 Putin gave the green light on an invasion of the ex-USSR countries. All the invaded countries fall in six months. Then Putin decides to invade China, India, Turkey, Mongolia, Pkaistan and Iraq. Only in China and Turkey there is any success as half of turkey is seized and a third of China taken. By now the USA had the support of most of the UN and an invasion of Russia was in effect. The war was brutal and little to none land was gained by the UN. The tide was soon to change though, as the brutality of the conflict had enraged the Russian civilians. Several rebel groups appeared and within a year of fighting the rebels stormed Moscow and torched the government buildings, massacred soldiers and executed the Russian government. In the aftermath Anarchy ruled for the next five years. In this Anarchy more Russians were killed than by Putin's regime.

Americas 1998-2010[]

In 1998 a Russian supported revolution ousted the Mexican government and replaced it with a Communist regime. Scared, the US government ordered Operation Aztec Thunder to be put in effect. Aztec Thunder was an invasion of Mexico by land sea and air. The US army crossed the northern border at 0300 hours on the 27th of September 1998. At that same time Army Rangers captured Mexico city after being parachuted in. Five hours later marines landed in the Yucatan but the Mexicans were waiting and ambushed them on the beaches, killing 80% with the rest being captured. Guatemala which recently had a fascist coup, attacked Mexico from the south but they were brutally beaten back. Although the US invasion was making good progress they're supplies were running low due to guerrillas attacking convoys and shooting down cargo planes. One year after the invasion on Christmas day, Mexican guerrillas united and launched a massive offensive from their jungle bases. Within two months The US forces were pushed back to the border and then into California. Mexico made peace with Guatemala and diverted their resources to an invasion of the USA itself. Putin's Russia sent a shipment of tanks guns and men over to Mexico to help with the invasion. with these resources Mexico made a massive push that reached the Canadian border where the attack stopped. Las Vegas was torched and San Francisco looted and Miama had a half of it's population massacred. The US quickly signed a peace treaty.

Due to Mexican influence, at the Canadian elections the Communist Party won by a landslide. This angered the US as Canada cut off connections between the mailand US and Alaska. A US army led by General Hallet, a veteran of the Mexican campaign invaded Canada whilst an Alaskan army fought through to the US border and re-connected the two. Before the US could finish off Canada the UN stepped in and threatened action against the US. A peace treaty was soon signed.