Alternative History

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map of the civil war. second year

The fascist revolt of Canada was a result of Canadians wanting full independence, but no one wanted to go public about it until in the early morning of august fifth of 1939. As the continued successes in Germany were being made public, Canadians started to see it as a proper ideology, a few went public about the people's interest in fascism but were silenced by the Canadian loyalists. Canadians felt that they would never achieve full independence and break away from Britain, but then a few people in the northwest territories in January started a civil war when the second world war was not going in favor of the allies. and this civil war was given support from fascist nations all over the world,both through fear that they would be conquered and become another colony for another nation, as well as seeing the continued failures of democracy as a perfect opportunity. Germany, Italy, japan, Nationalist Spain, Venezuela, and Peru sent the most soldiers to assist the Canadian fascists compared to the rest. the fascists fought the loyalists and British, who had joined the loyalists, for three years until Ottawa was in sight. but then the united states decided to join the war and pushed the fascists back, then the axis, now with Peru and Venezuela joining them, declared war on the united states. the civil war lasted for six years continuing even after all their allies had been defeated until the bloody final battle. the fascists were crushed, but unfortunately, the fascist civil war left an opening for other ideologies to gain a place in government and in the end Canada ended up becoming communist for three years before a democratic referendum occurred, bringing Canada to be like a copy of the united states, with similar laws and regulations. the civil war also led to the independence of Quebec.

to this day Canadians regret this horrible piece of their history and wish to forget it as quickly as possible... at least most Canadians want to. some still believe in the fascist system and wish to hold a referendum, but they do not yet have the numbers they once had. fascism is now illegal in north america as to keep this event from ever recurring again. but they still bring their beliefs into the new government, trying to take control 'for the betterment of Canada and the Canadian people' they said. and only the future hold the secret as to what will occur as these people still stay in the nation. a referendum? another civil war? will the fascists give up? will they leave Canada?

flag of the reunited Canadian republic

only the future holds these answers.