The year is 1918. Russia is in ruins. The war rages on in the west. The German war machine fueled by conquered Russian states. Ever since the Communists were put down like they communists did to any non communists. Many were sent to work in factories in the Ural mountains. Russia prepares for a 2nd invasion of Germany. Russian scientists and military leaders fear Russia will lose so they start project D-Combine, or dieses combined. They merge gas with the black plaque, rabies, and a new virus called the Western Flu, atl Spanish flu that isn't as deadly, into a new weapon. The Russian push deeply into the Baltics and Belarus. But not much in the heavily fortified Ukraine. That's where the first test there new weapon. In a matter of hours only 1,000 of the 20,000 German and Ukrainian forces survive. They die in a matter of one hour. They die slowly and painfully. Those that the gas didn't infect were infected by boils. Germany pulls troops back and offers to return all land to Russia in return for them to pull out and let them use grain from Ukraine. Then Russian troops start to die along with civilians. It is soon found out that some of the German troops had the flu that unexpectedly combined with the dieses and let it spread like the common flu. It spreads at a unprecedented rate. Panic spreads when the creators of it state they made no cure or vaccine that even if they tried they dieses has mutated with the flu and could continue to evolve. German begs that the war ends and they focus on a cure. The allies agree to a ceasefire but don't help them. The us fearing infection pulls all troops and ships from Europe back to the usa. Russia is the first to fall into anarchy. One by one Germany, Finland, Austria-Hungary fall. The allies focus all attempts on a cure. Soon a vaccine is created. But it fails. The us Canada and every uninfected country close there ports and borders to any country with the dieses. The us Is on the verge of a vaccine when it reaches South America and Spreads northward. Soon the us and Canada are affected. The US claims to have made a vaccine but falls before it could be used. In a matter of 4 years nearly one half of the world has died the other half lives in anarchy. It would be 4 years before any nation would emerge. Ironically it is a nation formed in European Russia the place where it all started is where the first new nation arises. It would be 9 more years before every corner of the world is reclaimed by a nation. Another 3 before wars end and the new nations cement there dominance. The word reverts back to using non electric devices and machines. Armored cars and Tanks are what helped many small nations survive attacks from larger ones. Nations focus more on making guns then trying to make factories for tanks and armored cars. The few nations that have them use them sparingly with the lack of global trade and access to oil.

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