Theodore IV
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Theodore IV in 1932
6th Emperor of Cygnia
Reign 1928 — 1932
Coronation 5 May 1929
Predecessor Theodore III
Successor Ellory I
Chancellors Joseph Lyons
Born 30 April 1888
Ellingham Palace, Swanstone,
Died 3 May 1932 (age 43)
Calcutta, Cygnian India
Spouse Gertraud Wolfshiem
Issue Alexander, Duke of Augusta
Prince Oliver of Cygnia
Ellory I
Full name
William Theodore Victor Frederick Peter
House House of Stuart-Campbell
Father Theodore III
Mother Alexis of Cygnia
Burial 13 May 1932
St George Cathedral, Swanstone,
Religion Church of Cygnia

Theodore IV of Cygnia (William Theodore Victor Frederick Peter, 30 April 1888 — 3 May 1932) was the 6th Emperor of Cygnia, and the last of the First Empire. He was the shortest-ruling Emperor in Cygnian history, his reign having been cut short by his sudden death in 1932.

Theodore IV was born Prince William of Cygnia on 30 April 1888 to Emperor Theodore III and Empress Alexis of Cygnia. His younger sister, Princess Arielle, died in 1901 at the age of 11, when William was 13. Her death profoundly affected him, and throughout his adult life he supported medical organisations such as the Cygnian Red Cross.

William married Gertraud Wolfshiem in 1908 at the age of 20, despite his father's protests. Theodore III did not approve of marriage to a commoner, but at the insistence of Empress Alexis allowed the wedding to proceed. The couple's first child, Alexander, was born in 1909.

William became Emperor after his father's death in 1928, and was crowned on the traditional coronation day of 5 May in 1929 as Theodore IV. His firstborn Alexander was proclaimed Duke of Augusta on his 20th birthday in the same year.

Theodore IV, Empress Gertraud, and their two eldest children, Prince Alexander and Prince Oliver, were all killed when the imperial plane crashed outside the city of Calcutta during their imperial tour of Cygnian India, leaving the youngest child, 11-year-old Prince Ellory, the sole heir to the throne. Days later, the Chief of the Cygnian Imperial Army, Franklin J. Heller, seized power by taking the regency, as there were no eligible living relatives of Ellory to become regent. As a result, Theodore's death directly led to the Hellerist dictatorship.

Titles, styles and honours

  • 1888 — 1908: His Imperial Highness The Prince William of Cygnia
  • 1908 — 1928: His Imperial Highness The Duke of Augusta
  • 1928 — 1932: His Imperial Majesty The Emperor


Name Birth Death
Alexander, Duke of Augusta 14 October 1909 3 May 1932
Age 22
Prince Oliver of Cygnia 6 November 1919 3 May 1932
Age 12
Ellory I of Cygnia 8 October 1921 4 December 1996
Age 75
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