Alternative History
Third Aztec-Spanish War
Date 1967 June 1st - 1967 July 15th
Location North-West Africa
Result Treaty of Peace
Aztec Empire:
270 aircraft

632 aircraft
Military casualties:
78 killed
Military casualties (include civilians):
526 killed,
1,083 wounded

This military conflict was between two ancient enemies: The Aztec Empire and Spain and lasted from June 1st 1967 to July 15th of the same year. It was principally characterized by a list of aerial campaigns that were carried out over North Africa. In the whole war neither of the armies stepped on enemy territory. The war was declared by Spain on the Aztec Empire, because the Spanish said that the Aztec Empire was attempting to conquer Morocco, which at that time was a Spanish colony, and that the Aztecs wanted to expand their colony in West Africa, but all of that were lies of the Spanish to own the Aztec colony.

The beginning of the war is marked by the Spanish bombing of military installations in Tlaltexco, major city of Pepelli (Aztec colony in Africa) with an attack fleet composed of 30 F-5 and 10 F-16; resulting in the destruction of three Aztec aerodromes and 22 Spanish aircraft. The decisive event of the war was the Operation Tlauakapanixtlauak, where the Aztec army and navy (with aircraft carrier MHA Cihucoatl) attacked and destroyed air bases and refineries all over the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco.

The war finished with the Sevilla treaty of peace. The war only lasted one and a half months


A F-4 like the used for the Royal Aztec Air Force on the bombardment of Gibraltar (at that time a Spanish possession)