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Thomas Jackson
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Thomas Jackson
Portrait of Thomas Jackson

7th Confederate States Secretary of War

Other Works: Commanding General of the Confederate States Army

President of Jefferson and Jackson University
Born January 21, 1824
Clarksburg, Virginia, (now West Virginia, USA
Died February 12, 1904
Political Party Whig
Profession Military Officer and Educator

Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson (January 21, 1824 - February 12, 1904) was a prominent 19th century Confederate general.

Shortly after the War of Secession, Jackson was promoted to the newly formed rank of Commanding General of the Confederate States Army, a position recommended by Robert E. Lee after declining to accept the position himself. After serving in that faculty for close to a decade, in 1874, Jackson accepted a position in Lee's cabinet as Secretary of War where he would go on to serve throughout the Lee and Benjamin administrations, as well as part of the Longstreet administration. In 1888, President Longstreet offered him the position of Secretary of State; however, Jackson declined and retired from government a year later. To date, Jackson is the only Confederate cabinet member to serve in three consecutive administrations.

In 1892, Jackson accepted a position as President of Jefferson College in Lexington, Virginia (now Jefferson and Jackson University) where he remained President up until his death in 1904. Over the course of his twelve years there, Jackson played a significant role in transforming the relatively small college into what is now one of the Confederacy's leading Business Schools.