Thorey II
Thorey II
Queen of Vinland
Reign 1st November 1201 - 3rd June 1206
Predecessor Iofridr
Successor Kristjana I
Born May, 1167
Isafjordhur, Vinland
Died 3rd June, 1206
Hvilirábey, Kyreyja Vinland
Spouse n/a
Issue n/a
Full name
Thorey Ulfsdottír
House Eriksdottír
Father Ulf Jokullsson
Mother Iofridr

On the death of Iofridr the two queendoms of Vinland and Álengiamark were once again split. The extremely able Eydis, already ensconsed in St. Hafdiss was quickly crowned queen of Álengiamark, leaving Vinland with a choice. Considering Kristjana a liability and Jakobina immature, the Althing picked the eldest, Thorey. She was already 45, unmarried and had had to be stopped from entering a nunnery several times. Despite this they hoped she would grasp the role of queen with both hands.

However it was not to be. Extremely religious, to the point of alienating many, her pious and aesthetic lifestyle sat uneasily with the Althing in Isafjordhur and she rarely attended it. Whereas Iofridr had coaxed and cajoled the Althing incessantly Thorey seemed to have no interest at all in its goings on. As a result the earls took advantage of the vacuum to pursue their own interests. The earls fortified their own castles, built their own ships and handed little tax over to the Althing. Meanwhile the church did much the same, running its lands and rapidly growing businesses with little thought to the wider community.

Thorey's reign marks the beginning of Vinland's militarisation of the Breidurass. Previously Vinland's interest in the region had been solely trade related. But now free from the drain of the Álengiamark war and free of the Althing's interference the earls directed their military energies westwards to the nascent states of the Votnum. Thorey appears only to have asked that the natives be baptised. This would eventually result in the capture of Fjallasay, though not within her lifetime.

Thorey was killed by a crossbow bolt in a hunting accident on Kyreyja. Her sister Kristjana and her lover Olafur, Earl of Konunglegursaey were widely thought to have been involved in her death.

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