• 2 January
    • Australia New South Wales and Victoria, Australia – The government of New South Wales, Australia, declared a state of emergency whilst the government of Victoria, Australia declared a state of disaster amid large bushfires that have killed as many as 500 million animals.
  • 15 January
    • Soviet Union Moscow, Soviet Union – Soviet Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and his cabinet resigned. President Vladimir Putin accepted the resignation and Mikhail Mishustin is appointed his successor.
  • 19 January
    • Czechoslovakia Ústí nad Labem, CzechoslovakiaJaroslav Kubera (RS), the President of the Senate of the Federal Assembly, died at the age of 72. According to reports, he died on Sunday afternoon. On his way to the office, he felt sick and was first transferred to the hospital in Teplice and later died.
His death came a shock for the Czechoslovak political scene. Czechoslovak president Čaputová expressed regret for his death. Prime Minister Robert Fico expressed shock, stating that he could not believe the news. He stated that he liked Kubera, believing they understood each other. Leader of the Republican Party Markéta Adamová expressed great grief, stating that it is unbelievable, as Kubera was energetic at the party's Congress. He stated that RS and Czech politics lost a great personality who would be hard to replace. Former president Karel Schwarzenberg expressed shock and regret for his death stating that he considered him as a close friend. Former Prime Minister Václav Klaus said he could not imagine Czechoslovak politics without Kubera. Former Czechoslovak Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek expressed shock, noting that Kubera seemed to him an immortal, unstoppable, and never-ending individual. MP Miroslava Němcová said that Kubera was irreplaceable and she would dearly miss him.
Members of the Senate announced on 21 January 2020 that they will ask the Goverment to declare state mourning and suggested that Kubera's legacy would be honoured by building a Bench with ashtray in the Senate. Čaputová announced on 27 January 2020 that he will award Kubera with the Order of the White Lion (the highest order of Czechoslovakia) and State mourning will be declared for 3 February 2020.
  • 30 January
    • Wuhan, People's Republic of China – 2019–20 Wuhan coronavirus outbreak: The World Health Organization (WHO) declares that the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus as Public Health Emergency of International Concern, the sixth time that the measure has been invoked since 2009.



  • 10 March
    • Czechoslovakia Prague, Czechoslovakia – Prime Minister Robert Fico (ČSSD) announced that the the Federal Security Council had decided to close all schools and universities as of 11 March to try to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. All public events with more than 100 people would be banned, replacign the previous ban that covered events with more then 5,000 people.
Regarding sports events such as football and ice hockey matches, the government has left it up to the organizers to hold the events without spectators, or call them off entirely.
Forty people in Czechoslovakia have been infected with the new coronavirus, Vojtěch announced earlier, Among them is a Prague taxi driver, who may be a source of community-borne infection.

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