Alternative History

The Decline of the United States[]

1787 (POD)- The Philadelphia convention is disbanded after massive arguments for states' rights

The War of Separation[]

1788- Annoyed by this flawed system of confederation, Massachusetts (including what is OTL Maine) secedes from the Union and forms the United States of New England (USNE)

Late 1788- New Hampshire (including OTL Vermont) joins the United States of New England, along with Connecticut.

1789- New York and Pennsylvania secede and form the Union of New York and Pennsylvania (UNYP)

1789- Rhode Island secedes and creates the Republic of Rhode Island (RRI)

1790- The Union of New York and Pennsylvania annexes New Jersey

1790- Delaware and Maryland secede to form the Union of Mary'sland (UM)

1790-Georgia secedes to form Republic of Georgia (RG)

1791- North Carolina and South Carolina secede to form Republic of the Carolinas (RC)

1791- Virginia, the remaining state, renames the Union as "The Republic of Virginia" (RV) and rewrites the law in a single document.

1791- USNE, UNYP, RRI, and UM form a temporary military alliance to regain freedom. RV, RG, and RC plead with the British to form an equivalent to the OTL Commonwealth.

1791- The British ignore RV, RG, and RC's pleads.

1792- Realizing that without the revision to the Articles of Confederation, secession was bound to happen, USNE, UNYP, RRI, UM, RG, RC, and RV sign a peace treaty.

1793- UM, RG, RC, and RV merge into a single country, The Southern Confederacy of America

1794- UNYP joins USNE