Alternative History

Timeline of Events since 1756 in the world



  • Seven Years' War- many victories for Prussia and Britain in Europe
  • French forces under Marquis de Montcalm take Fort Oswego in 1756


  • Fort Oswgo Attack: pounding of Fort Oswego and village
  • Prussian invasion of Bohemia


  • Failed Prussian invasion of Moravia
  • Russia invades East Prussia
  • Meeting of New York
  • New York riots
  • Desertion of 1800 men from British Army


  • Independence of the First North American Republic
  • Severe Prussian defeats


  • Treaty of Mannheim end the War, parts of east Prussia are given to Russia, Brittany is given to Britain, France gets Catalonia
  • France wins French and Indian war
  • Treaty of London Divides North America, France gets Newfoundland, Hudson's Bay area and Vermont


  • British invade North American Republic, republic comes under British Control


  • Coup of 1795: Napoleon and 500 men storm Versailles, kill Louis XVI and proclaims himself King of France


  • Start of the Eight Years' War
  • Alliance of France, Russia and Austria against Britain, Prussia, Sweden and Netherlands
  • Russia invades Sweden
  • France and England begin mobilization
  • British Brittany falls to France


  • Swedish government and king move to Kalmar
  • Stockholm besieged by Russia for two months
  • Prussia invades Russian-held East Prussia
  • France invades Prussia, takes Hamburg
  • Spain invades French-held Catalonia
  • British invasion fleet prepared to invade Brittany
  • Rotterdam taken by French, peace treaty signed, Dutch ally themselves with France


  • Battle of Magdeburg, Prussian army of 27,000 is defeated by Austrians
  • Spain invades Southern France, Joins England and Austria
  • France invades Prussia
  • Batte of Kalmar: Russia Besieges Kalmar, Sweden surrenders
  • Treaty of Kalmar: Swedish Surrender
  • Battle of Hannover: 55,000 French and Austrian soldiers defeat 31,000 Prussians
  • Kingdom of Sardinia allies with France and Austria after their victories


  • Ottoman Empire join French Alliance, start plans for invasion of Spain.
  • English invade Normandy, capture Le Havre and Cherbourg
  • Battle of Leipzig: Austrians fail to take the town
  • Battle of Barcelona: Barcelona falls to France
  • Catalonia falls to France
  • Napoleon crowned Emperor of France and Catalonia


  • Battle of Prague: Prussians burn part of the town, but fail to take it
  • Prussians move to Berlin to prepare for its defence
  • Ottomans invade Valencia and begin the march to Madrid
  • Portugal declares war on Spain, invade Bajadoz
  • 2nd Battle of Leipzig: Combined French and Austrian force of 22,000 take the town
  • Start of North American War of Independence
  • Battle of Rouen: English attack Rouen and fail to defeat the French invaders. They are pushed back to Le Havre
  • Great Russian Sweep: Russia takes Zielona Gora (Grünberg in Schlesien) and Dresden.
  • Battle of Berlin: Berlin besieged for 13 days by Austria and France, Russia arrives and Prussia surrenders
  • Siege of Le Havre: Le Havre surrounded and surrenders after 64 days


  • British troops land at Santander to try to defend Madrid from the Ottomans
  • France unites Prussia and German states to form German Kingdom
  • French take Zaragoza, march to Madrid
  • Portuguese Soldiers take Santiago de Compostela
  • British Capture St-Malo
  • Portuguese take Bajadoz and Salamanca
  • Ottomans take Cartagena and Murcia
  • Austrian Navy blockades Gibraltar
  • Siege of Madrid: French Soldiers besiege Madrid
  • Battle of Sevilla: Portuguese troops take Sevilla
  • Battle of Cadiz: Cadiz surrenders to a Portuguese force of 16,000 men
  • Battle of Almeria: Ottoman troops defeat Spanish garrison in Almeria
  • Spanish Navy in Malaga flee for the Balearic Islands
  • British Troops come to re-inforce Madrid
  • Battle of Madrid: British and Spanish Soldiers fight the French at Casa de Campo. The French were in risk of losing until Ottoman troops arrived and helped defeat the British and Spanish.
  • Portuguese take Malaga, last Spanish outpost in the south
  • Unconditional surrender of Spain and British troops in Spain


  • Treaty of Madrid signed, British leave Spain
  • French invade Balearic, last Spanish resistance to Napoleon
  • Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia proclaimed king of Spain by Napoleon
  • French invasion of Britain
  • Battle of Southampton: French take control of Southampton and surrounding area and march towards Portsmouth
  • Siege of Portsmouth: Portuguese and French besiege Portsmouth for 84 days (longest siege in th Eight Years' War
  • Gibraltar surrenders to Austrians
  • Wales rebels, joins French alliance and begins a War of independence
  • Austrians and German Kingdom troops land near Eastbourne and occupy the town
  • Cardiff falls to Welsh rebels


  • Portsmouth falls to the Portuguese and French
  • Battle of Crawley: Austrians take Crawley
  • Battle of Bristol: Portuguese defeat British Army
  • Battle of Reading: French and Portuguese soldiers head to Reading, Berkshire, In the war's longest Battle, Britain's largest surviving army is defeated.
  • March on London: French, Portuguese, Austrian and German Kingdom troops head towards London
  • 25 December, 1804: Coalition forces are 68 miles from London
  • Welsh rebels control all of Wales


  • Battle of London, January 6: French, Portuguese, Austrian and German Kingdom soldiers fight British troops.
  • January 9: British soldiers surrender to coalition armies after losing more than three-quarters of their army, the coalition only loses one-third of their troops.
  • Treaty of London (23 January, 1805): British officially surrender to Coalition


  • Assassination of Napoleon




  • First Austro-Hungarian War (1879-1881): Hungary becomes independent


  • Second Austro-Hungarian War (1888-1889): Austria invades and annexes Hungary