Alternative History

August 13th 1944 – With the allies having successfully broken out of the Normandy beachheads, Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler begins to doubt the survival of the Third Reich. He consults with Adolf Hitler over the feasibility of the preparations for an insurgency in the case of an occupation by the Allies, code-named “Werewolf”. Hitler rejects the plan, and threatens to remove Himmler from office for defeatism and disloyalty to the Reich.

August 16th 1944 – After musing over his own thoughts for several days, Himmler decides to go ahead with “Werewolf”, with or without the support of the Führer. Immediately, hidden supply depots begin to be created across Germany and Austria; the largest near Berlin and in the Tyrol mountains.

September 2nd 1944 – Otto Skorzeny sets up a crash program to train members of the Waffen SS, and certain elements of the Wehrmacht Heer, in guerrilla warfare. Skorzeny is also named the head of Operation “Werewolf” by Himmler.

October 14th 1944 – Heinrich Himmler inspects the largest of the depots in the Tyrol Mountains, near Worgl. These sites would later become the launching bases for the insurgency.

October 20th 1944 – Belgrade falls to Yugoslavian partisans.

November 3rd 1944 – Around a thousand such depots have been established around the German Reich, with over 250 located within the Tyrol Mountains. Suspicions begin to grow, however, as to the purpose of these deployments by Himmler. The war for the most part keeps the Nazi administration from paying much attention to the rumors.

November 26th 1944 – Heinrich Himmler is made commander of the newly created Army Group Oberrhein, responsible for most of the Western Front.

November 27th 1944 – In a meeting with both Otto Skorzeny and Joachim Peiper in Vienna, Heinrich Himmler makes it clear that he is not going to forewarn the Führer of the planned insurgency. He himself will become the new Führer once the Allies are thrown out of Germany. Both Skorzeny and Peiper are somewhat perturbed; as they have both had sworn oaths of allegiance to Hitler. Nevertheless, they agree to go along.

December 16th 1944 – The first of several underground factories in the Tyrol comes online, producing weapons and ammunition for the future insurgency. Materials are also stockpiled. Meanwhile, the Ardennes offensive is launched against the Allies in Belgium.

December 29th 1944 – Battle of Budapest begins.

January 24th 1945 – Army Group Oberrhein is dissolved. Himmler is quickly appointed Commander of the newly formed Army Group Vistula.

January 25th 1945 – The Ardennes Offensive ends. Though neither side really gains anything, the Germans have lost valuable men and equipment. The Allies are poised to begin a easy summer offensive.

January 29th 1945 – In a secret meeting with Joachim Peiper and Otto Skorzeny at Falkenburg, Himmler relays his plans to retreat to the escape to the Tyrol in March. Both of the men ask that he leave sooner, but he comments on how it would appear to be suspicious.

February 8th 1945 – The main Soviet offensive into Germany begins in Lower Silesia.

February 13th 1945 – Budapest falls to Soviet Armed forces.

February 24th 1945- Soviet Offensive in Pomerania begins, aiming toward Danzig and along the Baltic Coast.

March 7th 1945 – Allied forces in the West begin a massive broad-front advance into Germany.

March 13th 1945 – Heinrich Himmler leaves his command of Army Group Vistula without reason. It is later found he is heading for the Tyrol.

March 15th 1945 – Himmler is declared a traitor by Adolf Hitler, and is replaced by Karl Hanke as ReichsFührer. However, Himmler never hears of this.

March 16th 1945 – Himmler’s train is derailed due to bombs detonating along the tracks under the train. While Heinrich Himmler is unharmed, he is subsequently captured by Czech partisans.

March 17th 1945 – Joachim Peiper hears of the events surrounding Heinrich Himmler’s misfortune. He and Skorzeny plan on enacting “Werewolf” without his participation. The insurgency, it was declared, did not need an acting Führer.

March 18th 1945 – Heinrich Himmler is turned over to the Soviet Armed Forces. However, he manages to bite on a hidden cyanide capsule in a fake tooth, and quickly dies.