Alternative History

1981 : Muammar al-Qaddafi is killed in a United States Bombing raid. His son Muhammad al-Qaddafi declares himself King Muhammad the First of the Kingdom of Cyrennaica.

1984 :Democrat Ernst Hollings elected President over Incumbent Ronald Reagan.The Peoples Republic of China invades Mongolia.

1986 : George H.W.Bush killed in Saudi Arabia on Filibuster. Saudi-American Trade Cut off. America invades Saudi Arabia with Israeli and Iraqi backing.

1987 : American Troops become officially involved in Afghan-Soviet war. Second Empire of Japan created.

1988 : Republican Candidate Donald Henry Rumsfeld defeats Democratic Incumbent Ernst Hollings. Begins evacuating Troops from Saudi Arabia.

1989 : Royal Saudi Family de-Throned. Field Marshall Al-Muhaya becomes Military Dictator of Pro-American Government. Truce called in Afgahnistan.

1990 : Third Indochinese war ends. New Peoples Republic of Vietnam set up. Second Korean War starts between North and South Korea and Japan. Sofia Treaty signed between Soviet Union and US backed Al-Qaeda partitioned Afghanistan into North Afghanistan or The Democratic Republic of Afghanistan and South Afghanistan or The Great Arab Republic the Afghans. Kabul Split into Two Zones. South Korea surrenders to North Korea creating the Democratic Republic of Korea on territory of the gained 50 miles. Yugoslav Civil War begins when Chairmen Raif Dizdarevic is assassinated.

1991 : Algerian and Egyptian Armies invade Cyrennaica to help Shukri Gahnems Rebel Army. France becomes involved. The Syrian Navy and Air force back Shukri.

1992 : Mongolians defeat Chinese. Mongolian Civil War begins.Republican Incumbent Donald H. Rumsfeld defeats Democratic Candidate Charles Woods.

1993 : Democratic Republic of Korea signs Treaty with Japan. Italy enters Libya War on side of Muhammad.

1995 : Palestine gains Independence in the Gaza Strip. After Battle of Emgayet Algerian Armed Forces leave Cyrennaica. Japan inavades and Conquers Taiwan.