• June 25- A group of counties in NW Virginia that had seceded from the State of Virginia and the CSA is admitted to the USA as Appalachia.
  • July 3- Battle of Gettysburg ends in stalemate.
  • July 6- Union and Confederate leaders meet in Baltimore to discuss a ceasefire.
  • July 22- The Baltimore Armistice is signed by CSA President Davis and USA President Lincoln. Its main condition hold that the CSA could be independent if it abolished slavery, and it would get what is now Arizona and New Mexico as the Arizona Territory.
  • October 15- A new constitution of the CS is written, abolishing slavery. Every state except South Carolina and Alabama ratify it. Capital set up in New Orleans.
  • November 9- Alabama ratifies the new CS constitution.


  • May/June- Lynchings throughout the CS, plus in Maryland, Appalachia, Kentucky, and Missouri in the US.
  • October 28- The US government passes the Thirteenth Amendment, abolishing slavery and giving male blacks in the US the right to vote. Kentucky and Missouri do not ratify it.
  • October 31- Nevada admitted to Union.
  • Early November- Lincoln re-elected by landslide in the US.
  • November 27- Mormons in the Utah Territory secede from the US and declare independence as the State of Deseret. Mormons in the eastern states flock to the new country.
  • December 2- Cross Hill massacre: Deseret Mormons kill 142 people in the Methodist settlement of Cross Hill, in the western part of the Utah Territory(OTL Nevada).
  • December 5- Deseret cuts off all contact with the US and CS.
  • December 9- US Congress votes to go to war with Deseret. Lincoln reluctantly signs. War is officialy declared the next day (Dec. 10). Second Utah War begins.
  • Mid-December- Deseret excursions leave 164 dead in northern Arizona territory, which belongs to the CS.
  • December 15- US troops mobilized


  • January 1- US troops attack Mormons in Fort Redemption.
  • January 3- CS declares war on Deseret.
  • January 8- Kentucky and Missouri ratify the 13th Amendment
  • January 12- Battle of Warm Springs; American victory. US troops

march further into Mormon territory.

  • January 15- Battle of Jacob Lake. Deseret troops defeat CS. Beginning

of American loss.

  • January 21- After days of trekking through the desert, US troops arrive

in the town of Baker where they are attacked my the Deseret garrison.

  • February 1- A US army leaves Gateway, Colorado, to go to Utah.
  • February 2- Civilians from both the US and the CS join for an anti-war

protest on the Lester Bridge, spanning the Potomac from nation to nation.

  • February 4- Congress issues a large draft. Lincoln vetoes, but his veto is


  • February 5- Battle of Moab, a US loss. Lincoln appears at the Lester Bridge

protest and announces his opposition to drafting more troops.

  • February 7-15- Idaho Excursion by Deseret, culminating in the Battle of Preston, a US victory.


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