• English Civil War begins (1642)
  • English Civil War ends (1649)
  • Charles I beheaded (1649)
  • Commonwealth of England created under the Council of State (1649)


  • Mary, Princess Royal dies with her husband William II, Prince of Orange. The child she bore died with her (OTL William III) (1650)
  • Louise Henriette of Nassau becomes the first princess of Orange after the death of her brother, William II who died with no heirs (1650)
  • Lord Wilmot, Lord Derby and Charles, Prince of Wales caught and executed (1651)
  • Instrument of Government written up (1653)
  • Anglo-Spanish War begins (1654)
  • James, Prince of Wales dies of a wound from the Anglo-Spanish War (1658)
  • Elizabeth of Bohemia is recognized by English Royalists as Elizabeth II, Queen of England and Scotland (1658)
  • Dunkirk is ceded to the Commonwealth by France after the Battle of the Dunes (1658)
  • Second Anglo-Dutch War begins (1658)
  • Charles Fleetwood is declared the next Lord Protector of the Commonwealth (1658)
  • Chaloner Chute recovers from his ill health and completes the 'Constitution of England' , the Act that officially turned England into a Republic. Though it kept the name of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland (1659)
  • Capture of 'New Netherland', renamed 'New London' in honour of that being the Parliamentarian base of operations. (1659)


  • Anglo-Spanish and Anglo-Dutch Wars end in the Peace Treaties of St Peter and Windsor (1660)
  • Charles Louis, Elector Palatine is recognized by English Royalists as Charles III, King of England and Scotland (1662)
  • War of Devolution begins (1667)
  • War of Devolution concludes after Triple Alliance forces Louis XIV to stop and give up land (1668)


  • War of the Sun King (1675)




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