The timeline begins where the PoD occurs, branching off into an alternate history.



Surviving an accident in his master's workshop, the apprentice continues his apprenticeship and improving his skill. Fast forward 11 years, he is the proud owner of a metalworking firm that creates parts for the new and upcoming automation, courtesy of the Industrial Revolution.


August 31st, 1836 - The Difference Machine is finally completed. It is unveiled at the British Association for the Advancement of Science, and becomes a subject of heated debate within the nation.

December 28, 1836 - Chile declares war on the Peru-Bolivian Confederation.

January 18th, 1837 - The first gunfire table is created by the Difference Machine under request from Queen Victoria for the military.

October 7th, 1839 - Charles Babbage acquires the funds necessary for a second Difference Machine.


February 24th, 1840 - Using calculations from the Difference Machine, a feasible 25-barrel volley gun is created in the design of the infamous Machine Infernale, which nearly killed French King Louis Phillipe in 1835. It is named the Gatling gun after Dr. Richard J. Gatling, an American immigrant who registered an early patent.

September 22nd, 1840 - The second Difference Machine is built in London.

November 3rd, 1840 - British fleet ships bombard Acre, implementing the Gatling gun on naval craft.

May 15th, 1841 - The two Difference Machines are connected to each other via an exceedingly large amount of wires and tubes. This marks the first instance of a network.


December 2nd, 1851 - Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte establishes the coup d'état of 1851, taking power over France.

October 16th, 1853 - The Crimean War occurs.

May 5th, 1856 - The Qing Dynasty opens trade with Russia, seeing a reliable ally in its northern neighbour due to their resentment of the British.

October 8th, 1856 - The Second Opium War begins.

November 6th, 1856 - Three British ships are badly damaged in a joint assault by Chinese war junks and assisting Russian ships.

January 12th, 1857 - The Russian Empire manages to create a rudimentary Difference Machine.


March 7th, 1861 - The steam automobile is introduced to the public at the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace.

November 5th, 1868 - Karl Benz introduces his patent of a steam powered automobile after doing some calculations to predict several aspects that would make the invention work at Oxford.



January 31st, 1881 - The British colonies of Gold Coast and Nigeria are grouped into a single entity, called the Crown Colony of British Guinea due to the overwhelming presence of the French.














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