Alternative History


(The aim of this alt hist is not to describe the POD but rather to the events thereafter.)


The Government can no longer control its territories and owing to differing opinions and arguing within Congress, (And other places of government) two countries gain independence; The West US (WUS) and New England. The three begin immediate wars. WUS trying to gain most of what might have been the CSA in OTL, and New England trying to gain the entire Atlantic coastline of the US. Britain


North America in 1793, Ten Years after the Revolution.


First North American War

Tensions grow in N. America as Britain is poised to invade the WUS and New England. In June WUS annexes Lower Canada, and in August New England pushes its borders in a N. East direction. Both countries annex portions of the US. In a joint movement Britain and the US launch a major offensive. Britain sends aid of rifles, money and supplies to the US giving them the upper hand on the enemy.



By March the WUS have successfully ambushed most of the supply trains going to the US from Britain, and within a fortnight the British stop sending supplies the US. In May WUS troops enter Washington DC and MORE WUS troops make the journey across the great lakes, and meet little resistance as most of the British forces in N. America are fighting in New England, which is suffering heavily at their hands. On the sixteenth of November the US Surrenders and all of its territories are given to the WUS. On the seventeenth New England Surrenders


Britain decides to withdraw from N. America and two new nations are created; Canada and Atlantic Quebec. The WUS is more compassionate than the former US, and give sovereignty to several new nations; The Virginian Republic (Comprising of Most of the US Coast in the south) and Washington DC,

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